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Us Elections

Follow US elections live with ABC app for iPad

The ABC app for the iPad has come up with a nice little update for those of you who are into tracking elections as they are happening. It's not always easy to keep track of who is winning in each race through television or radio but now with the ABC app for iPad it will not only make tracking the election easier and more mobile, but will allow you to run through what-if scenarios for the races.

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iPhone Gets iPolitical for the US Elections

Confession: I'm a Canadian. We schedule elections whenever the wind changes, have incredibly short 6-week campaigns with more parties than you can shake a maple leaf at (seriously, I think there's a Leaf Shaking Party as well!), and don't directly vote for a prime-minister anyway, so my understanding of the passion and prejudices that go along with every-4-years Red vs. Blue SuperElections in the US is next to nill. As long as you folks to the south keep using our hottie singers, actors, and comedians for those wonderful "television shows" you beam back across the border, I'm happy.

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