Verizon data network down. Again. Again.

Verizon down. Again. Again.

Once again, Verizon seems to be having data network issues. We haven't gotten that many reports from iPhone users this time, but our sibling site Android Central is certainly hearing all about not hearing it now.

You know the drill -- if you're rocking a Verizon iPhone or Verizon iPad, let us know how you're data is working. If it's not working, let us know where you are, when it stopped, and when it starts up again.

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Danny Michel says:

i dunno where this is happening, but i was fine the first time and fine now in NY

Geoff says:

Fine here in Omaha, and I was fine before as well...maybe it's just their 4G?

kch50428 says:

3G fine for me in North Central Iowa.

ubuntudroid says:

All is good here in SE NC!

NoTrollsAllowed says:

I'm in Chicago on Sprint, and all of our iPhone 4S devices have been almost unusable the last 48 hours concerning voice calls. Constant drops. They worked flawlessly since we obtained them launch day.
Did too many people get smartphones for Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanazaa?

no contract says:

Do people still use sprint network? I mean sprint crappy network?

notsohappycustomer says:

not like verizon is any better. first the phones are very late for Christmas, and now they won't activate. leaving those of us who got one phoneless.

entwined82 says:

My 3G is up and running here in south jersey, fairly close to Philadelphia.

itslikecrackyo says:

Everything works fine out here in Los Angeles.

as400man says:

Not working in Des Moines. My phone hasn't pulled GMail in about 4 hours and iMessage is now back to Text Messaging

Steve says:

Leaving this comment using my VZW iPhone on 3G in Albany, NY. Looks good here.

PAB says:

Been downloading an uploading with no issues !!! Love my Verizon white iPhone 4s !!! Aka Emma frost !!!

Eugene Kriegsmann says:

Verizon is working fine in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Mail and internet are both up and functioning.

spencer500 says:

Verizon data and voice working fine in the Allentown, pa and Pocono area.

wsm23#IM says:

Using my Verizon 4S to post this from TN, seems to be just fine here......

Tennessee says:

Central Florida is working fine

pereiragd says:

3G fine in Saint Paul, MN.

Wags says:

All is well and good in Arizona

Steve Jobs says:

Only true for 3G..4G is out in Arizona, at least for activations.

TSPCX says:

In Chicago iPhone 4s. Data is slow but working.

wamadden4 says:

Ive never had a problem in Los Angeles, CA

Nicole says:

iMessage is sending as a text. Email seems to be working, however it is slower than usual here in NH

Pierre says:

Its most likely the LTE network that is down this is perfect example why there isn't a LTE iPhone yet because apple does not like to deal with half crap work

Pimp Lucious says:

Yet they were exclusively on AT&T for years, a network that was so bad, the iPhone was getting smeared collaterally.

Bre says:

Phone workin great! New Orleans, LA

jlb21 says:

3g seems fine here in Boston at 3:45. Also sent an iMessage fine. No adverse signs here.

Coffeemom says:

I am with Verizon in Delaware and we have 2 iPhones and 1 iPad on their system. Haven't noticed any outage, and I use the iPhone (data) all day long. No complaints here!

FigureWise says:

Two iPhone 4's without voice of data service in the Boston area. No voice, txt, or data in two separate locations (Burlington & Newton)

Jon says:

WTF is this BS its not what we pay for I'm getting money back and switching to TAA

Jeff says:

Working here in Charlotte NC

Brad says:

AT&T network is working GREAT here in Cincinnati!!!

Kevin says:

Been out in the Los Angeles area (San Fernando Valley) since 10am. I can get it to work for a minute if I restart phone or activate mobile network, otherwise nothing. And the fastest I'm getting is 3G on my Thunderbolt.

smh16 says:

No problems here in upstate NY (mid-Hudson Valley area)

itslez says:

Working just fine in MD

bigmikemn says:

The outage report I have from Verizon indicates this is affecting their 4G LTE network.

Rony says:

IPhone 4 @ Northside of Chicago.. down since last night!! still down now.. no ETA.
called verizon about it.. they had no idea what I meant by it.

OrionAntares#CB says:

VZW's roaming partner in Alaska seems to be ok.

jlb21 says:

Folks, please indicate if you are LTE or not. Thnx!

Eddy says:

3G working good in lubbock Texas!

Chappy says:

3g and 4g suck in Mansfield, Ohio. A VZW tech at the store said "it's growing pains and there are investing everything in 4g now so don't expect the 3g issues to be fixed soon." so glad I found this out after I bought my iPhone 4s. Verizon really sucks!

Jb says:

Verizon rep just told me iphone 4 and iphone 4s activation has been suspended nationwide, really pulling the network down. fun.

Eric says:

Might be slow, but Sprint network working just fine in Cleveland.

Mike says:

3G and 4g out in NE Ohio, Verizon said they suspect the IPhones are causing the data outages.

Eric says:

That's Verizon's excuse, they want everyone to be on a LTE android phone. Then when the LTE iPhone comes out, who are they going to blame for the LTE outages??

Pimp Lucious says:

Source? You are the only person I've heard that from and its not really something Verizon would say.

brownat89 says:

Wasn't AT&T the crap network to be on a year or two ago because of this, and then when Verizon got the iPhone everyone said this would never happen and they were better and all... And now look what's happening...

bassfisher2021 says:

pensacola florida is A OK as of now

Odii Gis says:

No 4g LTE here in the Seattle area since this morning. 3g is spotty in LTE/CDMA mode. When switching to CDMA only, 3g is fine.

Mark in Spokane says:

CMDA 3G is fine in northern Washington State.

derick says:

Seattle/Bellevue Area... there was an outage?

biggasexy says:

glendale/pasadena in ca is least it's down for activation. can't activate iphone 4s here.

Eric says:

From what I've read on android central, they can't activate android phones either.

Fraydog says:

No issues with 3G here in Southern Illinois on Verizon. I live in a non-LTE area, FWIW.

andrew says:

iphone working fine no problems

Alienware_51#IM says:

All has been working flawlessly in northern Michigan!

CW says:

Verizon just shipped a large batch of 4S phones that have been backordered all month (did not arrive for Christmas as promised). They arrived today and everyone was coming into the store to get them activated. Unfortunately mine does not work yet, still won't activate. Already mad because it didn't arrive when promised, now if they did suspend the activations they will have hell to pay.

SC says:

Haven't been able to activate my 4G Android phone - been trying since 5pm Pacific time. Northern CA.

Brian Dunn says:

AT&T iPhone 4 has been up and running in central Florida just fine. I have traveled all over today and it was strong, fast and reliable for voice and data.

wesley says:

ive had my iphone4s since the day it first came out thru verizon ive never experinced any down times! im in Torrance , CA near Los Angeles and i love verizon internet is fast and never any dropped calls

john says:

Its because of iphone ios5 new untethered jailbreak whi k requires activation avgain and the recent shipment of iphones
I havemt had 4g all day

Ben says:

AT&T 3g in upstate SC working like a charm. It cracks me up all the Verizon fan boys trashing AT&T for they can't activate phones :)

Premium1 says:

Good thing those iphones are only 3g. It doesnt affect 3g devices.

Meagan says:

In Massachusetts, my iphone was delivered on the 28th the day of the outage and I still can't activate it fully. Have no texting, calling, etc. It's really frustrating does anyone know when it will be fixed?

James says:

NYC- never had 1 data outage.

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