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Weather Tips

Weather app: The ultimate guide

How do you check the temperature and precipitation for the day and the week, where you are and around the world? With the Weather app for iPhone!

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How to get humidity, chance of rain, wind, and more info from Weather for iPhone

The Weather app for iPhone provides easy to see temperature and precipitation information for one or more locations, all at a glance. But what about humidity level? Chance of rain? Wind direction and speed? And what the temperature actually feels like when you go out? Luckily, Apple's built-in Weather app provides all of that information as well. It's hidden behind a gesture, but once you know it, you can get to all of it with just a simple tap.

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How to switch between celsius and fahrenheit in Weather for iPhone

The Weather App for iPhone can show you temperatures on the celsius scale used by most countries in the world. For those in the Bahamas, Belize, the Cayman Islands, and the United States, however, Weather can also show you temperatures on the fahrenheit scale. While you can't set each location independently, you can quickly and easily toggle between celsius and fahrenheit, and back again, for all locations.

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How to use Weather on iPhone

The Weather app for iPhone can show you a list of cities along with local times and temperatures. That makes it incredibly easy to glance at wide range of information. In addition to the weather for your current location, you can also add additional locations based on city name, area or zip code, or airport code. You can arrange all the cities in just exactly the order you want, and you can even remove ones you no longer want.

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How to get sunrise and sunset information with Siri

Want to catch the sunset tonight or curious what time the sun actually came up this morning? Lots of weather apps have this information readily available, but if you need it fast, you can also ask Siri for it when you're in a hurry.

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How to check the weather with Siri

Most of us want to know what the weather is going to be like when preparing for our day. Do we need to bring an umbrella or pack a sweatshirt in anticipation of a chilly evening? While there are lots of great weather apps, sometimes we just want quick weather information without having to dig through folders. So instead, just ask Siri about the weather!

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How to check weekly weather forecasts with Siri

If you want a weekly weather forecast you can always launch your favorite weather app and check out all the data you want. However, if you're in a hurry Siri can also give you forecasts for the entire week if you just ask.

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How to check the weather and get forecasts using Siri

Siri not only makes for a great digital assistant but a great weather forecaster as well. With a little help from Siri, you can make sure you're never caught without your umbrella, raincoat, snow shovel, or suntan lotion again.

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Daily Tip: How to configure the iPhone's Weather and Stock widgets in Notification Center

Curious how to setup notifications in iOS 5? With all the various banners and popups, badges and sounds, widgets and lock screen options, it can be a little tricky for first-time users, but worry not -- we have you covered! First up, here's how the new Weather and Stock widgets work!

Stock widget

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