Win a free iPhone 5 from iMore!

The new iPhone 5 is out! Ok, it's not quite out, but it's been announced and that's good enough for us! We know you can't wait to get your hands on one, and we can't blame you, so here's what we're going to do.

We're giving away a free iPhone 5 to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

As for the rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the phone, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Win a free iPhone 5 from iMore!



Hi iMore :)
I'm Aileen Timbol from the country of the Philippines. Im a simple girl living with a simple life with my Family. This is my WISH to have an iPhone 5. I hope i will win this .Thank you :)

i want to win that iphone because that is my dream phone but my parents can buy me .. plss hope you read this thanks a lot . im from philippines

I always wanted to win something in my life time if I win this will be my first .i hope I win because I need a phone and I all of my frainds always ask for my number

Hi! I am from Portugal and I'm really a fan of iOS and iPhones, but I just can't afford to buy Apple items, so to have one I feel obligated to enter this contests. Hope I win ! Best luck to all of you :)

A part of me was missing

My soul was incomplete

Until I held it in my hands

On Saturday last week

For now I’ve left the Blackberry

My life means so much more

I never can go back (berry)

I love my iPhone 4

Its shiny screen and touchy things

The coolest apps, all free

I can’t imagine waking up

Without it next to me

It sounds just like a rooster

When it wakes me from my slumber

And the very bestest thing?

I didn’t have to change my number

My iPhone 4’s just like me

It’s smooth and full of charm

It knows when to be quiet

And when to raise alarm

Its flippy case, its bright white plug

Its Apple-flavoured glory

Oh iPhone 4, let’s tell the world

Hey, I'm Mary.. i'm a teenager i see people everyday with their Iphones and smartphones and my family can't even affort a simple samsung phone for me...
I'm invisible in school, life and in house..
no one ever gave me a gift.. even a little candy, i found this blog and woh i saw that you're offering a free iphone 5..
I know iwon't win.. how will i girl like me ever get a iphone but well i wanted to leave my comment... Hope for you all best luck ^^ to be honnest i don't mind not winning, im just glad that someone on this earth does good things to people, and for the winner , Youre luck:!! have fun

I hope I get a chance to finally win something that is useful, this device isn't just a phone it's the iPhone 5 which is the lates phone there is, it has many more useful things that will make my life a hole lot better and easier, I have never entere a contest before so even if I don't win I still get a chane to have the experience of fighting for a useful device.

IPhone 5 is the most popular telephone in the world and I think it must win a human who wants it very much. So i must win it. ok, i'm kidding everyone wants to win IPhone but I believe that i will win it <3

HOPE I CAN WIN THIS......................................

A new phone we always wanted to know but its to expensive and now its given out free its the latest phone iphone 5 hey I spent 1day of finding free iphones let me win or i will rip my eyebrows cross my heart!!........<3♥3

please pick my i wanted an ipod but i dident have the mony for it and i think this is one of the best things ever plz plz plz pick me

you may be knowing that a lots of human being is expecting a iphone 5 from you and you know that only one lucky will get,but I know who he is,he is the one who have written this comment that you have ever read in your entire life! because I am also a human being who is expecting a iphone 5 from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its a superb phone....plz plz plz I desperately need it....hope I could win iphone5....
I'm really really crazy about it.
May God bless us all.

After losing my phone,and getting a divorce all in the same month,I could really use this,I also have 2 new grandchildren on the way,imagine the awesome calls and pics Id be able to make when they arrive in the world!Love n Peace all*

i really hoped to win this iphone 5 this is the most cellphone i ever wanted and i really want to win this phone to my study too it would help me to solve my assign i can play here very confidently. I wish i will be chosen to win iphone 5 and if i win i'll be most happiest girl in the world. I'll keep praying to GOD so i'll be chosen i'll wait the result i wish win i will really take care this phone pls forgive me i really want to win this iphone.

am Edmund Baah from Ghana and for iphone 5 from apple has done marvellously well and they are still on it and with dis new release of iphone 5 contains very qualities that the other competitors dont have the features and every bit of it and that is pushing to win and have and promote in my vicinity about the good work of this company.
Thanking you very much.

If I will win, I will be happier than today. iPhone is the amazing phone in the world. That's why I want this phone.

hello,i am from Hyderabad,Sindh, Pakistan.. i have been waiting for iphone 5.....please my parents can't afford the iphone for me..plz

oh pleaseeee pleasee pleaseee i really want an iphone 5 but my perents wont buy me one :( i am trying to collect money for an iphone 5 but i have only about 2 euro :( il be so thankfull an iphone 5 will make me happy forever ..

