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AT&T offering unlimited mobile to mobile to any number

AT&T mobile to mobile calling will be free to any mobile number starting Thursday, February 10th. What's the catch you may ask? You must have some type of unlimited messaging plan on your account. For individuals, the cost is $20 for unlimited messaging and for family plans, it's $30. You'll also need to be on a "qualifying" Nation or FamilyTalk plan.

Any of you plan on adding messaging just to get this feature? Or more importantly, is it swaying any potential Verizon switchers into staying with AT&T? I have a sneaky feeling this is the first of many deals both carriers will roll out to attract potential iPhone customers. Ah, gotta love competition!

[AT&T Press Release (opens in new tab)]

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  • Well i will be qualified for this. Yes
  • I called AT&T it's true :) it starts tomorrow, i get it because i have a family plan and unlimited text messaging.
  • Whoever is paying for text message and has a iPhone has issues. Why pay when there is so many free text messaging app???
  • My husband and son don't use an iphone, or smartphone for that matter, so I guess that would be my "issue"...
  • Hey girl, that apps you are referring to with unlimited messaging will give an extra charge for the said application. No provider will give you that for free. You will going to have a monthly subscriptions on that, it will cost you more...
  • If I'm qualified I'd be happy as hell because i wasnt thinking of switching anyways
  • This rules. It doesn't...extend our contracts, does it? BETTER NOT.
  • Nope. Adding and removIng features should never re-up your contract.
  • That is TRUE... Your talk plan and features do not extend your contract. Your contract will only be renewed if you upgrade for a new phone.
  • I have posted a link on my site to BGR who has a chart of who will qualify. Check it out at
    I hope the chart is right...but we will know soon enough.
  • awesome
  • Everybody on my family plan qualifies for this. Geez, my rollover minutes are going to jump from 6000+ to 13,xxx and up! What the frack am I going to need rollover minutes for then?!
    Insane but but the consumers reap all the benefits from the Verizon At&t dog fight! Good for us...
  • Exactly my thoughts!! 
  • I hope the $60 family plan is qualified for it. I just change It down from the $80 family plan with A-List...
  • so i have unlimited texting, so im qualified right? do i need to call or will they automatically do it?
    and does it matter? i have 450 min/month, i use maybe 150 most and i have almost 4000 rollover minutes.
    and i just checked, using the att app, under usage it says "mobile to mobile minutes - used 101 of unlimited" already in effect? ive had this for a while
  • I think it's mobile to mobile within AT&T
  • and the new feature is mobile to mobile, as in if i, on att, call say my dad, on verizon, then that doesnt use my minutes, correct?
  • As long as it is a mobile number any network it is unlimited dude. Not only AT&T mobile numbers---as in all!!! The minutes in your talk plan is good for land line callings. And if you gain that much from your roll over minutes, it has an expiration of up to 12 billing cycles. You need to utilize it as well for calling land line numbers within US. And your talk plan for you to be eligible with the feature should be $69.99 and above with the unlimited messaging plan for Family Plan and 39.99 for a single line with unlimited messaging plan as well.
  • No it is mobile to mobile to ANY wireless phone. Not just AT&T. All customers already have that. Regardless.
  • No it's to any number i called and a rep told me
  • The only thing that matters is if you call a landline. That will use your minutes
  • This is nuts. You have to be on $70 and up family plan to qualified keep in mind the $70 plan's additional line is $49.99 not $9.99. I hope I'm wrong with the qualification. If this is true it sucks big time....
  • no you just have to have unlimited texting.
  • No i have 1400 family plan and its 9.99 each additional line. I am qualified
  • The $49.99 extra line is only for their top family plan which is the unlimited minutes. All other family plans are $9.99 a line - source:
    You just don't understand your talk plan. The one that you are referring to is the AT&T Unlimited talk plan---unlimited to landline calls and mobile calls. The others with $9.99 is the one with a minute plan. If you avail for the said feature with unlimited messaging packaged with unlimited mobile callings to any network, then you have the chance to downgrade your talk plan to a lower minute but make it effective on the start of your next cycle to avoid a month in advance if you are being billed in advance, if in arrears then it is fine to make it effective right away. You just do not understand what you are paying for, and you complain for things you do not know!!! You are bad!!!
