AT&T Mouth of Sauron Speaks!

UPDATE: According to Ars, while AT&T is indeed shooting for 2011, the EU might just be delaying until 2012. Snap. Who's the backwater internet slowpokes now?

ORIGINAL: Ah, it seems like only yesterday when little baby GRPS, barely faster than background radiation, burst on the scene. Then came EDGE, both 2G and 2.5G for our original iPhones, and HSPA up and down for our iPhone 3G. But time flies and yesterdays super fast is tomorrow's far-too-slow, so it should come as no surprise that AT&T used the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to announce they'll have their 4G network, known as LTE (Long Term Evolution) zipping along fat 100Mbps in just a couple of years.

Tests should begin in 2010, and deployment in 2011. (Which means customer complaints should follow roughly 30 seconds there after).

So, is AT&T's roadmap fast enough for you early adopters? Will it keep you on the iPhone network longer? And what are you most looking forward to with that ultra-boardband speed? Playing WoW on your iPhone HD? 4-way Mobile iChat? Or finally being able to load that one Facebook friend's page with every dang app conceivable jammed on it?