Verizon's new ALLSET pre-paid plans offer unlimited calls, texts, and 500MB data for $45/month


Pre-paid plans are becoming a more-and-more viable option these days, especially if carriers continue to make improvements like Verizon has just done with the introduction of their new "ALLSET PLANS" (no more all-caps from here on out, mkay). These new plans start at $35-a-month for basic phones, but if you're smart and opt for a smartphone, it starts at a mere $45-a-month.

That low Allset plan price includes unlimited 'Anytime Minutes' calls and unlimited messaging (including international messaging to Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico). The base plan offers a measly 500MB data allotment each month, though thanks to the magic of pre-pay you can get more as you need it. An extra 500MB is $5, and that's good for 30 days, while you can get 1GB for $10 and 3GB for $20 — both with a 90-day expiration.

Verizon has a handful of smartphones available for purchase for use on the Allset plans, including the iPhone 4 for $99.99, iPhone 4s at $199.99, the Moto G for $99.99, and a few other low-end Android phones. If you have your own off-contract Verizon phone, you can bring it onto an Allset plan as well.

Source: Verizon

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Reader comments

Verizon's new ALLSET pre-paid plans offer unlimited calls, texts, and 500MB data for $45/month


Sorry, not good enough folks. 500 MB isn't enough for most, so you're talking at least $50/mo, which is a heck of a lot of money, especially since most BYOD to such plans and expect an actual discount as the phone isn't being subsidized.

Start those plans at $20/mo, with $25/mo for 1 GB and I might start to get interested.

I don't care that much about unlimited talk and messaging, as they are nearly worthless. All I care about is the data. When I look at a plan, I go 'how much data? for how much $?' If they want to make it $0.10/min for voice, or an extra $5/mo for unlimited calls, great. Messaging, fine, add another $5/mo for that if they want, as I'll just skip that one. (If you have data, do you need messaging?) It's simply a money making add-on which adds little value and cost them nothing.

My point is that 500 MB is measly, and a cell phone plan shouldn't cast 1/3 of a car payment or 1/10 housing. That's simply crazy, especially if you're paying for your phone yourself! Unfortunately, consumers have been trained to think these kinds of wacko prices are 'normal.'

1. What are the details of your current plan?
2. How much does it cost?
3. What carrier do you have this plan thru?

I'm not sure how that is relevant, as what I'm talking about is what plans should cost if there were actual competition to drive the prices into some kind of economic reality in North America.

I'm in Canada so things are a bit different, but I'm currently with Telus on a pre-paid $10/mo plan. I talk very little on the actual cell phone, as I find I don't often *need* to make or receive calls when I'm away from WiFi, though it would be nice for sure.

I have an iPod touch, iPad, and Macbook Air, so I'm always quite connected. I'd love an iPhone (as it condenses 2 of my devices) if the plans were reasonable, but like I said, spending that much of one's income/profits per month is kind of crazy unless it is necessary for some reason.

Data would actually help me get a bit more work done when away from WiFi, so I'm considering a MiFi type device, possibly through Bell, as they seem to have the best plan right now. It's still a bit nuts, as it's $30/mo for 500 MB, then stays under $45 up to 2 GB (where it jumps to a crazy $70), but I might be able to stay under the 2 GB. The 500 MB plans are kind of a joke, and just teasers. You need to look more at the prices of the plan around 2 GB for realistic use for just about anyone I've ever known.

Note: I wanted to add that I'm very eager to leave Telus, and am in the market for a new device, either iPod touch or iPhone. I'd really like to go with the iPhone if I can find a reasonable plan to put it on. It isn't the $400-$700 one-time charge, that is a big deal, but the huge monthly charges. I understand that when a company is subsidizing the phone, they have to charge more (though they still make a killing on typical plans), but when I'm brining the phone, they should be able to substantially discount the service.

Just out of curiosity: what do you primarily use your data plan for that makes you call a 500 MB/month plan a joke? I have a 200 MB/month plan with AT&T and barely come near the limit.

Boy, either you have no social life over the internet, or you haven't figured out how much (or little) 200mb is. This plan would do you well!

Nexus 5... enough said

I don't have one currently, but to make it useful for me, I'd need to be able to do at least some amount of things I do on WiFi now. As jeddo45 notes, it isn't all that hard to hit 500 MB. The average web page last year was 1.2 MB in size, so just over 400 of those would do it, or about 13 web pages loaded each day on average.

I also do web development, so I'd want to work on sites, which includes uploading/downloading images (I'd often need to pull a raw one at higher rez, edit, upload, etc.). That could EASILY be be 100-200 MB in just doing a few of them. I often have to do research for articles I write, so that can be a good number of web pages loaded in one sitting.

I remote control servers sometimes (often in emergency situations where I'd need the cellular data capability)... not sure what the data-rate is there. I'd prefer to use VoIP rather than silly long-distance, international, or roaming cell rates. Voice-mail messages are a MB for each 2-3 of them on average. It would be great to use GPS and mapping capabilities once in a while.

I'm standing by joke. Unless you're an incredibly light Internet user, you'd really have to work at staying under 500 MB. And, that's not including forgetting and doing app updates or buying an app, or podcasts, etc. Sure, I'd try to remember not to do those when not on WiFi, but you get the idea.

Appears to be a descent plan. I didn't know they were still selling iPhone 4's. Good to see they are making the plans somewhat affordable for people to get a phone.

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Unlimited calls & messaging, cool. But let's face it, we're a more social & data oriented society. And for such limited data? ... That will expire too??? Uh-uh.

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Exactly. I'm happy with unlimited calls and messaging (even though I don't make a lot of calls and would never use the messaging), but the reason I'm buying a SMART PHONE is for the data! Otherwise, I'd just buy a cheapie phone like I currently have for $10/mo.