iPhone 11 Pro CameraSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • One YouTuber wanted to show how inadequate iPhone cameras can be.
  • So he compared iPhone 11 Pro with a $250k video camera.
  • And the phone lost. Entirely predictably.

It's fairly common knowledge at this point that the cameras in Apple's iPhone 11 Pro are pretty impressive. But they're still small and attached to a phone, so it isn't really fair to expect them to be able to compete with really expensive video cameras. Especially when the lighting isn't perfect. And YouTuber Zebra Zone wanted to make that point. So he did.

To do that he took the humble iPhone 11 Pro and put it up against a $250,000 video camera setup. And yes, things went pretty much as you might expect them to.

As PetaPixel (via Cult of Mac) notes, none of this is a surprise to the YouTuber, either. And he isn't particularly down on what iPhone 11 Pro can do. It's just that while he says the phone might be OK most of the time, it won't be all the time.

His argument is that an iPhone might be okay 80% of the time—which may be an overstatement—but that what a client is paying for when they hire a videographer is 100% reliability, consistency, and quality. Even in low or mixed lighting. Even if you're forced to shoot from further away than you thought. Even in all of the situations where a smartphone still falls extremely short.

So there we have it. If you were thinking about starting a Hollywood movie studio with your iPhone, it might be an idea to rethink that move. Just saying.