Three UK brings free roaming to five new countries

Three UK

British mobile operator Three has announced that from July 1 it'll be adding five new countries to its "Feel at Home" scheme, which allows customers to use their UK voice, text and data allowances abroad without additional roaming charges.

The new countries are France, Switzerland, Israel, Finland and Norway — bringing the total number of Feel at Home territories up to 16 from the start of next month. Right now Three customers are able to roam freely in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Macau, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Sweden and the U.S.

Subscribers will need to have been with Three for 30 days in order to roam on Feel at Home; the deal is also open to Pay As You Go customers who purchase one of Three's add-ons.

Source: Three

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Reader comments

Three UK brings free roaming to five new countries


PAYG customers don't have to be with Three 30 days before using Feel at Home. I used it in Italy after getting a SIM card the day before I went. Worked great!

France is big news. They should focus on adding Germany and Spain next.

That said, next year sometime the whole of the EU will be one big free roaming zone on all carriers anyway.

Wow, surprising that Switzerland is amongst those countries, considering the other way around is pretty far from happening - the Swiss carriers are famous for charging the highest roaming fees in Europe (for Swiss customers abroad). But that's great news, it's definitely a sign that things are changing! The EU will soon be one roaming zone anyway and this makes me hope that Switzerland might join them sooner rather than many years later. :)

What Three are doing is somewhat disingenuous. I've tried their roaming data whilst in the US and it's not internet access you can rely on to do all your daily tasks (maps, emails, skyping, some youtube, Safari, FB, etc).
Within two hours I was so frustrated by this Edge-like subpar service that I paid $100 for an all you can eat data sim from AT&t.

All you do is stare at your phone waiting for your pages to load.
It's rubbish, even for free!

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The Feel At Home scheme is an excellent idea. I hope that other UK carriers take note of this and implement similar schemes.

EE's Extra plans already offer roaming with unlimited minutes and texts between all EU countries including calls back to the UK.