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AT&T Fires Back at Verizon with "Side by Side" Commercial

AT&T has responded to Verizon's latest commercials that depicts their network as small and to put it nicely, garbage. As you can see above AT&T takes some shots of their own at Big Red.

This particular commercial is just one of a series that will begin airing tonight. AT&T not only mentions a few valid points but they even scored Luke Wilson to do the dissing. Bonus points...

So, the big question remains, how long will it be before Verizon files a lawsuit of their own? Only kidding... we think?

Update: Also be sure to check out (opens in new tab).

  • Man these attack ads are really getting old. -_-
  • so instead of spending money on there network they spend it on ads and lawyers.
    good job att.
  • It's really sad watching AT&T defend themselves on Facebook, they are literally responding to nearly every comment bashing the ad, lmao...
  • Wow. This is a really lame attempt to get back at Verizon. The bottom line is Verizon's network and 3g experience are simply better. Their network wont make me leave the iphone with att for the droid, but as soon as someone else gets the gone.
  • In related news, the presiding judge denied AT&T's request to block Verizon's ads:
  • Not as much focus on the opponent as the Verizon ads. Commercials go by quickly, and I doubt a lot of people will even realize Verizon is the target here (unless one's a phone geek who's paying close attention).
  • I wish AT&T highlighted the talk-and-surf part. Many people don't realize the fact that VZW's CDMA platform does not allow simultaneous use of phone and data (and Sprint for that matter). One has to be put-off. So how will GPS apps work on VZW's network, rely on cache? What if you were on the phone for a long time and needed to run where-to and location-based apps while you talk, do you hang-up? How will Droid and their now-destined-for-oblivion Storm2 handle these? Yes iphone does not multi-task, but running voice and data is data is single most important multi-tasking they can't and are not able too do due their communications platform. They're not GSM, for now.
    Face it VZW, your 3G is so slow I almost slammed my ex-Storm and Curve to the wall out of frustration.
    I can live with limited coverage, I travel only in metro areas anyway. It depends on your priority, coverage or speed?
  • YESSSS! Go AT&T! Now strengthen your 3G network! I want more 3G coverage!
  • @Josel
    Agreed -- the talk and surf part is AT&T's biggest strength compared to Verizon with both their existing networks. It is also the easiest to feature around which to construct a mini-story. If AT&T's ad agency is on the ball, they will find some way to dramatize it another commercial in the series.
  • As much as I hate the AT&T signal or lack of. I hate the way verizon puts all it's crapware on a phone. I wish apple would make an iPhone for verizon, sprint, tmobile and us cellular. That would hopefully increase the quality apps in the app store. One last thing, I need to use my Internet when I am on the phone. I am constantly talking on the phone while browsing the web.
  • 3G coverage is great for me... speeds may not be super fast (like where my son lives), but it's still faster than Verizon's network.
  • I use two phones one for work BB Storm on Verizon and the IPhone with AT&T. I support medical practices on Long Island, Bronx, NYC, Westchester, etc. The IPhone is much better user experience than the Storm, but for my job Verizon does provide much better coverage. With AT&T edge coverage isn't bad but their 3G coverage is, dropped calls even with 3 - 5 bars. I really hope AT&T does upgrade their 3G coverage as it would definately make a huge difference when speaking about my IPhone experience with others. But I know in other areas AT&T coverage seems allot better. But I do laugh at AT&T's 3G coverage, most people do travel and not always to major cities or highways. ROFLMAO......
  • I get awesome coverage in SF bay area
  • @ Darrell_Allen
    Why would having an iPhone on another network "increase the quality apps in the app store"?
