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AT&T and Verizon are Back Again with Two New Commercials

Actor Luke Wilson and AT&T are at it once again and this time they want you to know all about AT&T's rollover minutes. Yes, it is true that AT&T lets you use your unused monthly minutes but keep in mind, they eventually do expire after a year if you do not use them. We do not mean to keep beating the same drum but come on AT&T, quit spending money, time, and effort on these mediocre commercials and spend time on making your network better for everyone.

As AT&T keeps pumping out the commercials Verizon/Motorola are not sitting quietly on the sidelines. They've gone and released another Droid commercial that takes aim at, you guessed it, Apple's iPhone. This latest commercial caters to the male consumers and pretty much paints the iPhone as being nothing more than "pretty". Smart move as the Motorola continues to beat Apple in brand loyalty with males 18 years old and up.

[Thanks to matrix2004 for the tip!]

View the new Droid commercial after the break!

  • I agree. AT&T needs to put $$$ into the network, not advertising.
  • A phone that trades hairdo for can-do? Oh please, how mindless. I guess that appeals to males 18 and older? sigh
  • Sorry, but the Droid's advertising is just downright embarrassing.
    "Daddy, what was all that exploding stuff?"
    "I don't know, son, I wasn't paying attention."
  • I will tell you what the Droid can't do... MICROSOFT EXCHANGE! In the world of Exchange the Droid DOESN'T!
  • Actually the Droid does support Exchange and more than one Exchange account. Unless you were referring to it not working well?
  • AT&T needs to spend money on this. They Need to back up their network no matter how bad or good it is. They need to add customers and at the same time survive the onslaught by Verizon and the only way is to create Advertisements pointing out Verizons weaknesses. If you don't tell anyone your strong points and someone else starts poking at your weaknesses and points out their strong points then they Get the advantage.
    What AT&T should do Is create commercials showing how that they're improving their network to be more fast then everyone else and how they are IPhone exclusive carriers.
  • And yes that Droid commercials was about as stupid as a retarded baby! Lmfao 
  • I'm not saying that Luke Wilson ad is the best I've ever seen, but at least it does provide specific differentiation between AT&T and Verizon. And that Droid ad is downright insulting to male iPhone owner (you know, those of us who want a phone that can run apps larger than 256MB and do phone and data at the same time).
  • That whole Droid commercial is supposed to paint this picture that it is soooo much faster than the iPhone. But, in reality, it isn't. In head to head competition, it loses. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself, it came from this very site:
  • This is a very interesting situation.
    Att shoots at Verizon's network.
    Verizon shoots at ATT's network and the iPhone.
    Apple shoots at Verizon, but by emphasizing features that are due SOLELY to ATT's network, not so much the iPhone's capabilities.
    Motorola sits quietly on the side lines.....
    I'm betting Moto has a GSM version of Droid it is trying to sell to to At&T and it does not want to get into the food fight.
    Andrew: The Droid commercials you call stupid are outselling iPhones right now. So watch who you call stupid.
  • @icebike the droid is only about a month old now and it's the first really good phone verizon has gotten in a while. So of cource the droid sales are higher than the iPhones. the iPhone on the other hand, has been out for 3 and a half years now. alot of people already have them and aren't buying new ones.
  • Verizon still gay in my book.....
  • @iceback
    I was only talking about that one commercial right here. The rest are all right I hav to admit. I prefer Iphone commercials, they get straight to the point and are easy to understand
  • @iPhone-usah, did you blur out your word, or did the system? Let's test it out. My vacuum cleaner sucks dirt and grime from my carpet.
  • See what I found so funny was the references and the timing of the Verizon ad. (Funny in that it wasn't funny, but kinda dumb) How many people know what a SCUD missile is? On top of that, how many people that are with AT&T right now are going to jump ship just because a wanna-be Dennis Leary is telling us how "does" this Droid work? I don't, I think Verizon, after winning the first 6-7 years of this decade in getting their message out there has had some terrible times with the ads they put out there. It has something to do with the devices, but the ads don't make you jump, the ipod didn't make you jump until you saw the ad 7 years ago. The RAZR got Cingular a lot of adds to the network by advertising what it was, not what other phones weren't. If I'm Verizon, I just make sure you start really focusing on all the positives of Android software, because I cannot see Apple dropping a phone on the Verizon network, due to the CDMA restriction, which is exactly what it is...restrictive and before you tell me how many calls you don't drop on Verizon, I'll tell you the same with AT&T, so let's accept the fact that neither of us can out market each other on the posts, just Verizon's game, in marketing, sucks right now...don't care how many people re-upped for an Android phone, that is the phone, not the network that is the selling point.
    BTW, Apple knows how to market themselves better than anyone...just say'n
  • @iphone-usah, nope, you did it. Which begs the question...why did you not write the wrod "sucks"? It's not like it's a cuss word. I don't get it. That's cool though. To each their own.
  • It was the website. Because my iPhone works oh so fantabulously on ATT. I got censored. :-/
  • Really? Wow, that's freakin' lame man.
