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What you need to know

  • Apple has added a new featured collection to the Apple Podcasts app.
  • The "COVID-19: Essential Listening" collection featured a variety of podcasts.
  • From breaking news to mental health, it serves listeners in a number of ways.

A couple of weeks ago, Apple had updated the Apple Podcasts app with a "Coronavirus: Stay Informed" section that highlighted a handful of podcasts focused exclusively on the topic.

Now, the company has put together a new featured collection for listeners to gather news, in-depth insight, and science about the pandemic. Called the "COVID-19: Essential Listening" collection, it provides listeners with a handful of different categories related to the current crisis.

"No medium is better suited to reacting to and providing context for the current unique circumstances across the globe than podcasts. Nimble and efficient and personal in ways that other sources of information cannot always be, these programs have quickly become integral parts of our lives - and it's no surprise how many have sprung up so quickly in response to the worldwide crisis. This frequently updated field guide will help direct you to the most useful shows out there - from the most urgent reporting and expert analysis surrounding the fast-evolving pandemic to advice on protecting the physical and mental health of you and your loved ones during these unusual times. Stay informed, stay home, and keep coming back here for more of the reporting, storytelling, and words of wisdom you need to get through this."

The collection has a number of focuses, from breaking news to mental health. All of the collection's sections are listed below:

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  • The Latest News
  • News Briefs
  • What It All Means: Context and Analysis
  • The Science of COVID-19
  • The Economic Impact
  • In This Together
  • Mental Health and COVID-19
  • Local Perspectives
  • International Voices
  • Cultivating Calm

Apple says that it will continuously update the collection, so you can expect new podcasts to be added regularly. You can check out all of the podcasts featured in the collection on the Apple Podcasts app through the App Store.

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