Apple announces iPhone 5 event for September 12

Apple has announced their September 12 special event, expected to see the introduction of the next generation iPhone 5. The information on the invitation is sparse. According to the graphic shared by Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, it shows the number 12 (the date of the event), and the number 5 (make of that what you will), along with the following line: "It's almost here". According to Jim:

The invitation I received says the event will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10:00 am.

iMore posted the September 12 Apple event date back on July 30, along with what we believe to be the U.S. launch date of September 21. Back on August 13 we posted what we believe is the second wave launch date of October 5.

For more on the iPhone 5, including previews of the expected features, check out our iPhone 5 page and make sure you enter our $500 iPhone 5 giveaway now!

Source: The Loop

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Thank the gods. So happy right now.
  • But but but it can't be called the iPhone 5 because its the 6th iPhone..... /s
  • lmao
  • Hahahah. Touché. (I will now stop calling it the new iPhone and start calling it the iPhone 5)
  • well played.....well played.
  • Since they call the New ipad, and the new macbook pro, my best bet would be the new iphone!
  • Are you that stubborn? lol
    The shadow is the hint that IT WILL BE IPHONE 5 ! :)
  • There's a 5 shadow, I'm guessing iPhone 5.
  • Nope, it means 5 new devices.
  • Lol that would be awesome
  • That would explain why the event is at 10 am
  • it's always at 10 am.
  • 10 am specific time? :-)
  • Isn't those kinds of event early in the morning so most people in the world can follow it live?
  • If that were the case, wouldn't the caption read "They're almost here."?
  • Or they're are talking about the event as "it"
  • It will be The New iPhone, but with a 5" screen! In all seriousness, I really doubt that, but it would be incredible if Apple pulled off such a thing while leaking all the parts/assemblies we've seen floating around the internet.
  • That's exactly what that five means!! Given the Apple that I know. It'll be called "the new iPhone" and we'll have four other new shiny devices to go with it!!
  • I agree
  • I just ran around my house like a mad man! I knew they would announce it today with those exact words :D. Can't wait, It's almost here guys :D
  • I'm so jealous I wanted to jump up and down but I'm not at home.
  • Lool I know how you feel! I literally done a little dance and ran everywhere lol
  • I hope that Apple leaked fake iPhone 5 mock-ups and hits us with something completely different than the 4/4S. I would almost suggest they have an iPhone Classic option (2G form factor) a la the iPod Classic. The lack of selections / variations is hurting Apple's appeal where as Andriod has a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, etc.
  • lower your expectations - seriously. when has Apple ever REALLY surprised us. most of the time these "leaks" end up being not too far off
  • Don't get me wrong, I completely expect the iPhone 5 to look like the leaked versions.
  • I truly hope you are wrong but I fear that you are correct.
  • Great job on getting the prediction right Rene this is why I read iMore. One week away woohoo!
  • STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great job iMore. Always my first stop for iOS device news!
  • Finally we have a definite date/time and we can all gear up our wallets for the pre-orders. The question is will you pre-order with Apple or your Carrier? Apple is picky about signatures and where they ship to, the carrier isn't so much. Who will do NBD delivery at no charge or at least get it to you by the launch date?
  • I'm so excited .. Can't wait to actually hold it in my hands!!!
  • I'm so excited, I can't eat or sleep. What will it be??
  • We can't wait. And we still think it's impossible for Apple to announce both the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini at the same event. iPhone 5 will need as much time in the media spotlight as possible, by itself. Just like always. The small iPad announcement would logically follow in October. We think it might all go like this: Sep 5 - 11
    - iPhone 5 pre-announcement hype, media feature guesstimation articles, etc. Sep 12
    - iPhone 5 announcement and subsequent (immediate?) pre-order availability Sep 12 - 20
