Apple aware of Crash Safari code, looking into a fix

There's a web page out there called Crash Safari that uses JavaScript to put your browser into a loop, crash it, and potentially crash your device as well. Apple is aware of the page — and more importantly, the code — and is looking into a fix.

The internet being the internet, however, pranksters are already circulating the prank using URL shorteners and redirects through social networks, links, and email, to try and deliberately crash other people's browsers. So, until the fix is released, make sure you follow the same safety tips that apply to any form of phishing attack:

  1. On iOS, touch-and-hold (long press) on a text link to see the full URL. If you have an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, don't press hard enough to open the 3D Touch preview, as that will execute the code and crash Safari.
  2. On OS X, hover over a text link to see the full URL.
  3. Avoid shortened links. You never know what might be behind them.
  4. Don't tap or click on any link that seems suspicious in any way — that's just good safety practice anyway.

As always, there's no need to worry, just be aware. Hopefully the fix will be out shortly. In the meantime, surf safe!