Verizon announces ShareEverything plan - unlimited talk, text and shared data for up to 10 devices

Verizon announces ShareEverything plan - unlimited talk, text and shared data for up to 10 devices

Verizon has announced a new family plan that includes a shared data bucket for households chocked-full of iPhones and iPads. Each smartphone can be added to the plan for $40 (which includes unlimited talk and text) while tablets cost $10. On top of that, you'll have to pay for the data you want to share.

  • 1GB shared data - $50
  • 2GB shared data - $60
  • 4GB shared data - $70
  • 6GB shared data - $80
  • 8GB shared data - $90
  • 10GB shared data - $100

The plan also unlocks mobile hotspot access for all devices on the plan, so you can chew through your data allowance even faster. If you have a new iPad with LTE, you're going to be burning through data quickly enough as is; how long is it going to last if you're splitting your bucket with the rest of the family? Of course, if everybody only uses data sparingly, then maybe it's not that big of a deal, but at that point, you might as well be using a cheaper shared plan.

How much are you really saving? For two iPhones sharing a 1 GB bucket, you'd be paying $130 every month.  If you really needed unlimited data, on Sprint you'd pay $80 more every month for two devices on Simply Everything Family. Alternatively, you could get unlimited data and 1500 minutes shared for only $20 more than Verizon. By comparison, you'd be paying $120 for the first two lines with unlimited minutes on AT&T, but that doesn't count messaging or data which are at least an extra $20 each. It's worth noting that Sprint and AT&T cap out their sharing at 5 lines, so if you need more than that, Verizon's the only show in town. If you consider T-Mobile an option (and they sure hope you do), their unlimited data sharing packages start at $120, which undercuts Verizon just a little bit, but doesn't include mobile hotspot. Given, coverage might not give you all of those options, but that should put Verizon's new plan into perspective.

Verizon's ShareEverything plan goes live on June 28. Anyone biting? Does you family burn through enough minutes and data to make something like this worthwhile, or are shared plans further down the ladder good enough? Do you have more than 5 lines that you need to feed?

Source: Verizon via Android Central

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Verizon announces ShareEverything plan - unlimited talk, text and shared data for up to 10 devices


Terrible idea. Only worth it for families being introduced to smart phones who won't use data too often. But for the majority of smart phone uses this is a ripoff.

i have 5 lines 1400 minutes, unlimited mobile to anymobile, all 5 lines have unlimited data, and insurance on a 4 of the lines... plus corp discount. ~$320/ month
so with this new plan id pay 200 for the lines plus 100 for 10gb data, which is 300 before taxes?... then the extras...
so in reality id be paying more

Wait I just saw the unlimited talk and text. I retract my statement. Still doesn't feel lil a deal to me though.

Because it's not. As we shift more and more toward less talk and more data usage, mobile companies keep throwing in "Unlimited talk and text" like it's some sort of desirable feature, whilst raping you when it comes to data usage. My girlfriend and I share a 400 min/month plan on ATT and have never come close to using that amount. Yet, she's throttled every month on our unlimited data plan, and I get close.
Remember, the Telco's aren't going to be offering you plans unless it adds to their fat bottom lines. Period.

Right now I have one iPhone (unlimited data - but rarely go above 2 GB) and one dumb phone. My wife is over due and we have been waiting to hear what the shared data was going to bring. Silly me for thinking it was going to be a way to entice dumb phone users to getting a smart phone...
Right now we have 550 shared minutes, 250 texts each, and my unlimited data, plus a corp discount. Total bill (pre-tax) is about $85. We rarely come close to the minutes, nearly everyone we call is on Verizon. Texts, we manage to stay under out 250 allotments.
If my wife goes in and buys an iPhone today, tack $30 to the $85 for $115.
If we do this new plan, it will be, depending on how they calculate the discount (right now the account level and my line data gets it) - we are looking at $125-$135 plus tax. Not a HUGE difference (plus the benefit of unlimited talk/text) - but $10-$20 a more a month for not using anything more. Sure, the hotspot is nice, but that is $20 a month. So, technically, it breaks even, but I have only used that option once or twice. Hmm.... Never simple with these guys.