Guys iam in very need of a phone pleassssssse
I would love to win this please let me know if i am the luck one
And if have any other offers please telllllll
Many likes to ypur page<3

i would do anything for an iphone, and to win one for free would just be a dream come true! i know theres plenty of other people in the same situation but i hope i am giving thought to who the winner could be


I would loveeeeeeeee to win an iphone im waiting for years this is a great deal to show i can win something and have a phone to take care of its really great of these pepole to give it for free we should thanks them its really great thanks for this deal

I ve got iphone 5 bt really annoying when I find other smartphone filled with some grt apps I really want what new stragety iphone has 2 roar again in smartphone & so da real hero :))

My old phone wants to retire already(super old one). I need a new phone that I can rely on and getting an iphone 5 will make me jump 5 feet high.. Haha.. I hope I get it. My phone keeps on turning off and not 100% helping me wake up to alarm. Please, I need this! (^;^)

i would love to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it would make ssssssssssooooooooooo happy if i do i can tex . that could be nice?so please let my win :( (;

I would really love to win an Iphone5 right now. This could be my chance to win. I tried at other sites but I didn't win one. I really need this. It's urgent. And I'm excited to as it's my first iphone.
Thanks for this competition

I would love the new iphone! I have the iphone 4s And i have many issues with it. But i like the apple phones so if i could get the 5 i would be supppper happy!!

Iphone makes my little sister insane. I want to give her one but I don't have enough money for this. Its her ultimate wish she said. hahahahaha!

I would love to win because it almost my birthday and because I won't have to spend any money because they are so much money now a days. But if I win thank you so much you rock and you are the best and I'll never forget this day. Also if I win you made someone from very sad to the happiest person in the world. Thank you for reading.

I have never owned an Iphone before. I have always wanted one but seeing as there are 6 kids in our family, money had always been a little too tight. I would love to be the winner of this amazing smartphone and it would be truly incredible to win! Fingers crossed :)

hey i just became a new member of this site and it is amazing i have just lost my iphone4 because it cracked so if you can somehow give me a phone that will be great and i will one milliond star this website and cool name

well , an iphone 5s something cool and nice . anyone would surely like to win it . I have already entered and will surely tell my friends also about it....
but wait wont my chances decrease if i tell it to them . hmmm
and lastly a big and hearty thanks to iMore for letting everyone have access to the iphone

It will be too good to be true to get chosen as the winner as i have really wanted this phone for a while now. Thanks for the offer, hope i win :)

I Think there is no other mobile like iphone 5...
My dream mobile.
Hungry for it :)
Hope so it will end soon....

I wish the iPhone, but my parents do not have the money for it. I would love to win it. If not the iPhone 5, then 4 or 4s. Please, please, please, please... :DDDD

my daughters iphone 4s was stolen ,so it would be nice if i could win her new phone especially that it would be iphone 5 i never win any thing in my life.thank you

Well I just went to buy one but they were out of STOCK !!! I can't believe it I hope it come to me plzzz. I would be waiting

the iphone is the most superb device of all time. its better than the htc one,s4 among the others. its great that imore is giving everybody a chance to win this gods machine . will certainly tell my friends about iMore...................................................................................:)

ok well…
i would love to win this iphone and everyone would love too as well so good luck but i would really really love to win because someone stole my last one and im broke :(

i barly new abouut this,im only 10 years old and i really want to get this so i dont have to ask my brothers for their phone.

i dont have an ipod ir none so i really want to get a phone no matter wich one

I'd like to win an iphone 5 as I don't have much money to buy such a mobile ,this would be great God help me.

I really want it but I can't afford it this is my only chance because the money I have I'm saving it for college and I don't have a job please I really need that phone thank you

I Am Kella Nguyen I Have Been Waiting For At Least 3 years!
I'm Using My IPod And It Has A Crack I can barely see so sorrye for the mistakes I would Relly like one for me thank u this is kella nguyen please let me win

I have no hope to win or own such a popular phone. Nor I can buy such phones. Been using my Nokia 1100 past 8 years, expecting that someday I would get a reputed job so that I can own an advanced phone. But not yet happened so or no hopes. But yes, i may won this.

i dont know i will win or not because there are very expert people here .....but i would like to express my feeling about this website that it allows a common man (individual) to win a thing which is impossible for a common man 2 expressing their hats off 2 this website.....................winning is not my intention

U guys are soo nice god bless you guys ur doing such a nice thing to but hopefully I win thanks a lot GOD BLESS

i have never been able to buy a phone, but when i saw this i was astonished to hear that you are giving free iphones! it would be dream come true if i get the chance and win!

hey, haha i dont have much. my dad died last year my mom left me a week ago saying i ruined her life. i dont have much just my daughter and i. well i would be the happiest girl alive if i wont the iphone5, well take care '']

Please give me iphone 5 as i have avery old samsung mobile and dont have enough fund to afford iphone 5.

I would really like to win an iPhone my mum says that i don't have a chance of ever getting an iPhone but i can dream and yeah just tginthink about it

I know I'm probably late but id really like one, my mom doesn't have enough money to buy me one and I really would love one,we were staying at a shelter before she had enough moneyy ti get a house, now she has 3 jobs just to pay off the rent man, please can I have this?




