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Apple airs four new ads, Thumb, Cheese and Physics for the iPhone 5, Ears for EarPods

Apple has released four new adverts to coincide with the availability of the iPhone 5. Three of the ads concentrate solely on the iPhone 5 while the other is all about its new Earpods. The adverts are called Thumb, Cheese, Physics and Ears.

Thumb covers the new larger screen on the iPhone 5 and how easy it is to use one handed with your thumb. Cheese is all about the new camera taking panorama shots which Apple claims it’s as easy as saying “Cheese”. Physics goes over the iPhone 5 size compared to the iPhone 4S and how it is now larger but lighter and thinner too. The final ad Ears is all about the new Earpods and how they are designed for better audio quality and a better fit.

The four ads are all below so make sure you check them out. They are certainly much better than the Genius ads that Apple aired then removed a few months back. At least these ads concentrate on the iPhone 5 and its new features. What do you think? Do you like the iPhone 5 and Earpod ads?

Source: YouTube

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  • Nice to see ads that aren't the result of judicial sour-grapes... ;-)
  • Like this ones.:)
  • Very nice, simple and straightforward.. very Apple!
  • These commercials are awful.
    The first one feels like an apology for not having an even larger screen.
    Physics was a complete waste of time. Bigger smaller. Duh!
    The cheeeeeeeeeeeee-eeeese one was annoying beyond belief.
    And do we really need to be forced to look into peoples ear canals? They may be effective in getting their intended message across. But couldn't that be done in a way that included better background
    The speakers voice just doesn't belong in an Apple commercial. Its too over powering. I'm guessing most people would not recognize William Hurt's (or is it Jeff Daniels?) voiceover work. The celebrity recognition is the only reason I was almost able to forgive that. My bet (and sincere hope) is that these commercials go the way of the genius commercials that aired during the olympics.
  • Life is very dark and bleak in your world. And, it's Jeff Daniels not William Hurt.
  • Exactly what Appletitude sad. I dont think they were the best commercials, but William Hurt? Honestly am I supposed to want to go buy an iPhone or the box set of Newsroom season 1?
  • both. mmmm olivia munn in glasses speaking japanese.....
  • The i5 is fast, fun and light. The earPODS (I'm going to have to get used to that) are awesome!!!
  • Exactly. The commercials are good. Not the best, but better than some of the recent ones. Gets the point across. They need a battery one. On 24+ hours since my last full recharge, not plugged in once. Usage is over 11 hours. And I still have 1%! And am actively trying to kill it so I can recharge it!
  • These commercials are just...okay. They're cute, but not compelling. I've grown to expect more from apple. I don't know if its the music, but they're missing some of that classic "make you feel good" and "I've gotta have it" feeling. Maybe these are just some introductory commercials and they'll be rolling out more as we get closer to the holiday season.
  • I couldn't figure out what felt odd about them until I read your post. You're right. They don't have that Apple something. They don't make me have an emotional connection with the product. They're just kind of bleh. They did amazing commercials for the iPad 2. We need more like that.
  • Feeling the same way. This isn't the iPad 2 intro for sure. Those were like, "I MUST HAVE THAT!"
  • Simple and to the point. No time wasted bashing any other products from competitors.
  • I can't say I like these either. There's something annoying about them. I think what it is to me is that they're too freaking random (not to mention over syrupy to the point of annoying). Apple is best at telling a story. As Rene said: Intro, explain it, then summarize it. I would've preferred just seeing intro commercials. And then later ones to expand on it. The story needs to be why the iphone is great. It's the fastest smartphone. It's screen. It's ecosystem. Support. It just works. It's a badass looking phone and all we get is syrup commercials.
  • Jeff Daniels! love it!
  • Yeah, pretty odd I'd say. They've got this amazing phone that's changing the world in so many ways, and they choose to talk about panorama and the freakin' earbuds? :-) I'd like to see something more like the amazing, heart-warming reel they did for the new iPad.
  • Thank you, Apple, for explaining how the joints in my hand work. Also, while we're on the topic of physics, care to explain what some bridges look like in your new Maps application?
  • Not bad, but the earbuds? Really? Is anybody really going to buy a new iP5 for the earbuds...?
  • I did like the cheese one very much.
  • These new commercials epitomize the *genius* of Apple. I think most people measure the iPhone 5 by the experience of using it to do everyday things, rather than whether it has the best specs or the latest a alphabet soup technology. "Yes, there are Android phones on the market that equal or surpass the iPhone 5 on paper," writes Will Oremus in Slate yesterday. "Many have larger screens. Some have better battery life and comparable features. But the iPhone 5 wins on fit and finish, and on details that you can't intuit from a spec sheet. Its interface is sharp, fluid, and responsive, and it somehow feels both sturdy and nearly weightless in your hand." After the last ad fiasco, it's a relief to see that Apple hasn't lost its advertising mojo.
  • i haven't anything to say i5 is PERFECT
  • Apple ads are the baddest in the game. Untouchable.
  • These ads are just ok. Compared to previous ads for the iPhone, they are not up to par. Between those awful Genius ads that were pulled and these ones, Apple has not seen its best ads as of late.
  • Ads were okay but the "Ears" one is a bit much with Apple continuing to put the round buds in all the other iPhones and iPods. Really, with these Apple is finally admitting that this is what should have been all along. Even the high end ear phones from Apple were designed to fit better (and they are really good if used properly).
  • The videos are great and simple while connecting to the people, and the announcer is just the cherry on the sunday!
  • The more I think about them, the more I like them. Thumbs - with every other manufacturer going bigger, bigger, bigger, and the "bigger is better" mindset, this simple commercial says, "here is why we have the size we have" without saying anything negative about the competition. Again, selling the iPhone, not against the others. Cheese - first, they admit, by the name of the spot, that it is cheese. This, I think counters the bumping pictures part of the SIII spots. Which, I admit, is cool. But this says, ok, you can take these really wide pictures. Then what? The framed picture show how the feature enhances your life. Physics - not the top of the 4 new, but not bad. Emphasis is that it is bigger, but not unfamiliar. Not sure still on this one. Ears - nothing to say about this one. I bet this gets the fewest airings. But the EarPods are pretty good. They sound better to me than the in-ears.
  • It's kind of perhaps strange that this is a new product release, and not a bad new product at that with the slimmer size it feels and looks real nice compared to a 4 or 4S, and the ads are relegated mostly to trying to convince people they dont really want the larger screen of the competition phones, showcasing panoramic photos which is a feature that the earlier iPhone had the ability to do with 3rd party apps, and a new headphone which really is an admission that for 11 years now they've been giving us a horrible feeling headphone with their iPod/Phones. I think only Physics is really showing off something good about the 5. The rest are pretty weak.