We all new it was coming, and we all new the pricing was likely to be (what's a more insane word for insane than insane?). Now Sascha Segan from Gearlog has word on the Charlotte, North Carolina launch, and just what those insanely insane prices are:

According to an AT&T rep in Charlotte, the MicroCell costs $150 and service is free (heck, you're saving AT&T money by using it) unless you sign up for AT&T's "unlimited talk" option, which gives you unlimited minutes of calling over your microcell. That costs an extortionate $20/month, though it also gets you a rebate on your device.

It uses GPS to verify your location during setup, so don't try to use it out of AT&T coverage zones or internationally (you know, where the pricing may actually be worth it).

Is it just us or is this like going to MacDonald's, not getting fries in your combo meal, and then being told if you really want them, bring your own potatoes and for a couple bucks extra they'll let you cut and fry them up yourself?