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Notifications [$2.99] for iPhone does just what the name suggests -- hooks into Apple'I've never regularly used an RSS reader, because I would add a lot of feeds, then when I'd open it, I had all these things to read and that little number badge would be in the hundreds staring at me from my springboard. I happen to be one of those people that if there's a number badge on an app, then it needs to be resolved immediately. So I deleted the app. Resolved, right?!? Not exactly what should be done...

Getting back to the app - The resolution to my issue was using the Notifications app. This allowed me to set up certain RSS feeds to be checked and Push notifications to be sent to me. Notifications doesn't only do push for RSS, but Twitter, Gmail, and if you know how to code, then these are some bits of code that you can utilize on your website. So the app applies to both beginner & advanced iPhone users.


The app itself is quite simple. The main page consists of all the notifications you have received to date and the settings page, which allows you to check latency, to test sending push notifications to yourself and to show you which services you have enabled.

My main issue with this app was determining how to enter my feeds & Twitter searches so that it would send me the notifications. I ended up doing a Google search for the company and finding a login page (that I first registered for) and logged in to be able to edit my notifications. I really don't understand why they couldn't add a button in the settings pane that opens up an IN-APP BROWSER! Mind you, the website is mobile formatted; however, the blanks you type into are not, so it is a bit catty-whompus.

Right now I have about some 30 feeds that Notifications checks for me and one Twitter search. While their website states that the notification come instantly, I noticed that it can take from instantly to 15 minutes before you receive notification. A nice little feature I noticed on the web was the ability to open up a pre-selected iPhone Twitter app when you received a Twitter notification.




Overall, the service is great. If you are looking for a solid RSS application with PUSH, then this is NOT the app for you. If you don't care much about the app itself & its UI, then you should be just fine purchasing this app. The one main thing I'd really like to see improved is the app itself – to have the capability to marked notifications as read or unread & the ability to sort into categories would be an added bonus.


-Unlimited notifications (as many RSS feeds as you want etc.) -Notification response time is very reasonable.


-App navigation is horrible -Notifications appear in app all bunched up, no way to mark as read. -Must edit setting in a browser. -No RSS feed search

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