Verizon data network in the midst of major outage

New Verizon iPhone 4S commercial

Looks like the Verizon, the network that prides itself on the reliability and coverage of it's network, is having a few problems this morning. A lot of you are telling us your 3G data is down, and our sibling site, Android Central can't seem to jump on LTE either.

How's your Verizon iPhone connection doing? If you're experiencing any problems, let us know where you are, how long you've been having trouble, and let us know when it starts working again.

Rene Ritchie

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There are 56 comments. Add yours.

Nukeswat says:

Port Saint Lucie FL. Data went out around 4am seems to be back now 3G

Chris Franzen says:

Seems to effect mostly LTE devices. Verizon has no idea how to run a GSM network.

Jay Cutler says:

In the Midwest and working fine.

beachpig says:

In Chicago, no 4G this AM since 4AM, 3G on my 4G was out until 20 ago, now back out again. VZW Blackberry 3G works fine.

Beloved1228 says:

Florida in the middle of Orlando and Tampa... All is well here

Lloyd Grace says:

Just checked - no problems here in Detroit.

Alex N. says:

Fine on Oklahoma. I don't have a Verizon phone but I do have an iPad 2 on Verizon.

codespiro says:

Southwest FL Naples area. Up and running.

chaffee04 says:

Working fine outside of DC

mfm77 says:

Let's blame it on RIM. (KIDDING!) :-)

mfm77 says:

BTW, working fine in NJ.

Florine says:

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jessnkorey says:

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tfadams says:

No 4G for me and intermittent 3G outages in, and north of, New York City

Brian Tiede says:

No 3G or 4G on my RAZR review unit in Omaha.

Allayn Rolon says:

Working fine... Didn't even notice an issue... Might be isolated

Cashflo21 says:

All good where I'm at in NY

Christopherglisson says:

Doing all good in Salem, OR. :) iPhone 4S on Verizon reporting for duty.

Pirate says:

Lillington, NC doing fine on 3G as of 0950 hours.

Iskaros says:

Mines fine. I'm in San Antonio

Robford37 says:

Working fine on my iPad here in Charlotte, NC.

Epersip says:

Working fine in Mass today, yesterday it was out for a little while.

Ivybiznatch says:

No problems on the North Shore of Massachusetts

Baker995 says:

3G is working just fine here in Roanoke VA

Zedcarpenter says:

My Verizon iPhone is doing fine In oregon

Oneill Gordon says:

Blackberry not working in southern maryland

Sbabbatwell says:

I have AT&T and my 3G Service was out, here in Brooklyn, NY this morning. So I'm quite surprised that Verizon is having this issue as well.

ninjamattic says:

3G working in the California south Bay Area.

Adam says:

Down in TN and all is well for me. On an iPhone 4S

cinco312 says:

Haven't been able to make a call since early yesterday. Which I could care less. Data and text are fine. Down in Fort Rucker, AL.

Lastostrogoth says:

I haven't had any problems in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

tkistre says:

My 3G is all good in Lake Charles, LA

Jbolt5150 says:

Ok in South Kentucky now - was down this morning for a short bit...

pereiragd says:

Verizon 3G service fine in St. Paul / Minneapolis...

Anton Frost says:

Can you hear me now? No?? GOOD!!! LOL!!!

Mshell8 says:

Los Angeles down this morning.

chrisb3 says:

3G working fine here in NYC.

menomonee says:

Madison, WI
Verizon iPhone 4S = no data since I left the house at 7AM this morning
Verizon SCH-LC11 Hotspot = slow 3G coverage is working, but not 4G

DeLeon Hughes says:

Accessing this page via my iPhone on AT&T network. Haha.

Mannysf89 says:

I have a Verizon iPhone and havent had an data outage so be easy guy lol

Derylk34 says:

Nashville, TN here.. My data hasn't been working since about 5 this morning.. Still not working as of now.