Verizon cancels $2 billing surcharge

Amid a swirl of negative user reaction and FCC attention, Verizon has reconsidered their recent $2 payment surcharge.

“At Verizon, we take great care to listen to our customers. Based on their input, we believe the best path forward is to encourage customers to take advantage of the best and most efficient options, eliminating the need to institute the fee at this time,” said Dan Mead, president and chief executive officer of Verizon Wireless.

They'll no doubt try to get the money from somewhere else, but for now at least you can extinguish the torches and call off the hounds.

Source: Verizon via PhoneScoop, Android Central

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Reader comments

Verizon cancels $2 billing surcharge


Netflix nickel & dimes people? I could be mistaken but I think the fees are just the different tiers of service and then a fee for Bluray. By contrast, take a look at a telephone bill. While not entirely the phone companys' fault (Congress) there are just a slew of fees and it's very difficult to read. Netflix is pretty straightforward by comparision.

If Netflix started off charging what they are charging now, originally, no one would be complaining. The problem is when you give money hungry blood sucking americans something cheap and then start charging for it later, they feel betrayed and start rioting over something ridiculous, and act like its their god given right to only pay what was originally charged, or they whine and cry and threaten to drop service. Sometimes this country pisses me off. And I wear a uniform for it.

U stupid idiot. So according to your statement it will be ok to pay $5 a gallon for gas. It will be ok for the light bill to go up another $50 a month cuz we will all have to pay for it later right?

$2 wasn't a lot for Verizon to charge me to pay my bill online anyway. The collection agency would charge them a lot more to get that money from me...

They listen to their customers my a$$!! I'm sure the FTC or some form of Government had plenty to do with this.

They are busy working on a different less obvious way to cover the cost and just charge everyone a little bit more to cover their costs.
Let's see, 12 cents on one fee, 5 cents on another fee and slip it to all the customers on the sly. They will know better and do stealth fee's instead of in your face charges.
They've done it before with an administration fee that upset people after a federal fee was cancelled. They waited and slipped back in a new administration fee that slowly grew from a nothing fee to become the Same amount as the administration fee and the cancelled Federal Fee.
This $2 charge is a like an ex-wife. You think it is gone but it will come back and haunt you and not just in your nightmares!

They were just taking about this at the barber shop while I was getting my hair cut, I wish I could have let them know it had been canceled.

Verizon fees have been involved in class action. They have paid out on data fees charged, even when your phone was off. AT&T has also been caught. Carriers, banks, you name it, make a ton of money off fees. Some legal, some not so legal. When you think a $2.00 fee is no big thing, multiply that by millions of customers, and that is big dollars a month. Really big bucks.

$200 million dollars a month they would gain from adding this fee. But technically, there are still crusty people that actually walk in a store and drop the bill off with a check or cash. Same as the cable company. Try to return my bum modem and there are like 30 people in there trying to pay their bill! Seriously?

What I wonder is if people get together to boycot these new ridicoulus fees and have the company change their minds about it. Do u ever wonder what the people could accomplish if we all got together and said that Verizon is charging too much anyways and they need to drop the bill by 10% or we bail. And if they call our bluff then everybody just not pay their bill for that month. What do u think they'll do? Cut everyone's phone off?