App Preview: LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone

Right after we complete our contest for TiPB AT WORK: VNC, out comes a preview of LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone. LogMeIn is a free tool for remoting into your Mac or PC. Now, this functionality is coming to iPhone. 

This application has me rather excited since I already use this service; and it works well. I am currently hooked on Jaadu and Win Admin, but this could be a very viable option for replacement of these apps. The preview page discusses little about actual functionality, but based on the third image in the above graphic, you will be able to use multi-touch to zoom in and out of the screen. 

Also, by looking at the toolbar, it looks like you can search (a shortcut to Spotlight?) left/right-click, keyboard and even a globe (perhaps a shortcut to Safari?)

All in all, very exciting indeed! We will update you as we learn more!

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