AT&T CFO Speaks! 2.5M Subscribers - No 3G Pricing (Yet!)

Rick Lindner, CFO of a little telco called AT&T, recently dropped some knowledge about all things iPhone, past and future, including word that AT&T now boasts upwards of 2.5 million iPhone subscribers.

At an average of $100 per subscriber per month x 24 months per contract x 2.5 million that's a lot of green for old blue. $6 billion, to be dashboard calc precise about it.

(With Apple rumored to get $15 per subscriber per month x 24 months per contract x 2.5 million = 900 million reasons for them to favor those revenue sharing models as well...)

When it comes to iPhone 3G, however, Lindner was more reticent:

"There's not been a product announcement. There hasn't been any pricing decisions made. That's yet to come."


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