This Week in Smartphone Schadenfreude, March 28th Edition, Wait-a-Thon


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Not evil twin to Phone Different Week in Review, not an invasion by Fake Steve, This Week in Smart Phone Schadenfreude brings you all the feel-better news you need about the smartphone world outside Apple's current media dominator. (Who knew there was such a world? We were just as surprised! Inelegant, interface challenged, keyboardy, crashy, single-touchy place -- best not to linger...). Join us as we mock review the big news from last week at our sister sites. Everybody loves sibling rivalry!

RIM/Blackberry Outages Outage

Last week let slip that RIM had gone so far as to begin scheduling their own network outages. Not merely content to follow trends, however, RIM has now one-upped themselves again and, apparently, scheduled an outage for their outage!

You heard right! The once on off is off again! No word yet on when exactly the outage will be rescheduled, though smart money is on a date to be surprised by later!

Waterloo, Start Your Photocopiers!

Two years ago at WWDC we thought we'd poke a little bit of fun at the folks in... Oops, sorry, wrong copycats. This time it's the fine folks at RIM who've toiled away for hours to ensure that no Blackberry owner will ever again mistake their device for a Palm. How? By making their latest model a form-factored photocopy of the iPhone! Glossy black frontage? Check. Rounded chrome edge? Double check. 3.5" gorgeous media wide-screen? D'oh! 'Fraid not. You still get a tic-tactile hard keyboard to burn 90% of your useful face-matter!

Sincerest flattery aside, nothing says market-leader like dressing up in last year's competitive dress...

WinMob Treo 800 to Rock... 6.0?!

What's better than outdated hardware running the latest version of Window's outdated mobile operating system, 6.1? You guessed it, patched-up hardware running the already obsoleted version of Windows, 6.0! is kind enough to report Sprint's July roadmap, touting the Stockholm-syndrome supporting release in all it's antiquated glory.

But don't give up all hope, there's still VistaMob 7.0 on the horizon, and given Microsoft's current schedule, the 2007-era OS should hit beta by 2011, RTM by 2015, and be almost usable by SP1 in 2017, just in time to magically pair with the much-delayed Surface! (Warning, link contains harsh language).

Palm Reports Lack of Financial Results

Speaking of Palm, er... is anyone still speaking of Palm? Ed Colligan, we guess, who according to, busted out a shiny pink Centro worth of financial woes this week. Sales up but revenue down? Jaysus, that'll harshen Bono's elevated partnership's mellow right quick now, won't it?

But with Rubenstein, Bell, and Fox freshly pilfered from high-margin Apple, that's a trend that will hopefully level out around 2010 when Palm's 2005 OS, Nova, and astounding new form factors (can you say "clam shell!), finally ship!

And in No Other News

Yeah, we still can't speak Norfinwedish (Nokian?) and we're still not paying any attention to other smart phones, if there are any (we're not even sure). Heck, an entire major mobile manufacturer could be ripping itself in half right this very minute and we wouldn't have a clue. Seriously.

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This Week in Smartphone Schadenfreude, March 28th Edition, Wait-a-Thon


this thread is a Wait-a-Thon thread too! any posts in this thread qualify for a $100 iTunes gift card, drawing to be held next week.

Why isn't there a Maxwell House or a Folgers' Coffee Hut on every street corner? Big established companies simply lose there ability to thing outside the box and take chances and innovate. So they sat back in their big puffy chairs and watched Starbucks do it all. The Palm had it's chance, it could have been anything it wanted to be, but it blew it. Bye, Bye Palm, it was nice knowing you.

Nice to See Make the Mainstage... There's no such thing as bad PR, right? Re: Next Outage... that info is known. Here's the details:
Rescheduled: RIM Scheduled Outage March 29, 2008
During the normally scheduled window (2a - 6a EDT)
A full 4 hour outage is scheduled for all BIS & BES users in the Americas for RIM database maintenance.
Any BES connected to is expected to be impacted.
No mail / activations will be possible during this outage.
This is a 100% outage

I used to be a Palm (Treo) true believer but having lived with the iPhone for the last 8 months or so and with the expected 3rd party apps on the horizon I can honestly say I wont miss my Palm anytime soon.

Palm is DEAD...
I don't believe this, they'll come back...when, I don't know. :D But Palm users are the most loyal group of people I have ever seen in my life. We complain and we even buy other devices, but we hang in there. We secretly cheer them on, praying that they will make a strong come back. Personally, I'm in love with the Palm OS, but I think the 800w will resurrect Palm...or at least begin the resurrection. :thumbsup:
Long live Palm! :D

Palm Users are really loyal......I stuck with them for far too long waiting for new features to be released with every minor update. Long live the iPhone!!

Congratulations! That is great for you! Hope you don't have to wait as long to use the gift card on the SDK apps as all those waiting for the Treo 800.

Congratulations Dyvim! My first post for entry, Admin. does commenting "just a post to win" qualify as an entry, or must we post on-topic... just for future reference?

Palm users were loyal until they got bent over one too many times by Palm. Seriously, since the 650 which Treo has been the killer, must-have, Palm phone? Ummmmm....
This is exactly why iPhone owners are so likely to have been Treo owners, Apple produced what Palm couldn't. A modern, simple, elegant, powerful smartphone/OS. This is what Treo users have been waiting for. Palm's solution was to essentially drop Palm OS (a simple, underpowered, inelegant OS) and go with WinMo (a powerful, inelegant, complicated OS). That decision was so telling and so inline with the series of utterly disappointing announcements and product releases Palm put forth since the 650.

AnteL0Pe makes the kind of sense that does.
I mourn my Palm, but they abandoned the market, not the other way around. The sheepish mentality where consumers pay money to profess loyalty to companies which treat them like cr@p is... wait, that's Apple right?
Seriously, though, if Apple's next iPhone is a bomb and Palm's Nova is a killer, or (good help me!) WinMob 7 actually innovates, that'll be my next phone.
Loyalty should be to our own needs and what best meets them at the moment. This ain't marriage, it's gadgets.