AT&T and Verizon are Back Again with Two New Commercials

Actor Luke Wilson and AT&T are at it once again and this time they want you to know all about AT&T's rollover minutes. Yes, it is true that AT&T lets you use your unused monthly minutes but keep in mind, they eventually do expire after a year if you do not use them. We do not mean to keep beating the same drum but come on AT&T, quit spending money, time, and effort on these mediocre commercials and spend time on making your network better for everyone.

As AT&T keeps pumping out the commercials Verizon/Motorola are not sitting quietly on the sidelines. They've gone and released another Droid commercial that takes aim at, you guessed it, Apple's iPhone. This latest commercial caters to the male consumers and pretty much paints the iPhone as being nothing more than "pretty". Smart move as the Motorola continues to beat Apple in brand loyalty with males 18 years old and up.

[Thanks to matrix2004 for the tip!]

View the new Droid commercial after the break!

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