It would cost me $10 more a month to get the unlimited talk/text which are two things i do not use, that said it would be really nice to get data on the iPad.

wait the video said use your phone as a wifi hotspot, i want to use the iPad to save battery i wonder if that is allowed.

What's the loophole to get unlimited lte before this plan goes into effect? I thought if u upgraded to a phone w lte that it would be unlimited until all these new stupid plans kick in

If you can upgrade now, you should do it. You get the subsidy and can keep unlimited data for at least the next two years. After 6/28, if you pay full price for a new phone, you keep your unlimited data. But what isn't clear is 3G/4G. I think if you chnage from a 3G to 4G phone, they can make you change your plan...even if you pay full price. But i still can't find confirmation on this. I went ahead two weeks ago (when this was still being planned) and upgraded to a Droid Razr Maxx. While I was waiting for the new iPhone, the thought that Verizon was about to charge me more for less was enough to upgrade before then. Beside, now that I have 4G, I can always pay full price for the iPhone at any time and they can't chnage my plan.

This is a bad plan. Verizon currently offerse 2GB for $30. But I see on this shared plan that 4GB is $70. That's $35 for just two. How the heck is this even better. I have been with Verizon for 8 years now, and I am thinking about changing, but nothing els out there is any better. What are we to do?

Go to Virgin Mobile. That's what I'm planning to do when my AT&T contract is up. $40/mo for 1200 minutes, unlimited txt, and 2.5 GB at full speed, throttled after 2.5. Just about perfect plan for me. get one for my wife's iPhone too, and we drop from $140/mo on AT&T to $80. See ya, AT&T!

So how is this saving me money? I can have 2 phones on a shared plan that I have currently that gets 2 gigs a data per phone for $30 a piece so figure 60 bucks. But this shared data is 60 bucks for 2 gigs which I have to share between the two devices? Are they insane? Where are they comming up with the numbers to justify that cost?

Stupid. It already costs 10 bucks more per line. Then the 2gb of data (shared) is 60 bucks. When I lose the unlimited for my phones in the upgrade each phone will get their own 2gb of data for the same 60 bucks. The iPads only get data when they need it at 20$ per gb each month/purchase. Anyone falling for this idea needs to be using an LG8300. Smartphones would be too much for their intellect

Yeah but those plans also include unlimited mins and message in addition to the data allowance so it's not THAT bad but not great

Yeah, it would have been too much to ask for them to have just added the shared data and let you pick you minutes/texts. As it is, they are forcing you (with these plans) to get unlimited for the thing that are (a) cheapest, and (b) used the least.
Considering Virgin. Going to have to crunch some numbers, and see if they have 4G.

Well.. it actually works a LITTLE bit in my favor as of how I use my phone now.
We have 2 lines, unlimited data (we never go over 2GB each), with 700 min and unlimited texting. We have a gov discount and pay $137.76 before taxes/fees.
To go to this new plan: $40 for each line ($72.80 after 18% access discount on 1 line) plus $70 for the 4GB plan ($56 after 20% feature discount) that puts us at $128.80 before taxes... $8.94 less per month and roughly a 6.5% reduction in cost PLUS the ability to use the hotspot occasionally.
Now, given that: This is how we use data NOW, not in the future. If we ever get 4G phones we might start using more than 2GB of data each and the price may become much higher....

That is the sound of Verizon getting even more of our money!! To share 4GB I'm paying $10 more than I pay for the 2GB for each of my phones know. Way to nickel and dime us

Me and my gf use maybe 3gb on our share plan. And we can still cut back on that to under 2gb if we need to. So it can save a few bucks. But since iOS 6 is going to do turn by turn nav

Sorry hit publish button. But anyway I can see turn by turn nav being a data hog since it will be used a lot more then we currently use the maps. So it might not be worth it.

You guys are killings me for $100 I will get unlimited calling and text and 1 gig of data if I go over its $15 for another gig.. Right now I have unlimited data with 900 min and unlimited texts for $130. No corp discounts here. In three years I have gone over a gig once.. I can add a line for my wife and still only be paying what I am now.. I love these new plans..

