Win a FREE color modified AnoStyle iPhone 5 from The Pod Drop!

Win a FREE color modified AnoStyle iPhone 5 from The Pod Drop!

The Pod Drop, which now includes our very own Ally Kazmucha, have been keeping themselves busy with the iPhone 5 -- namely with their brand new AnoStyle™ service. If you're wondering what that is exactly, look up at the picture above, and then keep reading to find out more, see more pictures, and to find out how you can win a decked out, AnoStyle™ iPhone 5 of your very own!

AnoStyle™ is exclusively available through The Pod Drop, and is a brand new process that's anything but your typical color modification service. It not only adds color to your mobile device but also provides an anodized finish with enhanced durability that actually meets military grade requirements. In the case of the iPhone 5, it will greatly minimize the scratching and scuffing issues in addition to providing fantastic new color options.

Since Anostyle™ is a modification to your original iPhone 5 parts, failure rates often associated with third party color kits do not apply. And since the repair experts over at The Pod Drop will be the ones handling the process, you can rest assured your device is in good hands.

AnoStyle™ will be available for everyone well before the holidays, and you'll have the option to either mail in your iPhone 5 or drop it off in person at any Pod Drop location. Turn around time will be about 1 week. (And yes, The Pod Drop has plans to rapidly expand the color palette and extend the AnoStyle™ service to other mobile devices as well!)

The giveaway

The Pod Drop wants to give one lucky iMore reader the chance to be among the very first with an AnoStyle™ iPhone, so they're giving you a chance to win a FREE 16GB colored iPhone 5! To enter, just leave a comment telling them if you're with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, and what AnoStyle™ color iPhone 5 you want: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, and gold with turquoise, pink, and copper options coming soon. That's it, you'll be entered! We'll announce the winner on November 1st.

As for the rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open to U.S. residents of the continental United States only. And the prize is just the iPhone, as is, any additions or accessories are the responsibility of the winners. As always, our regular contest rules apply.

Upset it's U.S. only? Enter our international iPod touch and iPad nano giveaway! Lots more to win!

Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Source: AnoStyle™ via The Pod Drop, images by FourZeroFive Photography

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There are 3923 comments. Add yours.

Jdkist1 says:

Verizon - gold, with gold. wow!

bumble93 says:

at&t red pleeeze Ally !!!!!

kdkuhns3 says:

Verizon, I want a black with red

abizzerl says:

i would like to win the blue one

abizzerl says:

i would like to have blue or black one

Jester095 says:

AT&T Purple for my wife! She loves purple :)

MikeManares says:

AT&T!!! Any color, they all are amazing!!! But my fav would be copper if it was out!!!

gbg1969 says:

The Blue and White one for AT&T would be amazing!!! Fingers crossed!!!

Francis Dumont says:

I want to get my iPhone 5 in a new colour! Would me amazing !

SaadShoab says:

verzion blue and whitee loved it............plz yeeeee meeee

Dipstix6996 says:

ATT - I'll pick the color when I win!

edmiga says:

ATT but not sure what color I would pick. I love the black one but thats normal. Gray Metal would be very cool.

ckillam3 says:

My choice would be a Verizon AnoStyle™ iPhone in gold with turquoise. Wouldn't that look great at the beach?

ninjamooman says:

Sprint in RED!!!!!! This looks so freaking awesome! And yeah! Pick

minchman says:

ATT Orange please! Thank you!

JMike50 says:

I'm with AT&T and I love the blue version!

5A Ranch says:

Color? Sure! How fun is that!!

cr9yer says:

The new Jailbreak by Dev-Team was released yesterday: redsn0w 0.9.17 ! It should be untethered, for iOS 6 and for iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and iPhone 5 (and the iPads of course) ! They set up a new blog for this:

petree says:

Verizon - Gold. Please!

dcrossman says:

AT&T - BLUE!!!! That just might make a very happy individual.

reeoko says:


Amazing opportunity :D

Dbusby says:

AT&T - I think the orange would be a cool color

idkmybffjill says:

Verizon - pink and FABULOUS please

stanleylam528 says:

any light color is just fine..

Blu3V3nom07 says:

I'd like a yellow, ATT version. I'd like to win, please.

bwshugo#IM says:

red and white please..Sprint

jaybillel says:

AT&T, I'm rather keen on the blue & white, although I'd like to see the green and turquoise!

vazruiz40 says:

I am with Verizon Wireless and if I win I would like the AnoStyle (Red) iPhone 5.

shaymw says:

Am I late? I would love this!

