Three UK to provide free Wi-Fi on London Underground

London Underground

Three UK has announced that it is partnering with Virgin Media to provide its customers with free access to Virgin's Wi-Fi network on the London Underground. Other carriers like EE, Vodafone and O2 have already made similar deals in the past.

Three's Director of Customer Strategy, Danny Dixon, revealed to TechRadar that free Wi-Fi access will be available at 137 Underground stations by the end of July. The wireless coverage is extended to ticket halls, corridors and platforms. Customers on a carrier that hasn't yet struck a deal with Virgin Media will have to buy a Wi-Fi pass to avail the service.

Three UK users, are you excited about the free Wi-Fi access on the tube?

Source: TechRadar

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Reader comments

Three UK to provide free Wi-Fi on London Underground


For regular users of the London Underground, this will surely come as great (if not, long overdue) news.

I rarely visit London myself, however when I do this sure will make the journey, with nose squashed under a strangers armpit, much more bearable.

This will no doubt be the best outdoor coverage Three subscribers ever get, such is the hopelessly patchy nature of their network. Don't get me wrong, their prices and uncapped data are great, but their network is by far the smallest in the UK. Even in the big cities it's not great, and as soon as you head in the larger world, forget it.

That’s quite odd. I’m a field engineer and find their coverage great. I’ve got 4G where it says no coverage on their website.

I have zero coverage where I work and only two bars (at most) where I live. I was told I would get 4G at home, I can barely get 3G.

Three's coverage in my areas on the south coast are just awful. So much so that I can't wait to leave and go to another network once my contract ends.

I travel around quite a bit in the midlands and north west. Coverage is fine in Birmingham and Manchester, but on the roads (M6, M42, M5, M40, M6TOLL) it's poor to nonexistent, and on the west coast mainline there's pretty much no signal for the entire line to Edinburgh. Towns and villages are hit or miss, usually miss. Warwickshire is particularly bad, with most of the county (even the towns and villages) being at best 1 bar, but usually no service.

I also go up north from time time, and it's even worse up there.