Win a FREE color modified AnoStyle iPhone 5 from The Pod Drop!

Win a FREE color modified AnoStyle iPhone 5 from The Pod Drop!

The Pod Drop, which now includes our very own Ally Kazmucha, have been keeping themselves busy with the iPhone 5 -- namely with their brand new AnoStyle™ service. If you're wondering what that is exactly, look up at the picture above, and then keep reading to find out more, see more pictures, and to find out how you can win a decked out, AnoStyle™ iPhone 5 of your very own!

AnoStyle™ is exclusively available through The Pod Drop, and is a brand new process that's anything but your typical color modification service. It not only adds color to your mobile device but also provides an anodized finish with enhanced durability that actually meets military grade requirements. In the case of the iPhone 5, it will greatly minimize the scratching and scuffing issues in addition to providing fantastic new color options.

Since Anostyle™ is a modification to your original iPhone 5 parts, failure rates often associated with third party color kits do not apply. And since the repair experts over at The Pod Drop will be the ones handling the process, you can rest assured your device is in good hands.

AnoStyle™ will be available for everyone well before the holidays, and you'll have the option to either mail in your iPhone 5 or drop it off in person at any Pod Drop location. Turn around time will be about 1 week. (And yes, The Pod Drop has plans to rapidly expand the color palette and extend the AnoStyle™ service to other mobile devices as well!)

The giveaway

The Pod Drop wants to give one lucky iMore reader the chance to be among the very first with an AnoStyle™ iPhone, so they're giving you a chance to win a FREE 16GB colored iPhone 5! To enter, just leave a comment telling them if you're with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, and what AnoStyle™ color iPhone 5 you want: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, and gold with turquoise, pink, and copper options coming soon. That's it, you'll be entered! We'll announce the winner on November 1st.

As for the rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open to U.S. residents of the continental United States only. And the prize is just the iPhone, as is, any additions or accessories are the responsibility of the winners. As always, our regular contest rules apply.

Upset it's U.S. only? Enter our international iPod touch and iPad nano giveaway! Lots more to win!

Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Source: AnoStyle™ via The Pod Drop, images by FourZeroFive Photography

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There are 3923 comments. Add yours.

KTANWE says:

AT&T - purple please :)

jrossignol says:

Wow, these are beautiful. I'm with AT&T and I'd love a blue one! :)

wameixner says:

Verizon, Blue and White please!!

imore.comrules says:

well, let me start off by saying i really hope i win!!!! i run with at&t i would looovve to have the red and white ^.^ looks amazing!!!!! its killing me knowing i want it but cant have it! really hope i get this thing (:

BomberBooey says:

Verizon for me. Red is that first choice, but I would be more than thrilled with any color. Thanks!

neisenbarth says:

I need some color in my black and white life! Ok not too much, I'll take gold (yellow, cream?)

cowboys2000 says:

Verizon Blue or Sprint Blue!

robiii#CB says:

--------------------> AT&T / GOLD

jasond.80 says:

AT&T - Red on White iPhone. THANK YOU!!!

Chris B 1364 says:

Verizon... White/Blue.... Thanks

ArgoFX says:

Cool. I would like to win a Sprint blue iPhone 5 :)

mynti fresh says:

Verizon - Black/Orange looks sick! Best mod I've seen.

NullifiedOne says:

Verizon, Orange/black. I think i like the look of that one!

gypsythreat says:

I'm with Verizon. I'd love a purple iPhone 5! Thanks :D

cstoltie says:

Awesome chance to win some nice gear. You should engrave your logo or name on the device for advertising and promotion purposes.

swrve says:

Sprint-Blue Please!!!!!!!!

cckgz4 says:

AT&T Purple pleaaaaaaaaaaseeeeee

teamQ says:

Let this be the the one time that ..........

cybercho7 says:

I'd love the red one on Verizon. Thanks iMore!

UXD says:

Soon to be on AT&T and would like to have Blue/Silver or Gold/Black. Better yet, beggars can't be choosy - I'll let Drop Pod select for me :)

essex80 says:

AT&T and the color Blue. Thanks :-)

techjpo says:

Verizon, Orange. Thank you.

