Toshiba to build LCD factory for future iPhone production

iPhone 4 Retina Display

Toshiba Corp is said to be building a large factory in Ishikawa Japan to supply Apple with LCD panels for their popular iPhone, according to Reuters:

Toshiba Corp will spend about 100 billion yen ($1.19 billion) to build a factory for making small LCD panels, mainly to supply to Apple Inc's iPhones, the Nikkei business daily said.

Construction of the plant will begin in early 2011, with LCD production set to begin in the second half of the year. The plant will reportedly churn out around 17 million LCD panels for Apple. Given the timeline, it may not be ready to handle a June iPhone 5 release but will almost certainly be ready to mass produce iPhone 6 in 2012. Hopefully that will help avoid production shortages for Apple (like the iPad experienced with LG panels).

And yes, it does say LCD and not S/AMOLED, so that may also indicate no screen technology changes for the next few years either.


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Reader comments

Toshiba to build LCD factory for future iPhone production


or it could be for the iPod touch since that also have the same size screen.
I could see the touch sticking with LCE and the iPhone getting the better screen,

Yeah. Apple has lots of small screen devices: iPod nano (1.5"), iPod classic (2.5"), iPod touch (3.5"), iPhone (3.5") and iPad (9.7"). Apple probably will sell 20m small screen devices per quarter next year, or more.
The 17m is hopefully a per quarter number. If it is per year, Apple needs at least 3 other LCD component suppliers of the same production level.

One day Americans will wake up and refuse to buy products that are manufactured in other countries.. Why can't this billion dollar facility be built here so that Apple could give back to the nation that got it where it is today. Wake up Sheeple you are nothing but consumers and don't produce anything!!!

I'm sure if most of us could afford to pay $1000 for a iPhone we would appreciate it being manufactured in the us but since the $600-700 price tag is high enough I think we'll levee it to them to make.

Simple macro-economics regarding te balance of payments and the U.S as a global economy.
The u.s doesn't have the skills to do it. Therefore apple will go do it somewhere else. Likewise, Japan doesn't have iPhones so their population will buy it from the u.s. Hence the money still stays in the us. It benefits both japan and the us.
This happens with a lot of products (most ETMs) all over the world. It is a problem in some cases especially for Australia in the future.