  • Haha wow lol.At&t will always be better than verizon why try?But still i like the commercial.Funny
  • The mud slinging in this fight is so hysterically delicious. I love how my soon to be former carrier, AT&T, just today lost it's injunction for a TRO against my future service provider, Verizon because the judge deemed that Verizon's ads were sneaky but not misleading. Here comes an AT&T ad that is equally sneaky, but in my opinion it is misleading. Fastest 3G speeds? Check, HSDPA is certainly faster than EVDO rev. A, but only when you have decent signal on a node that is not overly congested, and operating on the 850 mhz frequency. Talk and surf at the same time? Depends on whether your in a metropolitan area where HSDPA coverage is active. EDGE most certainly does not have simultaneous voice and data. Most popular smartphones? This would have been more accurate if they had said THE most popular smartphone (singular). The iPhone clearly has better sales statistics than anything on Verizon, Sprint, or Tmobile. However the majority of smartphones on AT&T that are not from Cupertino are available across all carriers. Access to over 100,000 apps? The iPhone is not even mentioned in this ad, which is as far as I know the only smartphone OS with that many apps. Name that starts with the letter V? What relevance does this have? I guess it's a little funny, but pointless. Also, in the small print at the end of the ad it states "3G not available in all areas". From my experience, the only way this can not be misleading is to say "3G not available in MOST areas" or at the very least "3G available in select areas". I've said it a thousand times... I LOVE MY IPHONE, but that little blue E at the top of the screen is the bane of my existence. Half the time Tweetie 2 takes more than a full minute to update my twitter feed. The only times it's been useful to me for internet services is when I'm at home with wifi.
  • all this AT&T bashing i dont have any issues i think the service is just fine so what is the big deal if you dont like it dont use it .
  • The ability to browse and talk is actually really important. People criticize the iPhone for lack of multitasking - what does it say if your network can't do the same?
  • Wow, what a pile of weaksauce on AT&T's part. While Verizon's Misfit Island commercial was classic, this one is pure garbage.
    As much as I love my Iphone 3G, AT&T's service was absolute shit. DROID on verizon has been rock solid. And to the dude that wrote verizon loading their phone with bloatware...Droid contains NONE of that shit.
  • Luke Wilson needs to lay off da cheeseburgers...
  • 1st landline network in the US-ATT, 1st domestic cellular service in U.S which is nothing without landline (the backbone of wireless technology)-ATT, the best researchers, developers and engineers in the business 130 years and going strong-ATT. Who put all of the others on the "map"-ATT. Truth is there are people who love and hate all the carriers out there for their own reasons--I happen to be one who is very happy with mine.
  • Sit down kids and educate yourselves.
    AT&T's 3G has more holes in it than swiss cheese, what good is that?
    When your iphone drops that coveted 3G for EDGE you cant GPS/call/browse the web at the same time either...and that happens the instant you leave the city limits, wtf is that good for? When your on a phone call on say a Storm on VZW it pauses your GPS location and the instant the phone call ends, it pushes everything to your phone you missed and autoupdates your position in GPS.
    AT&T failed on this ad miserably, dont buy the hype and settle for shit servce, and this is coming from a Bold owner on AT&T
  • @renkman
    Just assuming that 30 million devices. Some on AT&T if the other carriers had the iPhone maybe 30 million becomes 80 million = more people would want to develop apps. More apps maybe means some are quality apps.
  • @Ddx
    yes, it will auto-update your location when you get off the phone. even that will take time, considering VZW's sluggish 3G vs. app running constant with ATT 3G. At least where we live, in San Diego, we're blessed with fast ATT 3G coverage. Again, it all depends on your need for coverage or speed.
    If you dont like the network, you are all free to leave. I've had VZW, but am not coming back with the speed I have.
  • so does this mean att has to manually expand there map by actually doing a network upgrade... HOLY SHIT whats this world coming to!
  • Wondering what Jeremy does different that everytime he posts something you can't watch the video on iPhone but on all of Renes posts you can.
  • WOOOOOW not impressed with the ad. This ad is kinda of like having your little sister trying you hurt with her punches. All you can do is laugh at the stupidity and say WoW!!!
  • Phone Company pissin' contests asside, I was on the iPhone the other day and tried to browse the web to look up something that came up during the conversation, and I couldn't do it because I the phone call was running... so I dunno about that whole "browse while talking" check Luke Wilson marked in that commercial...
  • @Edmundito - you have to be on 3G - if you are on edge or anything else it won't work.
  • Ahhhh man....
    I llike AT&T...
    But I LOVE things that start with the letter V, like Va**na for instance....
