Would you want a gold-colored iPhone 5S? [Poll]

Would you want a gold-colored iPhone 5S? [Poll]

There's a rumor being floated that Apple will introduce a third color option for their next-generation flagship, what's being conveniently called iPhone 5s, and alongside the current Storm Trooper white/silver and Vader black/slate models we're going to get a - wait for it - Threepio gold model. I'll just pause so you can get the Austin Powers and Flava Flav jokes, and "Steve would never...!" gasps out of your system. Done? No? Now? Okay. So what do you think of that idea?

Is gold an important way to appeal to the Kardashians and the Gagas of the world, or to the Chinese (please make a Hung Bao red!), or to... um... I got nothing. Or is it a sign that someone in the rumor world. if not Cupertino, has gone down the crass path and around the tacky bend?

Vote in the poll up top and then let me know why you voted the way you did in the comments below!

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Alex_Hong says:

I wouldn't use one myself, but I'm sure someone would love to have it. So yeah, it would be nice to have options.for consumers.

Metro1088 says:

I disagree. Giving options can serially hurt the perception of the brand and the product and Apple knows this well. If you buy an iPhone you know you get the best and the most premium product. The moment a company starts releasing limited editions, more-premium options or hard-to-obtain versions of their product, the original one becomes "the ordinary version". This seriously hurts the perception of the product. Apple is known for not providing options and this guarantees that you always get the premium product.

A platinum/champagne color version of the same value and price, however, sounds reasonable.

psiclne says:

It's something CrackBerry Kevin would buy lol

inoutside says:

It'll be quite a hit to those who sees their phone as valuable as gold (without a case, that is).

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Stagueve says:

Worst "Bling Bling" idea ever!

hfj352 says:

Ur crazy

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claustin says:

I'm not against the idea of gold. I'm sure a lot of people would like it. I'd be first in line for a red one, though.

Shameer Mulji says:

Most of the rumors I've read say the iPhone 5S will be more of a champagne color, more akin to this;


Credit for this image goes to someone who posted on the following forum;


tool022611 says:

I like that champagne color, only because the top and bottom are white. The gold would look a lot better if the top/bottom were white or even black.

rysliv says:

Looks like it's been soaking in piss.

SockRolid says:

I. Want. Liquidmetal. iPhone!

rbreban says:


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Adem Reka says:

No way. Only gypsies like this color

BenitoC says:

The rumored champagne colour would be classier.

Nathan Bael says:

I voted no. However, I'm biased. I don't like the color of gold. I won't even buy gold jewelry.

VThokie78 says:

I just think it is ugly. Keep it simple, white and black.

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sting7k says:

My phone will be black, always.

Derrick4Real says:

me too. Well black or silver i can live with. That said i'm not concerned with stopping others from making their phone gold. mine won't be though.

robert98 says:

And mine always white colour hehehe

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RealNeal says:

To be fair, I would have to see it in person first.

I think its important to keep in mind that a gold phone in many cultures would be very desirable. Just because it may not appeal to most American tastes isn't an indicator it would not be a hit in other countries. Example - one UAE luxury hotel gives its VIP guests a gold iPad to use during their stay. Real gold.

Overseas is where the most market growth is at present, and tastes there may be different. And who knows, it could be really awesome looking and be a hit here as well!

jngmin00 says:

well, I wouldn't be queuing for golden iPhone but I know a lot of people, especially Chinese people.

Orealy YouThink says:

I like it. The anodized metal looks cool.
Go to a local bike shop and look at anodized bike parts and you might just change your mind.
I would like to see all kinds of color.

kataran says:

I agree it would be great

Black white and gold for the 5s

And all those crazy colors for the cheaper 5c

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Nathan Bael says:

So we are looking at an iPhone 5c or 5 cheap, and an iPhone 5g or 5 gaudy?

prophecyc2 says:

Seriously? C'mon dude that's so silly.

Carioca32 says:

I think this is already available as a third party mod, and that's the way it should stay.

And yeah, Steve would never...

rbreban says:

I would be nice if front was black and back gold and black

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Connor Mason says:

Given that the "analyst" who spread this rumor also said there would be a 128gb option, I'm gonna go ahead and debunk this.

Rgarza70 says:

WOW! If this if true, FINALLY AN iPhone for DOUCHBAGS!!! It looks like Tim Cook is letting his "GAY" get in the way. What a horrible idea. Apple is completely jumped the shark on this one and Tim needs to be let go. Get someone in there with some passion and actually cares about the products. Just Horrible. Time to jump to Android.

Orealy YouThink says:

What the hell is your bag?
You jealous much?
Go to Android. Should or do you really think we care? Douche.

nottooloud says:

I have never owned a phone that wasn't in a complete case. I honestly had to look to see what color my current phone is.

tigerinexile says:

It really depends on how it's done.

If it's metallic & not plasticky, possibly could be interesting.

However. I have a black/slate 5, and intend to get a white/silver (bare metal) 5s, assuming that's still on offer.

rogifan says:

Champagne, yes. Gold, no.

Ilya Pol says:

... and some swarovsky crystal all round would be just right in addition to these all-screaming shiny iOS7. Mmmmmm, yammi

Zach Lach says:

High end iPhone does not equal Gold iPhone.
"Oh that guy has a gold iPhone, he doesn't have the cheap version (5C), he is wealthy hence the gold phone, what a cool guy"

iOS Gino says:

I would MUCH rather have a (PRODUCT) RED iPhone over a gold one ANY day.

GuyBey0ndC00L says:

Different color iPhones is gonna be good idea. Companies can now match there iPhone or iDevice with company colors. Consumers will now have more options. Personally I'm currently using black iPhone 5. I wish I had the white one, I'll never go black iPhone again.

Ng Zoe says:

a gold-coloured iphone ? what for ? white is fine

Raouf Dabea says:

Because it shows your classic gold very good

kastefanos89 says:

Well I love gold and the idea that I can have a gold iphone þs
5s sounds amazing !