Ohwut117 says:

AT&T Black w/ Blue would be amazing.

xXxGAM3RxDADxXx says:

AT&T and blue would be awesome

youbetrollin says:

Blue (and black) Verizon!

blazer2207 says:

Verizon - Purple please!!

pddgme says:

Verizon, red and white!

blessings123 says:

Sprint...and I am not choosey they are all TOO cool! Thanks for the chance to win!

haffeypa says:

Verizon - Red. Boss status.

macleodgleye says:

Sprint White, Gold please! <3 It looks so cool

jzuchora says:

verizon - blue & white

krollla1 says:

Would love the purple one!! :)

carrieb9111 says:

They all look good! Any of them would make me happy:)

Link Nolast says:

Verizon, Tigers Orange Please. Needs a Old English D on there

albro87 says:

AT&T - purple please! :)

texasteddy says:

AT&T, any color combo please, Thank You!

MarissaM. says:

verizon pink please.. i hope im not too late

6erodri7 says:

I've been with verizon for years and its been the best. I've tried sprint T-Mobile but Verizon is the best my phone is starting to hate me because it turns off frequently, so I would love the Iphone blue or green but more blue, Thanks Ezequiel

jasonneman says:

Orange, AT&T please. These look amazing!

jrod0021 says:

AT&T - Blue&White! Great promo! :)

rahul salunke says:

nice will be a pleasure to have this

Abs121 says:

Purple! would be nice
thank you :)

reimon says:

I'm with AT&T - Orange please!

Shannon Crane says:

at&t love all the colors but really like the orange !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please and thank you !!!!!!!!

Max Nguyen says:

How about a White/Red scheme to match the Ducati 848 Evo!
If I do get picked, I have service with Sprint! Thanks!

Mikia Mayfield says:

I would love to get one because they look so cool and if i win one of them i will become cool at school. So if i get one i will be able to do all of the fun stuff on it and more people will think im cool at school. ALL day i have been praying to god i would win one and i hope he would answer my prayers. If I win i would like purple.

iphonetheawesomestthingever says:

want to know something unfair my brother just got a brand new computer so to make it fair can i have a blue at&t one please

cracanata12 says:

The reason i want a iphone 4s or the mini ipad is because i have wait 4 years and never gotten one i would really like one on chrithmas day. for the Iphone 4s AT&T

Alec3374 says:

Verizon - Red, with White

christian Leonard says:

May I please have a iphone 5 black and orange please because i need an iphone more than ever and i will take very good care of it so it will last longer merry christmas and a happy new year

trick0171 says:

Any provider (don't have one right now)...any color

blessed2be40 says:

Well If I win I'm hoping it will be compatible with metro-pcs because that's what i have, can't afford a contract phone on my budget.. purple is my favorite color

Kathleen Dunagan says:

AT&T-I'm in love with the purple! Fabulous!

aquick20 says:

it would be a sprint and light green

An Nguyen1 says:

Verizon - Red!

Thank you!

CalHal says:

Love the red!! Verizon.

tara schofied dot com says:

AT&T and i would like purple please xxx

Karen Lynn Sweeney says:

i would LUV i REPEAT LOVE to win an iphone5.
i have wanted one for soo long but never got one
and the fact they are colored makes it even better
any color will work:)

ps: well if i had to choose probably orange:):):):):)

hollister100 says:

Please could I have a red iPhone i would really
appreciate it

hollister100 says:

A red one would be awesome my mum and dad really want one but they can't afford it I also like blue

Amala John says:

AT&T and purple color would be very attractive one pls pls pls am longing for that

hollister100 says:

Could I have a red one please my sister wants one so much and I want to get her one u guys r awesome thanx

skaterjoe says:

at&t, any color :p! Seriously thanks guys! you rock!

ray6712 says:

Flat Black would be pefect thanks Imore

Midnight Noone says:

I would love the YELLOW one :)

brooke bedard says:

Verizon gold with turquoise!!!! pleasee

Tejas Soni says:

i am poor man who dreams to buy an apple product but i cant i like all the products i had not see any apple product closely i have only seen the pics on net so i want to win this once so i can see it

Stacey Zimmerman says:

I'd be happy with any color!! My provider is Verizon. Thank you!

Starr Richmond says:


Andres Moncaleano says:

Sprint: red cause its awesome with black

katelin2246 says:

Verizon blue please with turquoise

udioster says:

I am with att and i want a purple iphone for my daughter

Ethan Raikes says:

it would be awesome to win pureple

Jennifer Quintana says:

I don't hav any carriers, I would lik a blue anostyle iphone please.

Amari Jones says:

Verizon-blue please I have been looking for this forever I would be very greatful

Mos Dvet says:

Sprint. Red&black , or just red :) god bless! :)

utaura73 says:

woooww!!! Unbelievable.....i really filled so grateful and highly honoured to apple company for creating new incredible design of different colors of is awesome

Roy Alonzo says:

My name is Roy Alonzo (13 yrs, Texas), I'm happy to say I'm with the carrier Verizon. If i do get the chance to win, I would like say that i want the color blue. Thank you!

Noah Howard says:

I never win any thing but im going to win this time

Shy Taber says:

Virgin Mobile, orange please :)

Kaliany Rosario says:

I would like the purple one please