    But in the end, I hate Verizon
  • What a poor response from AT&T. I would have expected something else like a holiday themed commercial continuing on where Verizon left off. Picture Christmas day, everyone is opening gifts (new cellphones). The unlucky person with a Droid excitedly tries to call someone and surf the net at the same time, but can't. Then another person opens up his/her iPhone and starts browsing,downloading apps, etc.. The first guy has a frown while the second guy's iPhone makes him a sandwich.
    And come on, a chubby Luke Wilson? Looking at the still shot, I thought it was the UPS commercial guy at first.
  • Ha HA HA!!!
    You are all pawns in my little game. Keep fighting keep arguing and keep making me money
  • All of this just confused the issue. No matter the benefits it is no good if you either are in an edge only area or keep dropping 3g to edge.
    And verizons network is NOT sluggish in the least.
  • @Darell_Allen
    Because 100,000 apps just isn't enough? It's already really tough to sort through the huge stockpile we already have available to us?
  • I am glad they responded to the ads. AT&T has a good network for me I have 5 bars all the time. Who wants CDMA when AT&T has the world standard og GSM.
  • Brandon said:The bottom line is Verizon’s network and 3g experience are simply better. Nope not true where I live and im positive there millions of other areas. See that's the problem with some of you people that yap your gums. Verizon does not have great coverage everywhere I don't care what there maps say. I had verizon for 2 years before I left.D ropped calls, if I went outside my city or town I would get "no service, and customer service was horrible. And no it was not the phone so don't go there. Also at&t's 3g smokes verizon's atleast in my experience. I went to look at the droid at a verizon store last week just to check it out but had no means of dropping my iphone or at&t. The phone crawled was sluggish and slow as hell. What did the guy that worked there say to me. "Well sometimes the phones don't get a good signal in here". Ha I laughed. But ya they have the best coverage everywhere. FAIL.
  • This is getting stupid!
  • @Josel
    Out of curiosity, roughly where in San Diego are you? I am in North County, and, while AT&T's coverage has definitely improved over the past 3 months, my wife's Verizon BB has better coverage and far fewer drops, at least from I-8 north to about Encinitas, which is our typical range. (Except, oddly enough, at the Del Mar beaches -- there my iPhone is solid and she gets nothing. :) )
  • Haahahahha!!!! AT&T is beast here in California!!! I live in a small city with 250,000 people called Modesto!!! If everyone lived here you would always have full 3G at lightening fast speeds!!! Plus everyone owns a iPhone!!! It's like one giant fan club!!! We also have a apple store at our brilliant and amazing Mall!!!
  • Another thing!!! We AT&T people are spoiled with fast 3G so when we use EDGE it seems really slow bit in reality it's almost as fast as Verizons 3G CDMA garbage!!!!! Wewhahahaha!!! GO AT&T!!!! APPLE EXTEND CONTRACT NOW!!!!!
  • Lol I sound arrogant and like a apple fanboy right now!! I'm also bias towards AT&T sense there my first provider and have been great.
  • @dev
    Interesting, I live in North County too in Shadowridge (Vista). I ran speed tests every now and then. Somehow, AT&T is faster in our place than in San Marcos/Civic Center/78-Twin Oaks where I work, but both places have solid signal.
    I've had two BB Storms before finally decided I can't take the frustrations anymore. Yes VZW is also equally solid, but the thing is that their EVDO Rev.A is just not fast, not even 3x as as fast as AT&T. Combine with BB's geriatric browser, the entire thing is just a nightmare for me. I read a Consumer report a few months back comparing carrier claims on their 3G service, and they confirmed AT&T is indeed the fastest in the pack, Verizon coming second, T-Mobile, then Sprint's 3G the slowest give equal coverage.
    I've had apprehensions about migrating to iPhone, but its well worth it. I'm not going back.
    The iPhone, AT&T's GSM platform is very versatile. I went home to Manila, then Seoul, and all I have to do is pop in a local SIM from a telco vending machine at the airport and voila! no hassle.
    What if my phone is Droid? It's not a CDMA-GSM combi phone. That would have been a nightmare.
    Again, people stay at AT&T because it suits their needs. People stay at VZW because it suits their needs too. Wherever you are happy, go!