I see people are upset because they pay $30 for 2 gig, so $60 for 2 lines, 2 gig each and no sharing. They don't want to pay another $10 for the same 2 gigs. I totally get that. But when Verizon first confirmed that they were getting rid of unlimited data plans, the only people that were going to be forced into the share plans were the people with unlimited data that were subsidizing a 4G phone. If you don't have unlimited data and want to keep your plan then I don't see anything saying you can't.

If you want to keep unlimited and still get a subsidized phone, use someone else's upgrade on your plan, and take the phone off his line and out a dumb phone back on his line, and put the phone on yours.

2 iPhones with 2GB data and 250 text messages each, 1400 shared minutes is $150/month. That's the same price as 4GB on this new plan, which would also upgrade me to unlimited text/minutes.
Considering that neither phone is far from wifi, we barely use 500MB between us, so I can probably save $10-20/month by dropping to a 1GB or 2GB shared plan.

The only good thing about this for me is that my mother and father barely use any of their data so if we got the 6 GB plan it would mostly be all mine. :-) Hmm i wonder if that will change once they get new lte phones from Verizon.

This actually helps cut my family's bill down just a little bit...
Currently, we have 3 iPhones on the 1400 shared minutes and unlimited text plan for a monthly bill of $240 ($30 for insurance on each phone):
1 2gb data plan ($30), 1 4gb data plan with hotspot ($50), and 1 unlimited data plan ($30) (Total of $110 for data). Looking at the latest usage data, extreme numbers came up with each of us using almost 2gb. Usually, I only use half a gig, but will go with 6gb shared plan ($80) for safe measure, saving difference in cost for data of $30.
With the $40/phone added into that equation, we get $120+$80, a total of $200 (+30 for insurance)
So sure, we only save about $10/month, but instead of me using the personal hotspot, the rest of the family gets it as well, and the loss of the unlimited plan isn't that bad because that phone never passes 2gb of data.

We'll actually save some money with these new plans too. Not a ton of money, but enough. We currently have 5 iPhones, sharing 700 minutes, texts and 2 GB data on each, comes out to over $300 a month. My wife & mother-in-law never use data, only me and the kids - and we've never reached the 2 GB limit, with all the wi-fi available. So if I'm doing the math correctly, we'll get some savings. Hmm...

Guess I won't be switching to Verizon. I was on Verizon until the iPhone came out then switched to AT&T to get an iPhone. Was considering going back to Verizon for the next 4G iPhone, but not with these rates. Since getting the iPhone I hardly use any voice minutes. Only use about 100 texts. I pay about $79 now with a corporate discount for 450 minutes and 5GB data. With Verizon That would be $110. There should be a lower rate if you buy the phone instead of getting a subsidized phone.

What they are doing is forcing everyone to buy unlimited voice and text even though people don't us voice much anymore and text can be free with an App.
AT&T currently only changes $30 for 3GB and $50 for 5GB with overage $10 per GB.
People could get buy with just a data only plan and use Messaging Apps and Voice over IP phone Apps. Most could do everything on a 2GB plan and that would serve the entire family, if it were available. That is what they are worried about. Maybe T-Mobile will do something like that when they get the iPhone.

I'm hanging onto my unlimited data as long as I can! Fortunately I have an iPad that is on a separate account from the one my phone is on, so I'm just going to sign a contract on that line to get a subsidized iPhone and put it on my phone line. I'll do whatever it takes to keep unlimited until I'm absolutely forced to change. I don't always go over 2 gigs, but there have been months where I've used 6-10 gigs and I just don't want to worry about it.

This is great fo heavy users like me... I currently pay $60 for data on 2 phones + $30 for mobile hotspot on just 1 of the phones which gets used every day. I talk 4,000 min a month, and my wife talks over 1,000 ( we have no landline) we are paying $149 for unlimited voice/text, so we are at $240 before taxes. We use about 8 gigs of data a month currently. We will save about $70 a month with the new plan with a 10 gig data plan + my wife can tether her iPad for no extra fees... Seems like a pretty good deal to me! I can actually get a 20 gig plan for the same price I'm paying now... Am I missing something here?

What if your currently a customer that has been grandfathered over with an unlimited data plan, are they making you switch? Or can you keep it. And if you upgrade to let's say a iPhone 5 in the future are they not going to let you carry over with your unlimited plan.