KevinOniMore says:

I have never ever seen anything I wanted more than this for my iPhone! I don't want a case and this is incredible. I am a professional graphic designer and have wanted a chance to have colors since my first 2g iPhone! I have a Verizon and OMG now the hard choice a color!!!!! I have to say blue. Can I change my mind later if I win? There are several that are really tempting.

gingermayhem says:

Verizon!! Turquoise me!! :)


At@t and blue looks great

jw154j says:

AT&T: Green

J :-)

Theo_tx says:

AT&T gold and black please!

vaclesi says:

Sprint - red please and thank you!


Verizon: Gold/Black perfered

manni singh says:

At&t- gold with turquoise

solodogg says:

Verizon - white/pink!!!! :)

tymanbrew says:

At&t - Blue please looks so awesome :D it'd be even cooler on a black iphone :D

Jeffyg3 says:

AT&T Red, that one looks hot. Thanks!

IfYouSeekAlex#IM says:

AT&T - Blue and white please!! :D

meghalshah says:

AT&T blue or red, they both are gorgeous. Loved it, will be a proud owner. Great job team Pod Drop, making iPhone beautiful. #iCrave Anostyle

jadesimian says:

AT&T here! I'd love the blue and white one!

notyoutoo says:

AT&T - Blue on Black, thanks!!

nikbert says:

AT&T...I'll take a blue one please!!

rsaint67 says:

I'm on AT&T, and I would love a red iPhone 5. Would be awesome if they could make the red color mod on a black iPhone 5.

ucintegra1#IM says:

Verizon wireless - GOLD! That one looks so sick! Wooo!

Supertilt says:

turquoise Verizon for the Wife:)

Addinsx says:

Verizon-Blue, do you happen to have the pale blue of luke skywalkers lightsaber?

nodroc says:

AT&T - red please! ...thanks!

Seegar says:

AT&T copper or orange if copper is not available when you want to ship it ;)

Mtbcrh says:

I like the orange phone. I'm on AT&T.

ballnpaul43 says:

Verizon - Orange and Black

bbsadaj says:

Verizon and copper for me. thanks


Ooooh Wow. The Gold one is a bit lush!, but let's be honest any of them would be lovely to have!

echaos1210 says:

AT&T red & WHITE these casings are nothing less than AWESOMENESS

flyersfan76 says:

Man an Orange and Black one would be awesome.

jfaneuf says:

Sprint - Blue please!!!

dunivan says:

sprint - green please!

Cornbo says:

AT&T Blue and White! Awesome!

ftoniolli says:

Id love purple on sprint

leacoa1981 says:

Verizon purple with white glass

louisehutch says:

Yellow :-)
Two reasons.
First, Its my favourite colour.
Second, My Boyfriend hates the colour yellow so there is no chance of him stealing it for the gym. ;-)

Jasn says:

AT&T - blue and white. I've been wondering why Apple hasn't done this yet.

heyitssteve429 says:

pick me.... verizon blue please

chris79_ says:

AT&T – Red & Black, please! :))

lococobra says:

AT&T - Blue. Looks awesome guys :]

bveno33 says:

Verizon - Red on black would be super awesome.

Rudolph76 says:

Verizon- Red looks really nice!

ifellasleep says:

thanks imore & The Pod Drop

Balanced_Descent says:

AT&T - Red

Thanks for the Opportunity iMore!

redips77 says:

I like the blue and the red ones. Naturally hoping to win! :)

tbaptista says:

Yes please... Would love to win one.

jimracing657 says:

Verizon, blue... hook a brother up!! my cracked iphone 4 sickens me

rayasohn says:


scrawford93 says:

My choice would be an AT&T in red.

reinermatthew says:

Orange please, Verizon. Thanks!

johngirolamo says:

Verizon. The orange looks sweet!

dpolletta says:

Verizon Blue please, thank iMore!

xnio333x says:

Verizon and that black/orange combo looks hot

midn3rdc says:

Verizon - blue please!!! :)

kopnisdt says:

Verizon! I need that GOLD!