  • Hilarious & Delusional Commercial. What does AT&T have to do with having 100k apps? NOTHING!
    The worlds fastest 3G? Maybe in the 5% of the country that AT&T actually covers.
    Check out my Twitter war with them to see just how crappy they are
  • Why do people take this personal? I don't get it.
  • that commercial sucks...AT&T should spend a little more money upgrading their coverage rather than waisting money on drivel like that.
  • Good commercial, I enjoyed it. I think it did a good job without being obvious that it was attacking Verizon.
  • lol They should of did this from the get go ! Forget the court ! This is truly entertaining though. I can't wait to see the rest. I hope apple gives them some ideas too lol.
    The talk and surf is a very valid point as well. It's important to business users to get a call and then be able to email something during the call. Instead of " lemme call you back " -- like my friend always does on t-mobile ( G1 ) when he has to send me anything data related.
    IDK about the fastest because I don't get the fastest all the time. On average I get 800-900kbps in lower NY, however the fastest I ever got was 1.7mbps by JFK airport. So i guess it really still is the fastest just not everywhere.
  • What's with the coverage issues with AT&T? In my area, even when I drop to EDGE, my iPhone is still surfing faster than Verizon's 'largest 3G coverage'. What's the point of having 3G if you're not pushing it as far as it can go, both area wise as well as SPEED!!!
  • I think AT&T should come out with a commercial showing two people talking about meeting up via telephone. One person is a Verizon customer and the other is an AT&T customer. The Verizon customer needs to look for directions to where they're going later, but the AT&T person would say, "Let me check that for you on my phone." The Verizon customer will say, "That is not possible." The AT&T person will say, "That is possible with AT&T."
    They could rerun the commercial where the person is sitting in a cafe in France and his phone is stolen. The guy who has his phone stolen turns around to his friend and states the jokes on them. The phone won't work here anyway.
  • I wouldn't say that they have the most popular Smartphones, definitely they have more variety than Verizon when it comes to smartphones. Verzion really only has HTC, Blackberry and now Droid. I like this commercial for it's cleverness but this just shows that AT&T are still riding on the coattails of the iPhone, since they said most popular smartphones and 100,000 apps.
    To be more truthful, the guy should say which network has the most popular smartphone, making smartphone singular not plural. And yeah the iPhone has over 100,000 apps, but how many of those apps are actually useful or good?
    Yeah GSM technology can do voice and data at the same time. But really? Who needs to surf the web on their phone at the same time as talking on the same phone? The only situation I can see that happening is if you're not at home and are someplace where there is no computer available and your friend calls you asking for movie times.
    This to me comes off as more of an attack ad than Verizon's "map for that." The map for that was a (truthful) comparison of 3G coverage. This was more of AT&T's verison of iDon't, which yeah iDon't was an attack ad against the iPhone.
    I love clever ads, they don't make me buy something though. Yeah I bought the Droid, but not out of advertising, but because the phone was far better than my Blackberry Storm (which the Storm couldn't keep up with me). But instead of dumping millions of dollars into marketing, AT&T really needs to step up their 3G network, which from one of the previous articles, looks like they're going to start.
  • I live in a fairly big city in NY about 40mins. From the capital and I have no 3G coverage, is BS! So if the verizone adds get ATT as* in gear I'm all for them.
  • @Josel
    Interesting comparison. I have no complaints about AT&T's connection speed -- which has been great -- just coverage. Like you, I never have problems along the 78 corridor. There are a few areas around the I-5/56 interchange where my wife's VZW phone stays rock steady, but dropped calls on my iPhone are extremely common. (It has gotten better in the past couple of months, so AT&T deserves some kudos for working on it.)
    Exactly -- your "meeting planning" is the type of relatable story AT&T could tell in a 30 second spot that would be a very effective slap at Verizon. (More so than a checklist.) If they are smart, that ad is forthcoming.
