Verizon closes unlimited data loophole

Verizon closes unlimited data loophole

No sooner were people were able to keep their unlimited plans instead of being forced over to new, data-limited ones when buying new phone at the contract price. That was thanks to a recent glitch in Verizon's online order system. Verizon, however, has now closed the loophole yesterday, and now customers are presented with Verizon's current options. Yeah...

What's not clear yet is how Verizon will handle customers who took advantage of the error. Will they be allowed to keep their unlimited data, or transferred to limited plans? If you took advantage of the glitch this weekend, let us know how Verizon handles this.

Source: Android Central

Joseph Keller

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Antrikshy says:

"Will they be allowed to keep their unlimited data"

Uh, the loophole is gone, so of course they don't get to keep it. Isn't that the whole point?

stewm says:

Actually, you are incorrect, Verizon produced a 'contract' the people accepted the contract supplied by Verizon. Verizon do not have any legal standing in this matter and they will deal with the few people that slipped through with this flaw in the website. In two years time they will be off unlimited.

Anyway let's face it. It's not really unlimited. Sure you won't get charged if you go over 2GB of data but you will get throttled and that is just as bad when your data crawls for the rest of the month when you their cap limit and since they don't disclose the cut-off for unfair usage throttling they can move it lower still, after all the contract they presented only offers unlimited data it does not offer unlimited data at a guaranteed speed and in two years time they will either have to pay full price for a device or transfer to a capped data limit.

rdotchin says:

I believe they only cap 3g data and not 4g. Last month I racked up closet to 8 gb and by the end of the month was still streaming watchespn and sunday ticket with no problems.

tino72 says:

I've had unlimited and never been throttle not even once. I use between 4 -10 gb a month.

CORYK333 says:

Lmao, you made such & intelligent sounding post......yet weren't even totally correct. Style over substance I guess

rigs101 says:

I live in San Diego and I use about 45-50 GB a month and my download speeds stay the same at about 20Mbps they slow you down when there's heavy traffic on the satellite but once it clears or you go somewhere else it's back to real lte just saying

rdotchin says:

My sister purchased her iphone 5s through the online Apple store and activated it on Sunday and still has unlimited data. The people at the Verizon store were confused at how she still did but man is she lucky. I haven't upgraded for a long time because I have unlimited 4g, wish I had known this.

wdfly says:

if verizon changes their data plan after the fact then i would think that the people would have a right to terminate the agreement since verizon altered it without their consent. i may be wrong but that's my view on it. i really wish they would stop this limited tiered s**t and go back to unlimited data, limited data is just BS.

Franke Hernandez says:


Verizon did not change the data plans after the fact so there's no adverse material change to opt out of contract ETF free. Verizon for several months now no longer offer unlimited data plans but grandfathered in current customers however the condition is in order to keep them they would be unable to use the upgrade device plans without forfeiting the grandfathered status. So in other words the consumer is locked in unlimited data as longs as they don't upgrade devices however once they do use Verizons upgrade status then they waive rights to their grandfathered data plans and moved to the new plans.

This has been in place like I've mentioned for several months now.

BTW the only wireless companies to offer unlimited data at this time are Sprint and TMobile. AT&T along with Verizon have made it clear they will not offer unlimited data.

Solamar says:

Doesn't matter, they allowed it on-line. Once they order/receipt is done, that IS the contract. They WOULD be modifying it if they removed it.

Franke Hernandez says:


That's up to the carrier and it's law department aka corporate lawyers. I'm betting since it's a glitch in the system that it can go either way since the current customers knew what they were doing and playing the ignorant card as their defense. It will be interesting to see what Verizon does.

I would say Verizon will leave it alone and just walk away.

Solamar says:

Nope.. totally wrong. It's like in any store. When you see a price on the self, goto a register, they can't just change the price on you after you've paid. They actually have to honor it. Since they offered by not changing terms, left it, they have to honor it.

They'd end up with a whole slew of lawsuits if they didn't. After the fact sales changes are highly frowned on. At the very least, they would be required to allow full refund w/no penalties. It's a slippery slope. Remember, those who did this are now under a 2 year contract. Where others wouldn't be.. thats the big difference.

Franke Hernandez says:


A store shelf price is human error vs a glitch in the system, of course the store has to honor that however I've seen in many cases first hand the store not honoring it so it's flaky at best.

Not the same.

kevinbhayes says:

That's an urban myth, actually. A store is not legally required to honor a pricing/advertising mistake as long as it is an actual mistake. Unless you can prove the store deliberately mis-priced items, you would have no case. What would you sue for? There are no damages.

Franke Hernandez says:


An urban myth, lol, I've never heard it put that way but the point was that it can go either way depending on the store. As stated I've witnessed first hand some do and some don't that's all. Solmar was arguing that they must which isn't always the case.

dawggg63 says:

You are correct.. Pricing/advertising that is intentionally misleading is unlawful... mistakes are not. A company has absolutely not obligation to honor an honest mistake (but often will for the goodwill).