    - media reaction to iPhone 5 design and features, iOS 6 reviews, etc. Sep 21
    - iPhone 5 retail availability, coverage of Apple Store lines, first teardowns Sep 21 - early Oct
    - iPhone 5 and iOS 6 reviews, unboxings, user comments in forums, etc.
    - Apple announces first (several) million iPhone 5s sold Then, in early October, the same process starts for the iPad mini. Possible announcements of new iMacs, the Retina 13" MacBook Pro, an updated iPod lineup, and iPad (3rd gen) update with new smaller dock connector, would be sprinkled in here and there. It's quite possible that the iPad mini will be announced during the traditional fall iPod / iTunes event.
  • Question ... Will they do preorders the same day or that Friday ??
  • Depends, probably a day or two after week tops.
  • @renerichie
    Was iMore invited this year? With the amount of dead on predictions and the exponential growth you had the year, I hope Apple has you on their radar! You deserve an invite!
  • I concur.
  • Wow, not thats a bit sad ! :( Maybe instead of a new phone you need a new life ? :D lol
  • This is great news. Now let's just hope the date of the 21st is correct, considering that I took off of work the 12th and the 21st. I LOVE the anticipation of Apple releases. Those planning to preorder and pick-up, get your lawn chairs and coolers ready! :D APPLE NATION!!
  • Instead of a lawnchair , I sit comfrotably on my recliner as I order it through and it will be delivered by my happy FedEx guy around 11 Am on 21st ! :)
  • That is, if you can click the refresh button fast enough for the preorder page to be launched before everyone in the world attacks it lol. I don't want to take any chance at having it any later than the launch date, so I will be bright and early at my local Apple store. The couple sleep hours lost will be worth it. :)
  • lol
    Well it has worked fine the last 3 years :)
    I do the midnight release for Video Game Console releases but that about it :)
  • True indeed. Well as long as we all get it when expected then I'm happy!
  • 5 devices, not iPhone 5 xD
  • Courtesy of kch50428 ;)
  • ^Whoa!
  • So it COULD be 5 devies and still The new iPhone ;)
  • Nice!! However, is that a YouTube app icon I see?
  • This is all good and fine. However I have no interest in the new iPhone. I have been, however, waiting anxiously for over a year now for any news of the new iPod Touch. What the h*ll? Why no rumours or mentions of that device? Come on Apple, let's move.
  • They are most likely to be announced at the event on the 12th, according to the "rumors". See how that works?
  • I'm keeping my iPhone 4 (purchased this past Spring) & saving up my duckets for the iPad. Just not sure on the size or price point yet.
  • Finally, sold my 4s to pay for the new iPhone and was sweating them to announce it. I was going by iMore's info which is always good to go by.
  • This obviously means the new iPhone will come out on December 5th (12/5).
  • Yikes. That could make sense. The quoted message doesn't say "Sept. 12th" it just has a time and location. So it could be 12/5... That would not be good... I can't wait that long after a month of anticipating the September dates.
  • I'm going to be rushing out of a boring meeting on the 12th to dash to my PC during my lunch hour to watch this event. \m/ (- -)
  • I'm excited about the iOS 6 and the new macbook pro 13" retina display. What sucks is...I can't get an upgrade not until May 2013.
  • add a line $9.99 and use that for the phone. just a thought
  • if you add a line to get the discount, you have to pay more than the $9.99 a month, you have to pay for the data plan too ;)
  • you dont have to add the data plan, you use the $9.99 add a line just for the upgrade price and add to your existing number. i did this last year and only pay the $9.99. i work for At&t and this is how you can do it. Also last year they let everyone upgrade early and there are talks of it again, but we will have to wait and see.
  • Or you could purchase at retail. That's what I'm doing. But yeah you can add a line to get the phone at discounted price, then put it on your existing line and replace the ESN you just added to a basic phone. Problem is, you will not have the one year warranty that Apple offers since you're upgrading on one line then taking it off and putting it on another. That's why I'm doing retail. I'll save 240 dollars ($10x12mo.) plus the $300 I'd have to pay for a 32GB upgrade (assuming the prices are parallel with the 4S prices) so that's already 540 I've paid for the new iPhone 32GB with no warranty. I'll pay $200 extra to keep my warranty (especially since its the 1st wave on release and could always be susceptible to a malfunction) and to keep an extra line of my account. Anywho. September 12th!!! Wooooooot!!!
