AT&T coughing up free MicroCells to MVCs?

Looks like some of AT&T's "most valuable customers" are receiving a letter offering them a free MicroCell. The box, which sits in your home or office and re-routes your cell phone -- including iPhone -- over your broadband network can often work miracles in low signal areas... for a price.

What's less clear than the reception boost, however, is just who's being offered the feebie.

Though his calls do frequently drop at home, Jason says he wasn't terribly vocal about the issue and only pays around $180 per month for his family plan -- the only thing that might possibly qualify him, in his opinion, is that his contract was set to expire.

Leanna paid for a MicroCell recently, and while it does seem to power through even the iPhone 4 antenna issues, she's not happy she was excluded from the MVC list. AT&T, expect a call from a tiny, agro blogger any time now...

Anyone else get offered a free MicroCell? Anyone else contacting AT&T about it?

Rene Ritchie

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