Turn your iPad into a speedometer with Speed 2 for iPad

Turn your iPad into a speedometer as you travel with Speed 2 for iPad

Speed 2 for iPad is a new iPad app that converts your iPad into a speedometer while you drive. It features a gorgeous UI that integrates with Google Maps and will make you want to install your iPad directly into your dash.

Speed 2 has 4 main elements: the maps which take up the top third of the screen, and the compass, speedometer, and odometer in the bottom third of the screen. This area is like your dash. On the speedometer, you'll see a red marker that can be moved around. If you exceed the speed marked, the app will emit an alarm sound to alert that you're going too fast.

If you swipe your finger up the dash, it will slide up to reveal some options. Under the compass, you can select true or magnetic north. Under the speedometer, you can select an analog or digital display and enable/disable the speed limiter. Lastly, from this menu you can reset the trip or total of your odometer and select if you want to allow the app to track in the background.

Speed 2 require GPS as this is how it determines how fast you are traveling, so it's only compatible with 3G and LTE iPads. You also must have your 3G or LTE enabled in order for Speed 2 to work. This also means that Speed's performance is dependent on the strength of your connection. On Verizon LTE, Speed 2 worked perfectly for me.

The Good

  • Gorgeous UI
  • Slide-up panel is very convenient. It's nice to not have to navigate to a separate menu
  • True North or Magnetic North
  • Analog or digital
  • Alarm will sound when you exceed a specified speed
  • Tracks in the background
  • Includes trip odometer
  • Tap the speedometer to switch between miles, kilometers, and knots

The Bad

  • Cannot insert addresses and map out directions

The bottom line

Combined with an iPad car mount, Speed 2 will be a great speedometer for your car. The UI is gorgeous and being able to view Google Maps at the same time is awesome. It's a shame that you can't retrieve directions to a destination, but Speed 2 can pair nicely with a turn-by-turn navigation app running in the background.

Now excuse me while I hunt for the best iPad car mount...

$2.99 - Download Now

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Reader comments

Turn your iPad into a speedometer with Speed 2 for iPad


I've seen this all over twitter and blogs and I just can't get how everyone loves it. It just seems like such a needless way to waste your costly and precious data plan considering the simple fact that CARS COME WITH SPEEDOMETERS!.
Any one else?
The UI is nice I'll give it that.

I find it most useful on the iPhone version. It works as a speedometer for your bike (with proper mounting gear,) but it would be impossible to use an iPad for that purpose.

Not only do cars come with speedometers, the right app comes with full maps on your device so you're not blowing a data cap refreshing maps.

If they got rid of the map, and integrated the rear camera this app would be perfect. The would essentially be a perfect replacement for the whole dashboard and windshield.

Would be sick if it had the map program as well.
Without maps it feels like a pizza with no sauce.

Anyone can get the same or better results with a hundred dollar GPS - which doesnt require a data plan. But some idiots will buy this because their vehicle needs a $600-800 speedometer and they dont mind making people rich... At 2.99 it should drive your car too!

UGLY INTERFACE. Just ugly. And the iPad is too big for that mounting position. Not unless you are driving a fire truck!

I have had my iPad 1 mounted near that position in my Impala LS for the past 2 years. Mind is mounted dead center of the console, in front of the heat/ac unit and stereo system (held up by the power of velcro of all things), and it works flawlessly as a navigation system using Navigon. It was a Wifi model too, so i had it connected to my Dual GPS receiver (and now that i have an iPad 3 and sold the iPad 1, I can still use GPS with the receiver).

Im all about bigger gps screens but this is a bit much... Plus isn't the ultimate speedometer the one thats already physically connected to your car, not 1-3 seconds behind updating? Seems a little too redundant to be remotely useful...

I stick to my cars analog & digital speedometer with current speed limit live right next to it ! Free !

Rene, remember the iDrive steering wheel mount that came out last year. This would work great with that. I think this site had a post on it.
I think this app belongs in the same category as the iDrive.

One more thought. Does the app switch orientation as your vehicle rolls over and over? If it did that would really make it useful.

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