Apple Watch Series 5 Ceramic EditionSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Images of a black ceramic Apple Watch outer shell have appeared on Twitter.
  • Apple only released a white ceramic Apple Watch Series 5 but this might mean a black one was considered.

Apple might have had plans to launch a black ceramic Apple Watch Series 5 to go along with the white one if new images shared to Twitter are any indication. The images show a black ceramic Apple Watch shell alongside a white one.

Shared by a prototype collector on Twitter, the images show just how stunning a black ceramic Apple Watch could have been. But given the white one cost $1,249 and up, it's unlikely a black version would have been any less costly.

It sure does look nice, though.

Apple prototypes and tests a ton of stuff that never finds its way to market and this could be another example of that. It's a shame though, because despite the high asking price few would argue against the ceramic Apple Watch being one of the better-looking ones. In fact, I'd argue it's the best Apple Watch the company has made to date.

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With Apple set to announce a new Apple Watch later this year, there's always the chance we could see a return to ceramic, although it does appear unlikely. The Apple Watch Edition started at $1,249 and it's difficult to believe that Apple sold many of them. I've certainly never seen one in the wild, for example.

Would you buy a black ceramic Apple Watch Series 7 if it arrived this year? If money was no object, I know I would!