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Sir Jonathan Ive receives the coveted gold Blue Peter badge

Sir Jonathan Ive has been honored by well-known UK BBC TV show Blue Peter. Apple’s design chief Sir Jonathan Ive has been awarded a gold Blue Peter badge in recognition of him being an inspiration to children around the world. Blue Peter started its life in the 1950’s and is still as popular with today’s children due to its wide ranging content and mix of arts and craft demonstrations.

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Vodafone UK warns its iPhone 4S users not to upgrade to iOS 6.1 due to possible 3G problems

UK network Vodafone is warning users of iPhone 4S handsets on its network to avoid upgrading to iOS 6.1. Vodafone is sending out text messages to its users as well as issuing a statement that claims Apple is already working on a fix for the problem. Apparently it is only affecting iPhone 4S users and is an intermittent 3G problem causing failed calls and texts as well as internet access problems.

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UK network EE rolling out LTE to 27 more markets by June 2013

UK network EE (Everything Everywhere) has announced that it will be rolling out its LTE services to 27 more markets by June 2013. EE is currently the only UK network to offer LTE data on its network and it claims that by June this year it will have coverage of 55% of the UK population up from its current claim of 45%.

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Three UK to offer LTE as standard when available later this year, no premium price plan needed

UK network Three has announced that it will offer LTE on its network later this year and unlike other operators, there will be no premium for the service. Three UK announced that it plans to roll out LTE later this year on its 1800MHz spectrum which it acquired as part of the deal which gave EE (Everything Everywhere) a head start in the launch of LTE in the UK.

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British retailers pushing Samsung phones rather than recommending the iPhone

British retailers are recommending the Samsung Galaxy S3 more times than any other device according to a mystery shopper survey. The survey showed some retailers offering the iPhone 5 while other manufacturers like Motorola and RIM had little to know presence at all. The survey was carried out by Informa Telecoms and Media who spoke with eight of the top UK retailers.

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Barclays Bank set to roll out 8,500 iPads to improve customer service experience

UK based bank, Barclay’s has ordered a whopping 8,500 iPads to roll out across its branches in the UK. The order is believed to signify one of the largest roll outs of iPads in the UK finance sector according to The Channel.

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Ofcom sets UK 4G auction timeline, should see multi-carrier rollout by June 2013

Ofcom has made good on its plans to push forward the auction for the UK’s 4G mobile spectrum auction. Applications will start in December this year and the roll out to consumers is expected to be no later than May / June 2013. Everything Everywhere already has its 4G LTE network rolling out across the UK so this will be a huge relief to the other UK networks.

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Apple paying less than 2% tax on overseas profits in the billions

Apple is paying less than 2% tax on its profits from overseas sales which are thought to be in the region of 37 billion dollars. The details were revealed in Apple’s 10K filing which was presented to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The news comes for UK newspaper The Guardian

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Apple rewrites its apology to Samsung, now appearing in UK newspapers

Apple has rewritten its apology to Samsung following its previous version which was labeled as “non-compliant” by the court that made the initial ruling. Apple was told by Lord Justice Longmore, Lord Justice Kitchin and Sir Robin Jacob that it had to change the wording of the statement and that it should be carried on its home page with at least an 11-point font. The new statement is now appearing in UK newspapers but has not yet appeared on

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EE launches the UK's first LTE network

Today, EE (Everything Everywhere) has officially launched the UK's very first LTE network. The service will initially roll out across eleven UK cities with that coverage increasing by 2000 sq miles every month.

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