Verizon expands LTE coverage through New York state, Georgia, and elsewhere

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Verizon has just announced that they're expanding their LTE network to a bunch of new areas across the U.S. In New York, the Buffalo-Niagara area has 28 new LTE towers, while Cattaraugus-Alleghany counties are getting their first taste of 4G on Thursday. Also launching on Thursday are new markets in Georgia, including LaGrange, Brunswick, and Macon. Pierre, South Dakota, and Ocala, Florida will also be getting LTE service on the 19th. Other recent expansions have included Hopkinton, New Hampshire; Lancaster, Massachusetts; and Stockton, Fresno, and Bakersfield in California.

This is good news for those outside of major urban centers wanting to get high-speed data on the new iPad, but surveys show that the majority of iPad usage is over Wi-Fi. Still, this nicely sets the stage for an LTE iPhone, which we're expecting sometime this fall. We have a forum thread going asking which carrier folks would go with for an LTE iPhone, and so far it seems like a pretty even split between Verizon and AT&T. Which would you side with?

Source: Verizon via Android Central

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Verizon expands LTE coverage through New York state, Georgia, and elsewhere


A lot of those areas are either impossible to provide service to due to the landscape, ie too any hills, and some are just not economic but Verizon are still extending and improving that service concurrently to setting up LTE service. It is far more interesting looking at AT&T service map for 3G. And comparing their 3G map to verizons coverage.