  • Its funny why don't they just admit that both of their networks suck, the phones suck on Verizon, AT&T has barely enough coverage to be considered a network so with all the speed it has, it barely works anywhere, if only there was a fast verizon network that was fast with good phones, or an att with great coverage they could honestly say hey WE ARE THE BEST
  • It's sad that AT&T has to waste money defending themselves against a network as crappy as Verizon. My iPhone works eveywhere! Verizon is the "old people" network! You all should get up to date and get on the real FASTEST 3G network, AT&T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It's funny, for me in Maryland Att and verizon have about the same amount of coverage, and from someone who left verizon about a yr ago, att's 3g experience is way better. The problem I'm seein in these blogs is apperently Maryland is the only state with Att coverage. Soo..........bummer for you guys
  • Lisa that is funny, "Verizon is the “old people” network!" Did you ever notice when you go into a Verizon and notice they have people in there paying their bills and getting their phones repaired. They are so 1980's.
  • Hahaha! Jay that's true! I work for AT&T and we have new activations every day that are people switching from Verizon due to low coverage and HIGH bills! I have had AT&T for 10 yrs and I'd never switch! We are the "cool, young people network" for sure! Hahaha! When you turn 60 feel free to switch on over to the "other" side!! When you're that old you don't use your phone anyway so who cares if you don't have a signal!!!!
  • And to everyone who says the commercial was not effective.... Well we don't need to prove crap with a commercial! Try AT&T out for a change and that's all the proof you'll need to see who is better!!! We were better long before the iPhone and we'll continue to be better long after the exclusive deal goes away! Coverage means everything and we have more than Verizon's old school towers could ever dream of!
  • AT&T should whip out a globe in the next commercial and say there is a globe for that. Verizon only has a map.
  • Yes but verizon needs that map to be able to locate their barely there coverage! Hahaha!
  • Alright guys it's not the jay and Lisa show
  • Yes it is!!! Don't be jealous! We have room for a Rob too!
  • Here in L.A., one of the largest cities in the world, AT&T has poor coverage and lots of dropped calls. I couldn't take it anymore so I finally switched to Verizon and its so much better. I no longer have to stand on one leg, touch my finger to my nose, and wear a tinfoil hat just to not drop a call. Also, my att phone used to not get reception driving up the 395 to tahoe. Now with verizon i can talk all the way there without droping a call!!! I own a small business and I have been way more productive with my new verizon blackberry storm II its not even funny. Also, it sounds like a real phone call. With ATT i could barely hear what people were saying because it sounds like there talking into a coke can!
  • WEAK!!!!! An ad would be a good way to improve your coverage. WEAK!!!!!
  • I dunno. My 3g coverage is amazing. Avg. is around 2.0 Mbps. I love it.
  • Oh man, I just switched from AT&T to verizon and I am regretting it. I am going to switch back near the end of the 30 day trial. Verizon's coverage in southeast wis with the droid is pretty bad. Most places I go I get decent 3g signal, but when I place calls, most of the time 0 to 1 bar in the display. The droid is a really decent phone, just not on Verizon's network.
  • Ok. Let me break this down for everyone. Depending on where you LIVE and DO with your phones depends on carrier BEST for you. Obviously they are both great carriers with their own strengths and weakness. Verizon is good at coverage and but expensive and 3g experience is not great. AT&T offers better 3g exp, but limited 3g coverage. But stop arguing about coverage in places you won't travel to. Unless you travel alot. For example, I love Nextel when I had it but the service sucks ass when I moved to Miami. I have AT&T and yes I'm a proud iPhone user. Overall it is the best phone on market and sales show it. AT&T matches that phone with good 3g coverage in the cities I visit. Every carrier is bitter over the iPhone exclusive contract with AT&T and feel like it should be with them and over years attempt to kill the iPhone. In the ads veriozn launched they not only attack AT&T but the iPhone as well. That's sad, but only way they can prevent so many people from switching over. So know what it is you expect from your carrier and phone to make best decision for you. But stop all this bullshit about either one being crap. They're both great at what they do, just pick one along with a phone and shut the hell up, ; )
  • First of all, like some of the people here have stated, it really depends where you live and where you use your phone. The real issue with att is that their data network is so overpopulated with iphone users that their voice network is being affected. Users experience frequent dropped calls, etc. It will be a while before they update their network to compensate for the iphone data usage.
