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What We Didnt Get

2014 iPad and Mac event: What we didn't get

Apple's fall 2014 event brought with it an all new iPad Air 2, a somewhat updated iPad mini 3, gorgeous new retina iMacs, and finally, an update to the very long in the tooth Mac mini. Make no mistake, this was no small event for Apple and they delivered on a lot. However, there are still a few things that were either rumored or expected that didn't seem make the cut this fall.

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iPhone 6 and Apple Watch event: What we didn't get

Apple has just wrapped up their 2014 iPhone event and as expected, we got our first look at the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the long rumored Apple Watch. It was arguably one of the most product and feature packed keynotes Apple has given in a long time. However, there were a few things that some of us were speculating about that didn't actually make it on stage...

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iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c event: What we didn't get

Today at Apple's iPhone event, we were shown the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c that pretty much everyone expected. The iPhone 5s will be getting a Touch ID fingerprint sensor along with a pretty incredible 64-bit processor. The iPhone 5c is pretty much an iPhone 5 that comes in 5 all new colors which probably explains why Apple is discontinuing the iPhone 5 altogether in favor of the 5c.

While we got a lot of stuff today, some we didn't even expect, there were also some things on our bucket list or in the rumor mill that we didn't get...

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iPhone 5: What we didn't get!

It's like on your birthday when you sneak a peak at your presidents but secretly hope your mom or dad managed to keep just one small surprise for you. Or when you read the spoilers but still somehow hope there'll be a killer twist at the end.

So it was with Apple's 2012 iPhone event. Anyone who's read anything over the last few days and months new pretty much what to expect, even as they desperately wanted the unexpected. That's on us. Not Apple. But still, there are things Apple didn't do this time that rumors suggested they might, and things they're not doing that the competition are. Here are 10 examples.

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Let's Talk iPhone 4S: What we didn't get

The Let's Talk iPhone event is now over and we officially have the iPhone 4S, Siri, iOS 5, iCloud, and several other cool new features to be excited about.

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iPad 2 -- what we didn't get!

Sure Apple showed off a lot during the iPad 2 event but they didn't give us everything we wanted, now did they? While I can't tell for sure yet if I got my smaller bezel (I'll be measuring down to the millimeter!) there are some hardware and software features that are obviously missing in action.

We're going to go over them after the break!

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