CORYK333 says:

Contract schmontract.......they have so many loopholes written in those mobile contracts that most people couldn't make sense of if they tried. All to cover their asses for situations exactly like this. It's just naive to think a multi-million(billion?) dollar company as money hungry as VZW wouldn't have something in place to counter things like this, welcome to mobile in 2013.

Mr_Anonymous says:

That's certainly not true. I was able to keep my unlimited data when I upgraded from the Droid X to the GSIII.

Dan Gorman says:

I upgraded to a 5s and when I did it made me choose 2gb of data. But now it's activated and I still have unlimited.

truav8r says:

If you're on a grandfathered unlimited data plan, and you're willing to buy a new phone at full retail, you can still keep the unlimited data right?

Franke Hernandez says:


Correct! Just don't go through Verizon even when doing that.

Heisenberg says:

Because it feels like somehow, someway they'll get rid of that unlimited through some loophole buying the phone through them.

truav8r says:

I would probably only feel comfortable getting the new phone by visiting a Verizon store in person, where you can use a little due diligence during the checkout process to make sure you're keeping the unlimited data in exchange for paying retail on the phone. I wouldn't trust calling Verizon and making the transaction with one of their operators in Timbuktu. Sound logical?

stewm says:

Actually I believe their call centers are all based in the USA. Certainly one is in Irvine, California and I believe they have at least one on the East Coast as well, but maybe not. Every time I have called Verizonwireless they are in Irvine because they always ask if it is still hot out here in the desert.

Racer X says:

I purchased my iphone 5 at full price at a Verizon store in Feb and kept my unlimited data. I explained to the sales rep that I wanted to keep my unlimited data. The rep was very helpful, and there were no issues with the transaction. The one caveat is that I am on a month-to-month contract; therefore, Verizon could change the terms with 30 days notice.

rdotchin says:

I am currently on a family plan and use other phone line upgrades so I can keep my unlimited data plan. It's an awesome way to go if you have that option.

rigs101 says:

If you have unlimited data on your current smart phone and a dumb phone (basic phone) on the same plan add a line purchasing the 5s at a discounted price and then go to Verizon's website replace the new 5s with another dumb phone (as soon as you do this the new data plan will go away seeing as dumb phones dont use data like iphones) wait 24 hours for the sim to deactivate then replace your current smart phone with unlimited data with the deactivated iPhone 5s and your gravy I've done this when I got the gs3 then a month later when I stepped up in the world and got the iPhone 5 64GB at a discounted prize...first time Verizon employee did everything for me he even added a serial number for the dumb phone so I didn't need to pay for that only the 200 for the gs3 the second time I purchased the phone at a local Verizon store and did everything it if you don't believe me "Verizon loophole" and yes I still have unlimited and I've done this twice and it was a year ago

Franke Hernandez says:

Like Heisenberg said.

Once the carrier sees that your circumventing them they will try anything to get you off the grandfathered status. Remember Verizon money is not in the devices but rather using it's network and capped data is a money maker for them vs unlimited data.

I've purchased devices in the past outside the carrier and activated them online on my personal account with a home pc without needing to go through them.

Just be alert when buying through your carrier, that is all.

Marko451 says:

I was off contact on Verizon and ordered my iPhone 5S 64GB on sept 20th at 0045. I ordered though the verizon rep via phone. I paid full price. I ask if I paid full price would I keep my unlimited plan and he said yes. I received an email with my verizon # on the 24th. It says it will ship on the 7th and includes a list of the plan which is unlimited. I could have kicked my self when I read iMore yesterday. I then convinced myself I did the right thing and to stay the course. I am feeling a little better now.

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pappy53 says:

Just posted on Droid-Life:

Here is the statement we just received:

Over the past weekend, there was a software issue involving some orders for customers seeking to upgrade their devices. A number of customers who were upgrading devices were able to maintain an unlimited monthly data feature while paying a subsidized price.

Verizon Wireless will honor those orders that were approved this past weekend, allowing those customers to retain their unlimited plans for the duration of their contract and receive their new device.

Verizon Wireless corrected this software issue today (9/30). The company no longer offers unlimited data plans and customers who want to retain existing unlimited data plans, must pay full retail price for a replacement phone.

Franke Hernandez says:

Just as I thought Verizon has chosen to leave well enough alone, lol.

*** Although Verizon had the power to revoke the upgrades and put those who took advantage onto a tiered data plan, make no mistake.

Keep your subsidized handset and your unlimited data ... at least this time Following a weekend system glitch that let customers with unlimited data plans receive upgrade pricing on handsets, Verizon has released a statement indicating that it will honor those purchases.

Darryl Touchet says:

I noticed in that letter, that they said "they would honor the unlimited data plan for the 2-year contract". Or something to that effect. Meaning those that took advantage of this, would be switch automatically to the 2GB plan after the contract ran out. I seriously doubt it was a "glitch". So be careful out there, they will be trying their hardest to get you to sign something from now on. You shouldn't have to sign anything with a phone change if you paid for the phone outright. That is why these guys are telling you to buy it from another vendor, and not verizon. If you walk into a verizon store, you are gonna sign something.