Add NFC payment capability to your iPhone 4

Do you want to add NFC to your iPhone 4? If you do, there is now actually a way to do it; but it is not for the feint hearted. NFC is an acronym for Near Field Communication. NFC enables you to pay for items by waving an enabled card or phone in front of an NFC enabled credit card terminal. There is no need to input a pin number or sign anything; it is all done with a wave of your phone. NFC has been widely rumored to feature in the iPhone 5 too.

NFC is currently available on certain Android handsets and now you can add it to your iPhone 4 too; if the jealousy is just too much to bear. According to Unplggd, all you need is one of the new credit cards from your bank that supports NFC; it should have a logo on the card that looks similar to a WiFi logo. Some banks call these cards Tap & Pay.

Once you have the card, all you need to do is remove your iPhone 4 back panel, position the credit card behind the battery then replace the back cover. You now have an iPhone 4 with NFC payment capabilities. The glass back apparently does not interfere with transactions and it can even work when you have a case on too.

Now I do not know why you would ever want to risk opening up your iPhone 4 to do this. NFC is hardly a killer feature yet. I don’t think I have ever seen it being used in the UK. Also the additional pressure this may put on the glass rear panel worries me greatly. This could stress the glass making it much more susceptible to cracking. Is anyone remotely interested in giving this a try?



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