Man taking SlofieSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple has shared two YouTube videos reminding everyone slofies exist.
  • But we'd really rather forget it ever happened.
  • Really though, who uses this stuff?

Apple seems super keen to make sure we all know about slowfies and it's shared two new YouTube videos to drive the point home. Whether we want it to, or not.

The word "slowfie" entered our lives when Apple announced iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. And while many of us hoped to never hear the word uttered again, that's just not happening and Apple has shared new videos in which a snowboarder shows us what the feature can do.

It can make slo-motion videos from iPhone's front camera, in case you were wondering. It's slo-motion. And a selfie. It's a slowfie. Geddit?

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Both "Whitehout" and "Backflip" are embedded for your viewing pleasure and yes, we've got you covered if you want to know how to take a slowfie of your very own. You'll just need to take 14 showers and renounce all of your sins once you've done it.

Right, now that's done. I'm off to take a slowfie of myself while sticking my tongue out like a dog. Because why not?