SirD28 says:

Verizon - White & Blue is hot!

pooka says:

♥ Verizon - Red ♥

jcb18 says:

AT&T in Green would be awesome!

jtharper76 says:

AT&T - The Green and White please

crosser98 says:

At&t, and blue, just like the city

mstinson84 says:

please sign me up not color pickie!!!

mfiwrh says:

ATT - yellow (I think it is)

jplusn says:

Verizon - Red please. Thanks!

jdgaddy says:

AT&T, Red AnoStyle would be awesome

LFA551 says:

Verizon, white and blue

vagreville says:

Wow, what an awesome contest! So, here goes then:
AT&T (I know, groan all you want)
Blue and White
They all look great though. Good luck everyone!

Hoovey#IM says:

Verizon. Gold and black.

mdiallo says:

I would love a *Sprint Red*.

dkampmann says:

Sprint - Nebraska Cornhusker red please. If it isn't Cornhusker red, then green please. If not too much trouble.

acWoodcarver says:

Verizon red on black please. Thanks!

ant0281 says:

AT&T - Red. This is a really cool! If I do not win, I will be sure to purchase one when available. Thank you.

Palm-a-PREciation says:

I'd love a pink and white one for Sprint!

theoo21 says:

VZW- Red and Black please!!!!!!!!!

donald.aleshire says:

Verizon - Red!

That would look pretty and red!

illmatic13 says:

Verizon in blue would look sick. All the colors look slick tho.

amnms says:

Orange for Sprint please and thank you.

nhughes118 says:

Verizon - Purple
The colors on the phones look amazing!

jokerswild2505 says:


Red, Rojo, أحمر, or however else you would like to spell it!

camzac08 says:

Verizon. That black and orange one looks amazing. I wish I could see the copper one!

Jay802 says:

New here, Verizon Red Please!!!

imtravis says:

A blue Sprint one would be awesome for me!!

mattoaks says:

AT&T - I would love to win the blue and white one!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

lcargile says:

Verizon and red please!!!

ardiac says:

Verizon - That blue one looks awesome!

jeffcalloway says:

Orange please as I grew up in Knoxville, TN. Home of the Big Orange TN Vols. Yes I know the football team stinks...

VinWin5 says:

AT&T Blue!!! I hope I win!

noname2062 says:

AT&T - Blue, pretty please? With a cherry on top!

JonB74 says:

Verizon - blue please :-)

nofxmatt1 says:

I'd love to win that blue iPhone 5 for AT&T!

camriokid says:

AT&T is my service provider, and the blue one would be great!

charettl says:

Very cool. AT&T green please.

anikooo says:

Aggressive red is amazing...

wanni331 says:

AT&T and the black & gold please. It's an absolute stunner.

Thanks iMore and AnoStyle!

alwayshalfway says:

As a new pledge of AKL, I'd love a white/purple one for the almighty Verizon Wireless. Hope I win!

mringo17 says:

VZW - Green

Will be telling everyone about this - looks amazing!!!

bshipler says:

I want the Orange one for Verizon.

theological says:

Man, Orange-Black VZW would be one slick looking phone.

brrbtr says:

Bright green - kind of Android colored would be fun.

kvand says:

AT & T - green is my color!

kempmullaney says:

AT&T - Orange on black iPhone. Go Giants!

BlvckSovp says:

ATT Gold and Black please!! They're all beautiful but that catches my eye the most!

gil8484 says:

AT&T Blue would be awesome thanks

igobyzach says:

I'm on Sprint and would love the red and white one!

dayoungtexas says:

AT&T - Orange is the color of hunger awarness. Help me make my phone a statement about my work!!!!

Lucabrazzi says:

Black and gold would awesome (AT&T) go CU BUFFS! In all reality though, I'd take any free iPhone 5, who wouldn't?

johntmeche3 says:

AT&T, and I would take a blue one.

Mrjohnnydel says:

I'm on AT&T. Green, please!

jyoung says:

Wow! What a cool touch! I'd love a Red and White Verizon version!

fakesleep says:

Verizon - Blue! This would be a blessing!