Windows Phone goes 7.5 Mango

The original Windows Phone 7 was arguably as limited as a 2007 iPhone in a 2011 world, but Microsoft aims to change that radically this week with the launch of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, and Dan Rubino and our sibling site WPCentral has been on it like Balmer on a dance beat.

Despite fairly universal praise for its original, elegant Metro UI and finally getting Xbox integration underway, Windows Phone hasn't taken off the way iOS or Android have in the market. Will Mango make a difference? Closing the functionality gap is one thing, closing the mind share gap is something else entirely. However, Microsoft did manage the previously inconceivable -- a worldwide, cross-carrier, cross-device update to the new firmware, so who knows?

Check out WPCentral's complete coverage via the link below and then come back here and tell us if Apple needs to raise the game next week when they show off the final version of iOS 5 and introduce the next generation iPhone.

Source: WPCentral

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Reader comments

Windows Phone goes 7.5 Mango


Nah, I don't think Apple needs to raise their game. They are still the bar everyone desires to achieve/exceed [some do in ways but I don't think anyone has overall].
What I found interesting in the video is their reference to the fastest growing marketplace. Is it really growing that fast?
Update looks sweet though. Competition only makes it that much better for consumers.

I don't know about the rate of growth but they are up to 30,000 apps I have read.
But IMO, that is likely fine. There are not really 500,000 apps in the App Store or 300,000 in Android Market (is that the right name?). There might be 50,000 tops of worth while apps and then hundreds of thousands of pieces of garbage. So all these numbers races are moot really. Has anyone looked in the App Store? Just look at the apps that are way down on some of the category lists. I would say even outside of the top 100 lists is when it starts getting bad. That's just me, if I was Apple or Google I would not touting those huge numbers of worthless apps that no one is ever going to download and are just wasting space on their servers.

Great point. Android/iOS both have a boat load of crappy apps prepping up those numbers.
30k of quality apps [which they seem to be for WP7] is a solid thing to tout for sure.

Mango. You're my knight in shining armor and I love you.
..Probably not.. I'm still bitter about my HTC Touch. :)

Still not viable til some windows 8 devices get released. But definitely the only other OS i'd consider in the future. I can't see being interested in android..ever.

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