Gizmodo is reporting that AT&T sent out a letter to employees encouraging them, along with their families, to protest the FCC's net neutrality rules. It was said the letter even encouraged the use of the employees private email instead of their company email. For them to stoop this low makes it pretty obvious they are not to hip to the idea of net neutrality. Gizmodo later updated their post with the following:


blockquote>AT&T says that the letter was sent to "U.S. managers only" and that they "were providing important information to our employees, and it was up to them to respond personally. If they use their company email that is fine, too."

Their reply is pretty laughable as if sending this letter to "U.S. managers only" makes it any better. While I don't have issues here in Chicago with AT&T's service, some of their antics really are mind boggling.

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