Apple airs four new ads, Thumb, Cheese and Physics for the iPhone 5, Ears for EarPods

Apple has released four new adverts to coincide with the availability of the iPhone 5. Three of the ads concentrate solely on the iPhone 5 while the other is all about its new Earpods. The adverts are called Thumb, Cheese, Physics and Ears.

Thumb covers the new larger screen on the iPhone 5 and how easy it is to use one handed with your thumb. Cheese is all about the new camera taking panorama shots which Apple claims it’s as easy as saying “Cheese”. Physics goes over the iPhone 5 size compared to the iPhone 4S and how it is now larger but lighter and thinner too. The final ad Ears is all about the new Earpods and how they are designed for better audio quality and a better fit.

The four ads are all below so make sure you check them out. They are certainly much better than the Genius ads that Apple aired then removed a few months back. At least these ads concentrate on the iPhone 5 and its new features. What do you think? Do you like the iPhone 5 and Earpod ads?

Source: YouTube


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