3G Rumors: iFlips, iSlides, and iTablets - Oh My?!

Ars Technica (via Times Online) is joining the ranks of "we don't believe it and hate all the rumors, but we just gotta report this one..." (Welcome!) with a report citing the ever mysterious "industry insiders" and the equally obtuse "Asian Analysts" as saying:

[T]he next-generation iPhone will come in different form-factors, including possibly a flip-phone, a sliding model with a QWERTY keyboard, or even a model with a larger screen. Can anyone say, "iTablet?"

Ars rightly points out, however, that Apple post-Second Coming of El Jobso has embraced a Zen-like minimalism in their form factors. Indeed, almost everything nowadays is a rounded square box or rectangular slab of some sort. So, while anything's possible -- like the next Jobsnote being conducted in a button-down shirt -- I'm filing this one in the "how 'bout nooo!" pile for now. What do you think?

Rene Ritchie

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