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Do you like matching games and adorable dogs? If so, then PixPop Dogs [$0.99 - iTunes link] may be the game for you. This is jigsaw puzzle type game that is fun, addicting, competitive, and just plain cute!

Game Play

The objective of PixPop is simple - pop the tokens on the right by matching them with the big picture. Tapping on the big picture will place a green square around your contact point. If it matches a token, just tap the token and it pops away. Once all the tokens are popped, you are given a new picture. Pop as many tokens as possible before time runs out. What makes PixPop challenging is when there are patterned objects or backgrounds such as blankets, fences, and grass. When playing in competition mode, you can submit your name and score to the Worldwide Scoreboard, otherwise, your score is only submitted locally.


During game play, the tokens may temporarily change colors, representing different point values. A blue token is worth 25 points, orange is 100 points, and a glowing token adds an extra 300 points.


Tapping hints on the lower left corner will move the green token to the spot that matches the bottom token. Use hints wisely, as you are only given 5 per game.

On the upper right of the screen next to your score, there is a brightness button. Tapping this will brighten the photo which helps with the darker areas of the picture where it's hard to see details.

Setup - There are two modes of play, Competition and Zen. In Competition Mode, everything is fixed and you can submit your score to the Worldwide Scoreboard. In Zen Mode, you can adjust the time (10s-eternity), matches per picture (3-20), hints per game (1-20), and square size (50-80).

Tips - This is where you learn how to play and are provided with contact information.

Credits - Here is where Spinapse gives credit to those who provided the images for PixPop Dogs.

Scores - There are 3 scoreboards, Latest Wordwide (today's scores), All Time Wordwide (I'm #21 =D), and Local.


More - This is where you can find more apps from Spinapse with links to the App Store.


PixPop Dogs is a great game for kids and adults alike. If cute and adorable doggies isn't your cup of tea, Spinapse also offers PixPop Extreme Sports, PixPop Around the World, PixPop Art, and PixPop Cats. So pick your favorite category, get to poppin', and let us know what you think!


  • Fun and addicting
  • Great photos
  • Good for both kids and adults
  • Developers periodically update the app with more photos


  • Can't think of any!

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