AT&T 3G Microcell review

Our good friend George Ponder over at sibling site WMExperts has just posted a full AT&T 3G Microcell review, and it's authoritative to say the least.

Sure, George is still rocking the Mic(rocell, sorry!) with a Windows device, but our iOS fare -- iPhone and iPad alike -- won't care as long as they get more bars in more places (and the actual network backhaul behind them).

The AT&T Microcell isn't for everyone. If you're satisfied with (or can live with) your current signal reception, then you shouldn't bother with the Microcell. However, if your home or office location sucks wind with regards to signal reception, the Microcell is a good way to go about improving things.

There's a lot more to it than just that, obviously, so check out the complete setup, initialization, performance, and impressions over at WME and then come back here and tell us what you think about the Microcell.

Rene Ritchie

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