Vector 13: Kevin Michaluk on what happened to BlackBerry

Vector 13: Kevin Michaluk on what happened to BlackBerry

It happened to Palm. It's happening to BlackBerry. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung might be insulated by their revenue from other businesses, or they might not. No company stays on top, or even in the game, forever. So, we interrupt our usual programing to get Kevin Michaluk of back on the line so he can explain to us what the hell is happening with BlackBerry. The reaction to the iPhone, the detour of the PlayBook, and the launch of BB10. No. Holds. Barred.

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Vector 13: Kevin Michaluk on what happened to BlackBerry

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I actually miss blackberry and how successful they were back in the days.. I wish one day blackberry can come back from its downfall.. I actually want blackberry and apple to stay on top.. I think android is to much complicating

It's always pleasure listening to the two of you, Rene.

I've never been a BB user and I found Kevin's summary quite educating.

BlackBerry just went back to his corporative shell. In the most optimistic way, in some years the people will want their phones again and they will emerge to join the fight once more.

I could see the writing on the wall in Blackberry's desperate attempt to catch the iPhone with the BB Storm. I was an unfortunate owner for 6 months. Aside from the horrible reliability of the click screen, the phone could survive on daily reboots as long as you only ran one or two apps. If you tried more it would just reboot itself (recall BB reboots took about 5 minutes). Task swapping was made impossible. Verizon was nice enough to offer us Storm owners free early upgrades (I got a Droid at the time).

That was the best BB could do 2 years after the iPhone came out! Once the original Droid appeared, BB drowned in the wake of Android and iOS.

I agree with Kevin that the constant delays were a problem. I held onto an upgrade for 11 months while waiting for RIM. Eventually I gave up and switched to Windows Phone. Then BB10 finally got released, but it still lacks some apps that I want, such as Netflix.