  • I didn't write sucks. Sucks sucks sucks. If you have counted the stars you would see that sucks does not consist of three letters. I wrote something that the server deemed in appropriate.
  • Say what you will about AT&T and their network but they have one device that handles 60% of the mobile Internet traffic in the country. 70% of overall data traffic. And it's very reliable and very quick. For all of you griping think about that phenomenal acheivement before you bitch so much
  • I agree with Liquid completely! Think about those stats and still see how faster AT&T is compared to Verizon. I think Verizon, Sprint, or T mobile couldn't have done better. AT&T did the best job anyone could do with a phone that uses massive amounts of DATA.
  • @saggyballs No conflict intended either bro.
  • I too agree with liquid most of the people at my job have verizon and their phones data transfers are NO WAY nearly as fast as my iPhone on AT&T's network.
  • I don't get the droid ads. There was one during a football game the other day that was 60 seconds long, and had them crashing to earth in meteors... uhm, what? Why not show me exactly how it beats the other phones out there instead of a Superman-backstory-wannabe?
  • Nokia join the fight you tooo t money!!
  • Interesting that the Droid ad refers to power, considering the fact the 3GS is more powerful than the Droid. These Droid ads are just downright retarded.
  • Wow, great commercial Verizon! Now let me hop onto my dirt bike, pimp slap a couple of btches, and buy a Droid after I finish watching the Godfather while smoking my cigar. *adjusts himself
    That commercial was insulting. The only people I see being swayed by that Verizon commercial are men who are insecure about their masculinity and drive sports cars and/or big trucks with their big wheels and "No Fear" stickers. Bros love their Droids!
  • @Rylan you've summed it up nicely.
    We all know that smart people already have an iPhone, Verizon is actually kinda smart in targeting illiterate men ...who else would buy a "robot" phone that launches out of a stealth fighter and crashes into a farmer's field then jumps out of the pod into an alien's hand and while the alien tries to call home to the mother ship gets pissed off because he can't check his facebook while on the call and therefore annihilates the phone while cursing then teleports to the nearest AT&T store to get an iPhone?
  • Verizon will soon be advertising like GoDaddy.
    I used to work for GoDaddy's #1 competitor and I can tell you, their ads work, whether you like them or don't.
    Remember, the point of the ad is to get you in the store. The product will close the sale.
  • Looks like Verizon spent more time and money in their commercial. But, appealing to male testosterone is an odd take. Splatting things on the screen is even more weird. They're targeting the segment of the market who's more likely to be hanging out with the boys having a beer while their counterparts are in the mall shopping. You've got to appeal to the ones who do the shopping. :-)
    I don't remember the last commercial, but I think it was also spewing testosterone around. Looks like that's their current marketing angle.
  • OK, What happen to all the Verizon IPhone talk? I think Verizon is not getting the IPhone next. It's T-Mobile USA. Maybe I'm wrong, but all this Apple bashing, come on. You think Steve Jobs gives a fck for Verizon now? And that Droid, not bad. Had it for a week. Not even close to the IPhone in smoothness. It's fast when multiple apps are not running. But when there are apps open, it's slow as sht. I see why Apple didn't want that.
  • does anyone else notice how the droid ad is a direct rip off of the dennis leary ford truck commercial?
  • eh, I'd sooner go back to tin can and string than Verizon. I wouldn't leave my worst enemies to that company, and Verizon, if you're reading this, RESPOND TO THE BBB COMPLAINT...or at least have that Droid phone do it...since you "does" stuff (what stuff I'm not sure, but I'm getting the message whatever "IT" is...Droid does "IT".
    Perhaps "IT" entices people to fall victim to Verizon's shady billing practices and horrific customer service...
  • @spook†:
    Dude, the "IT" might refer to an old ebay ad. Remember? that it said something like "if you're want IT, get it on ebay" or something like that
    And so that might mean get a droid and sell it on ebay so you can at least buy a 16GB 3GS :P
  • My response to @"SaggyBalls Says:
    December 1st, 2009 at 12:18 am "
    Try to show a unbiased stat.......
    And why when i have my 3g enabled i have poor coverage but when I disabled it i have perfect service...They need to fix that crap & at&t need way better coverage(as in towers)....The brain deads need to stop lying to themselves about at&t vs verizon...I thought when i got this 3gs it would have been so much better...It clearly is not....uh
  • Seems somewhat improper for Verizon to insult current iPhone users. The commercial suggests that we are shallow. It doesn't make me want to switch to them; it makes me root against them and the Droid. It also doesn't paint a promising picture of the iPhone coming to Verizon either. What are they supposed to say if they do get the iPhone? "My bad, the iPhone is really a great device on our network." And what about the current Verizon customers who were waiting for the iPhone? Would it be time to jump ship right now and go with AT&T to get the most coveted device around?
  • I have perfect fast 3G network where I live and never a dropped call. :-)
  • That Verizon commercial is right. They do have an uglier phone. Thanks for calling my attention to it!
  • Both are pretty terrible ads. They should continue advertising the features because there are plenty. If they really wanted to drive the iPhone down they should have just made a piss take iPhone like ad boasting multitasking while showing off some of the android apps.
