We didn't just get hands on time with Apple's new devices at the company's September event: We got a peek at their new bands, too. Aside from the typical array of new colors and fancy Hermès styles, The biggest announcement in the Apple accessories sphere was the company's new Sport Loop band.

Designed with its Leather Loop sibling in mind, the Sport Loop eschews leather for fluffy woven nylon and magnets for hook-and-loop fastenings (commonly known as Velcro), providing a softer, more secure option for those on the go.

The band provided by far the most secure fit on my wrist without killing my circulation or pinching; those who lose skin contact while running due to either movement or sweat are going to love this band, especially its easy Velcro-style readjustment. (Apple doesn't actually call the connection "Velcro," opting instead for "hook and loop fasteners," which sort of makes me think Jony Ive spent a month in a room somewhere trying to invent a better form of Velcro.)

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I'm definitely going to be buying one for roller derby, and probably sending one to my dad, who spent most of my week visiting grumbling about how the Sport band didn't hold the watch tight enough to his wrist. Here you go, Dad. An early Happy Christmas to you.