    Yeah, iphones are cool. But I sure as heck wouldn't choose a network solely based on the fact they offer a good phone, and a lot of young, trend-following young people do. I'm on verizon and I never get a dropped call. The very first time I used my roomates iphone I got 2, yes 2, dropped calls to the same person.
    In terms of business, blackberry makes a more compatible, efficient phone. Slowly apps are being rolled out for the iphone that work with ms exchange, etc, but they never function as perfectly as blackberrys do. Believe me, we have employees using both bb's and iphones, and the iphones always have issues (mostly minor).
    All in all, if you want a fun phone, go iphone, if you're conducting serious business go for a bb. Coverage-wise, att needs to upgrade their towers. My bet is that 25% of iphone users will switch from att when the iphone comes to other carriers. Speaking with an att. Operations manager, they will continue to "patch" their towers and buy space from others for data for some time before they spend the billions to upgrade their towers.
    Oh yeah, I can't stand you kids who use a thousand '!!!!!!', you're simply followers of a phone, not a network. So grow a pair and admit your att coverage is inferior and admit that if it weren't for the iphone you would be switching carriers... Quit being pawns and followers.
  • Also, just to clarify a couple things... Verizon/Sprint use CDMA towers, which happen to be more common here in the United States whereas ATT uses GSM towers, typically more common outside the US. Not to say that there isn't a lot of GSM towers here in the US, its just not the "main" choice of tower in the states.
    Verizon offers phones (several Blackberry's) that are both CDMA and GSM capable. So... In response to the post about the person in France, you can surely use Verizon phones internationally. World Edition, and the Tour are among the phones fully capable of going to France and anywhere else with GSM's towers for that matter.
  • I'm not gonna switch to Verizon just because they cover more 3g areas. I'm pretty sure the experience is not the best, actually not being able to browse and talk sucks. I do that a lot, especially when people is asking me to forward stuff. If Apple makes a contract with verizon maybe I'll check was up with that. Ohh yeah and Verizon does not cover Puerto Rico with 3g service. ATT does. I know they have their reason and threshold areas for the 3g availability.
  • I can browse the internet while talking on my Droid on Verizon's 3G, so this commercial is a bunch of BS!
  • Those AT&T commercials are pretty lame. They just keep ragging on how they have cooler phones and dodging the fact that they have horrible 3G coverage compare to Verizon. I have the iphone but really hope it's on a better network. You just gotta give Verizon credit for coming up with such ingenious commercials. AT&T can't do anything in defense but to redirect your attention to their "cool phones".
  • Are u serious! There network is faster? Really actually according to consumer goods sprint had the fastest and next was verizon. Also the motorola droid consistently has the fastest download speed of any smartphone on the market. I did those tests myself, I am a consumer advocate for consumer reports or goods depends on what I am testing. Verizon was testing in seven cities I went to along with sprint tmobile and at&t and guess what all seven of them verizon was the best and at&t the worst in all tests. Sorry to tell u that was with a blackberry curve and with an iphone(which has the worst signal strength of any phone on the market by far, on average the drops over 10percent of calls where the curve held service) the at&t was way worse. At&t is a one trick pony if u ask me and that one trick is is the same reason people love and hate at&t if the iphone doesn't drop over 30percent of test calls then its working correctly. If u want what is great about an iphone get an ipod touch. That for me tested really pretty well. Also the most popular smartphone on the market is the blackberry curve and the most popular in the world is nokia as a brand. also in lab tests only has at&t ever tested better than verizon, and verizon doesn't think its worth wasting money on fighting cause its the exact same technology! Haha so technically it should test the same. Sorry but those at&t adds are incorrect except the browsing the web and calling, other than the droid and only two phones for at&t even do it correctly. Also the test for consumer reports finished with 29 cities tested total and guess who finished first in every single city! And guess who finished last in all but five cities yep u guessed it verizon won all and at&t well it was pretty laughable how bad they tested. It seriously was that bad!
  • I've been using Verizon for many years already and I never encountered any issues. I have no plans in switching as well. These kind of commercials does not affect me at all, I'm just curious though. Thanks for sharing.
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