  • In this economy, people want value and AT&T is smart to emphasize roll-over minutes. Why shouldn't people get to keep their unusued minutes - after all, you paid for them! If anyone has any doubt that the Droid is a piece of garbage, simply visit the nearest VZW store and it will take you all of 2 minutes to quickly realize that, other than using the android operating system (which T-Mobile devices have had for over a year), it is a hunk of junk. Then stop by the nearest AT&T store and it will take you all of 2 minuts to quickly realize that the iPhone is light-years ahead of any device on the market - it is the total package.
  • @James #40
    I agree with you the most. Both ads are just plain idiotic.
    They need to just worry about getting the features mentioned and thats it.
    And people keep yelling about "well you can't check your facebook and talk to your friend"
    Honestly...I'm a big Twitter/Facebook addict. Even I don't do that bull while on the phone. If I'm on the phone...I'm on the phone. I'm guessing that's why Droid sales have not dipped and kept rising, because a lot of people don't really worry about that too much.
    Simultaneous data and voice is good when you're looking up something. But now and days with you always being near a hotspot and a laptop. It's really not that big of a selling point anymore. Sorry.
    And this point made right here ^^^^ was actually giving to me by an iPod Touch owner. He told me data really isn't necessary when you have eh.
  • "Brand Loyalty with males aged 18 and up"
    None of those males obviously worked in the phone retail industry and had to deal with complaint after complaint after complaint about motorolas crappy software design, and breaking phones related to said crappy software design.
    They scored big with the V3, and the software is out of there hands with the Droid. but loyalty? You gotta be kidding me, I bet all the other moto handsets are still running moto software, and i bet its still lousy.
  • @Rubino
    Your comment reeks of personal opinion, and no type of facts.
    Rollover...with A-list and unlimited (which most people get nowadays) rollover is becoming kind of...pointless. If you don't use all your minutes in the first place, you're not going to use them the next month. Or the month after...or the month after. I never used my rollover minutes a day in my life of having them.
    As far as the iPhone being "lightyears ahead" come on.
    I'm not going to bash anything in this forum. Because the iPhone is spectacular, the Droid is spectacular. There is no "crappy" phone.
    But to sit there and say quite funny. Mind you...the observation you would have to go off of is the consumer product. What is given to the consumer out the box. The iPhone has limitations and boundaries (just like any other smartphone). That has been evident in the LIMITED (note the word) multitasking, clocked processor speed, app store approval, loading process of apps, total non-existence of customization beyond lock screen wallpaper, etc.
    When you jailbreak, sure it shoots past phones. But then others can be "jailbroken" also and do the same.
    So try not to use opinionated terms and descriptions when trying to make a point. It doesn't suit you.
  • I understand trying to market a brand image, which is what Verizon is trying to do. But it's to out of place. The iPhone is portrayed as hip, fun, simple and useful because of its apps. HTC phones are presented as devices that are yours, and an extension of yourself (i absolutely love their "you" advertising campaign). And then the droid goes and tries to portray itself as some mystical device that only nerds know about. Then they go and change their message to say they have an ugly, annoying, loud device that appeals to unsophisticated consumers. Verizon needs a new marketing director for the droid. The map ads are great... these droid ads are totally stupid.
  • What happens when the Google Phone comes out?
  • But is it a Verizon-produced ad or Motorola?
    That looks similar to the "iDon't" commercials which many claimed was actually produced by Motorola. I know the Verizon logo appears (so does Google's) but many iPhone ads show the AT&T logo at the end for couple of seconds.
  • 3G went up in my town a few months back on ATT. I've just got MyWi on my jailbroken 16gb's typically running around 7-12 mbs down and .5 mbs up....hmm...that's quite impressive for a network that doesn't get 'great 3G coverage'...i've tried verizon...and the speeds they pop off from their network make me wanna shove pins through my eyes.
    I find it funny that Verizon says the DROID is fast because of them...isn't the DROID fast because of it's internal components?...i guess i just don't get it cause my iPhone tells me not to ;)
  • i actually think they're pretty funny..this one by verizon wasnt that funny but to makes them ask questions. they come on during football and my friends always ask if theyre true and if the droid is better then the iphone. im not going to voice my opinion on here but they get the point and then tell theyre friends what it means so i guess it works...people talk about it.
  • LMAO @ both of these adds. Especially the AT&T one. I had a feeling he would of kicked them down. The droid one is cool, they really are taking it futher.
    Well idk what the iPhone 2G sales and Droid sales are in comparison. Is the droid selling better because of the ads ?
  • lets not forget the santa's raindeer video with the maps
  • For once I'm in agreement with the bloggers here on the subject of AT&T. If AT&T significantly (and I mean significantly) improved their 3G coverge so that its map resembled that of Verizon, there would be little reason to call AT&T inferior to Verizon. In fact, it could potentially be superior to the big V. But instead of investing in improvements for their company, they spend millions using a washed-up actor as a mouthpiece.
  • @vanityeverlastingbonet I'm not bias, I'm on T-Mobile as a matter of fact.