  • Apple's Warranty has NOTHING to do with your plan. You get ONE year warranty regardless of how much you paid for it, what carrier you have and even if you switched SIM cards. The one year factory warranty stays with the phone no matter what !
  • I'm telling you for a fact if you add a line or upgrade a line to get a phone at discounted price without doing a proper "alternate update" in said carriers POS system and then put that phone on a different line you will void the one year manufacturer warranty. You HAVE to do a proper alternate upgrade or standard 2 year/ annual upgrade or purchase the device at retail value to maintain the warranty.
  • Im telling you , youre wrong. Applecan not VOID a warranty just like that. No new product from Apple can be sold WITHOUT any kind of warranty, thats FACT.
  • Well its funny cause I did the same thing last year and they would NOT allow me to just add a $9.99 line and qualify for a subsidized lowest price iPhone. The whole point of getting that discounted price is so they make it up in form of what you pay for your data plan for 24 month.
    Every year around this time we get a wiseguy that says they work at AT&T and they managed to get the discounted price for a $9.99 line , but we both know its not possible, cause I tried this at two different AT&T stores and they both made it clear to me that the only way you can get the lowest price on a new iPhone is by having a 2 year conract , WITH data plan. AT&T doesnt even sell any of their iphones without the data plan unless you pay FULL price !
  • Well, I suppose it's different with Verizon then. Let's just say its the safest route to use a plain old upgrade or buy it retail! Lol. :)
  • i would say thats the safest bet. but i do this every year and always retain my warranty. i am with att, but thats just the carrier, not apple. either way get it!!! right. lol
  • Finally now the speculation will come to and end. I can stop listening to rumors and what ifs and just wait until next wednesday for everything to pan out.
  • dont be a fool. there is still more rumors to come up until 10am Sept 5th! lol
  • lol...true.
  • There were so many ppl on this site who couldn't handle it whenever someone referred to the new device as iPhone 5. They just couldnt wrap their heads around how anyone could possibly think...I wonder how they are feeling about that graphic.
  • Friend you are not alone. I always wondered what was going to happen to all the extremist's who stated religiously that this was the 6th version etc..... lol look at them..... they are the village fools who cannot grasp simple logic. ( lol on flip side let it not be called the iphone 5 and watch me take this comment down asap >:)
  • I still find it pretty inconsistent to call it the iPhone "5" considering it will be the sixth iPhone soon to be sporting iOS"6"
  • Won't be buying it for myself because well, my Factory Unlocked iPhone 4S with 2 year warranty is doing just fine. However, my brother is due for an upgrade on his line (last time I'll be doing it too), so there will be a next gen iPhone in my home that I will play with for a bit. And why do I get the feeling the only thing different about this next gen iPhone is the screen size?? I mean, I'm sure Apple will do a "one more thing" announced with this phone, but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't either.
  • Firstly well done to Rene Ritchie and the iMore team for the accuracy of their predictions. Apples invites always hint at what's coming, so the shadowy 5, is it as simply as the next gen iPhone 5 (even though technically it will be the 6th gen one) or a massive 5 inch screen or 5 aliterations of model size/network or a day day/hour battery life or Some random improvement 12/5 giving 2.4 something or nothing to do with any of it??
  • yes its iPhone 5 Day on sept 12th, Apple hints iPhone 5 launch day on Media Event Picture check this report -
  • Hi Rene, have you or anyone else considered that the 5 could mean 5 years later? It is of course the 6th iPhone and since Apple does not like to confuse people they may take this opportunity to course correct the numbering system as they did with the iPad... Hmmm. Something to think about...again. :-)