User guide for BlackBerry Messenger for iOS appears online

User guide for BlackBerry Messenger for iOS appears online

The user guide for BlackBerry Messenger for iOS has accidentally appeared online. The 13-page guide is pretty standard fare with no images, and outlines features like creating a Blackberry user account and viewing the profiles of other BBM users. There was also a splash page for the app, according to N4BB:

However, it appears someone at BlackBerry jumped the gun and prematurely published some materials, including a splash page. The download links did not go to the intended competing platforms stores.However, the user guides for BBM on Android and iOS were able to be snapped up and saved.

BlackBerry announced BBM for iOS and Android in May. The BBM app will require iOS 6 or higher, and is still set for a summer release as far was we know. This will be the first time that the service will be available on non-BlackBerry devices. It will be competing with Apple's iMessage, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, and many other messaging solutions.

Will you be using BBM on your iPhone when it comes out?

Source: N4BB, BBM for iOS User Guide, via CrackBerry

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Reader comments

User guide for BlackBerry Messenger for iOS appears online


This may be the best move Blackberry has made in a long time. I feel they should have done this a long time ago. They should also implement some type of "vine" type features directly within the app...strictly for BBM.

Well summer is almost over does anyone know when they will be releasing this? And will anyone with an iPhone be talking to other iPhone users using bbm instead of iMessage?

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Its about time! Finally us Blackberry 10 users can communicate with you people with those inferior phones (Android and Apple that is) in style. Welcome to the Blackberry experience my friends. :)

Actually, BlackBerry is the only Brand that has PROVEN to be inferior to any of it's competitors, so I don't know what the hell you're talking about. If you have one, you might as well sell it now, because once BB sells the company, you'll have an obsolete OS, and I bet it will be replaced with an Android OS by the next owners of the company (if anyone ever decides to buy it).

I am truely looking forward to having some discussions with you about your comment; "PROVEN"? Please let me know where you got your information from comparing the NEW Blackberry 10 phones to its competitors, "please". I agree Blackberry is having some initial poor sales but that is due, in part, to poor marketing and uneducated comments like yours. This has resulted in poor public perception regarding the NEW Blackberry phones. The Blackberry APPs are lacking but its a NEW platform and APPs take awhile to develope. If you are an Android user, its almost as good as the NEW Blackberry for functoionality. If you have the iPhone, it's functionally inferior. The worst phone for functionality is Windows, its a mess! Looking forward to the reply and maybe you can school me?

Yes, I will definitely use it. I can't wait.

Can't get any of the links to work. The links in the article point to (which obviously got pulled) and the links at N4BB point to Google Docs... which then point to the documents hosted on Where are the 'snapped up and saved' versions?

I will in order to have that non SMS messaging capabilities with people I know that have either not realized that the BB is dead or that they are forced to use a BB because their work hasn't figured out that the BB is dead.