Basically my phone got robbed in Tesco's, the security guard saw it on CCTV and the police found the girl who stole it but she sold it to someone for £70! and won't say who! I thought I had orange insurance but turns out I don't and i'm still paying a double contract. Just doing what I can to try and get another iphone really, I've had a taste of the sweet workings of an iphone and am hungry for more!

If someone's going to win it would be great if it were me, but it wouldn't really be winning it would just be like going back in time to when I had an iphone, to a time when I was happy.

I like i Phone very much. It would be gud if I get one through this. otherwise I have to wait for 1 or more years to buy myself.
Thanx for this proposal anyways

Hello I've always wanted a iphone for a really long time. And eversince the iPhone 5 came out i gotton more interested to recieve one from you guys :D I HOPE I WIN. :D :D I need a phone cause i dont have 1 thats too the reason. Life is boring without phones. ;p :D

sir getting iphone my dream since 7 years.....but i don't have the money to buy, is it true tht i can win it?plz plz plz sir i would like to get it

I am a person of middle class family.I have no ability to buy iphone5.Many people keep using iphone5 which is their reality.But which is reality of them that is dream to me.So please help me to fulfil my little dream,please....

do you know poorness and nothing is stronger than it.who is very strongly need to win the iPhone 5 but not more than me.......even i need to be the winner............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apple has changed the trends of smart phone since inception it always bring innovation in style, technology(Nano) & features with every new launch. its make apple number one choice among customer..
I m dying heart of Apple and iphone 5 would make my life complete. Hope i would be lucky winner of iphone 5

My family doesn't have the money to buy an iPhone 5 and my little nieces birthday is coming up and her parents don't have enough money to buy her anything this year and she's been wanting an iPhone for a long time so I really wanna win this to make her happy!! (: She said all she wants is an iPhone, she never shut up about an iPhone for a while. I really wanna win this!

I don't have a cellphone, but all my friends do. :( I wish I WIN this Iphone. It will be a great gift for me and thanks ...

i hope i win because my dad cant afford to buy me a phone so please pick i would be so happy if you pick me. :) god bless

Genius are making hardest things to simple ...

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
I am a fan of steven paul jobs i am in the way of him
Think Different

i love steve jobs

Hi ! I am really need i phone beacuse mine had already broken down ,and I am still student ,so ,I cant buy myself and also my parents won't buy for me.That 's whole emergency for me.It 's so so dead to me to get this phone.

i hope i win an iphone 5 :)

i really would like to win an iphone 5 for my sisters birthday coming up sooooon :)
thank you



I Pray that I win this IPhone 5 because I need it for emergencies since I do not have a cell phone. I am a college student that needs a cell phone. I cannot even call my parents on the phone because I do not have a cell phone.

I would love to win this I've wanted an iphone so badly but my family can't afford one.My friends pick on me because they have one and I don't it hurts my feelings so bad but i never get pick for anything anyway im so so so so poor.

my dream will come true if i win i phone 5 ....and whenever i use this phone there is only one thing i think that is "iMore"...i hope i win

Hey i wild like to have one of your free iphone5, all i well do with it is give it to my dad so you can have hes luck to have aye turn onthe new iphone5...... :)

Thanks for your time plz reply :D

m crazy for apple i phones and here a chance to win i phone 5 oh god..pllss count me in m eagerly want to win this phone really..

Omg. I've been waiting this phone for the whole year. I hope I could win this phone *fingers crossed*. Maybe I'm too late but I really wish I could win this one. I've been in so many sites but then, it's really hard to finish some instructions there. Oh God, Help me to get this phone *.*

i really need an iphone because i have never had it before, having this phone is something very great but a pitty that i cant afford it i would be glad to have it from imore.

I Would LOVE to win this. Ive wanted a phone so bad but I nor my parents can afford to buy one so expensive. Hope I win. ^_^

Thanks to the imore for giving me an opportunity to win an iphone .
looking forward to hear from you for the good news..

hi i am samaya from tanzania i wud love to win this phone because it wud help me a lot in scul and its a phone that i have always wished to have and use,nd i like the it is and the application in it.

I would love to win this. I have been wanting an IPhone forever. We couldn't ever get it because we are tight with money. And don't have enough for one. I really hope
I win this. Thanks!

Please let me win

I really really need an iphone

i have been trying to sell my bb for an iphone but could not

it would mean the world to me if u did

and i live in acocks grenn B27 6nu for if i do win and u have to post it

- please please please let me win.. I need this phone so bad,my aunt have been trying to call me but I don't have a phone because mine broke.

I am entering this competition, for everyone's info.. I would like to get this as a surprise gift for my little sister's birthday! I hope to see her happy smiling face! ^u^ ^~^


APPLE is one of the most wonderful brand everybody knows...So i will be lucky if i win the brand new iPHONE !!

hi im jaimie and i really would like to win beacause well im 11 and im tring to be my best to be good and bye a iphone but i cant beacause my parents both lost their job and dont have enough money so please if god gives me faith i would win but i guess i wont please god do this prayer for me.amen