  • Wow. Sounds like a "sucker" move.
  • I don't care it's awesome i was staying with AT&T in the first place and now it gives me an even greater reason.
  • I am too! But just seems that its almost a scam to get people to spend more money.
  • Good move, better move would have been just auto add the feature without any qualifiers. Just roll it out as a new standard feature for certain plans and a option on the lower price plans. Also bring back unlimited data!
  • So I have the 1100 family plan, am I in? or can I get in I mean?
  • well our bill is $220/month so i'd say we qualify. (5 lines)
  • a “qualifying” Nation or FamilyTalk plan... hmmm I'm going to go out on a limb here and say my grandfathered 850 Min family talk plan will be eligible.
  • You guys need to read the qualification carefully. It said you have to have unlimited text and a qulifing family or individual plans. To that $70 family plan it's $49.99 for additional line not $9.99
  • No it is not the 49.99 a line plan. that plan is for unlimted minutes to any number including landline. you qualify if u have unlimited messaging on a indivisual plan and you qualify if you have unlimeted messaging on a family plan of 69.99 and higher
  • look at this link
  • You are incorrect. That is for unlimited add a lines. Just go to AT&T's wedsite and browse plan features. They are updated. There is no additional charge as long as you are on a 700 min fam plan or a 450 or above individual plan and unlimited messaging.
  • hey guys, page seems up at this moment, but i can't find that feature for my account.. can you confirm that it is not on right now? one thing that worries me is im at 10% FAN discount on my account, and i dont know if that will affect my qualification...
  • page isnt up for me
  • What's the $69 plans comes with? I don't see it as one of the options.
  • it's family plan that comes with 700 shared mins... unlimited mobile to mobile (att) + night&wkend...
  • That's the one I have.
  • I have a single line, 450 mins a/mo., iPhone data plan, and unlimited texting. So my bill will remain the same, yet I get unlimited calling (minutes) to any mobile number in the US, regardless of network? Sweet, but dang- i'm still paying the same. Am I on the right page or not?
  • yes you are! it's very sweet
  • I just added it!
    FYI, it will be available on webpage 10:00AM EST.
    I added it through CS rep on online (tech chat service)
    Im on $69.99 family plan with $30 shared unlimited txt plan
    following is transcript!
    Jennifer: This is a new and exciting feature we are releasing on 2/10. It will not be available to add until around 10 AM in the morning.
    Jeong: Oh! 10AM EST?
    Jennifer: Yes!
    Jennifer: I can see if I can see it to add it.
    Jennifer: To further assist you, I will need to access your account. Please send me the first and last name of the account holder and the last four digits of the on the account holders social security number.
    Jeong: sure,
    Jeong: ############### (my info)
    Jennifer: Thank you.
    Jennifer: I can see it. I will try to add it.
    Jennifer: I added it!!
    Jeong: great~
    Jennifer: This is going to be an awesome feature for you.
    Jennifer: There will be no changes in how you are charged.
    Jeong: yes it is ! it's very sweet feature to have! thanks for helping me out today !
    Jennifer: Both the old and new feature are the same price.
  • sorry for messed up line structure....
    in the end,, i added it..
  • I guess I don't qualify, since I have the $50 family plan. :(. It was te same with the A-list feature.
  • Do I have to give up my a-list to get this feature?
  • Yes, but you now have an "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" list. I think that's a good thing.
  • I added the Any Mobile and did not have to give up my A-List. Now I only have to use A-List for landline numbers! yeah!
  • I smell a 1-up coming....
  • what a month got to love competition. i have att and live in nyc. ive been putting up with them for years but no i am not switching why you ask. first off i am not loyal to any company they can care less about me so i go for the best deal. ive had verizon before and once they have you in a contract all is finished. they refuse to help you . so this month att gave me 2000 free rollover min (i needed this cause i was going over my minutes) then they gave me a free microcell for in home use (200 value) now this unlimited mobile to mobile. Competition is a consumers best friend. IF ONLY EVERY CARRIER HAD THE IPHONE. verizon 450 min plan just would cut it for me i would need the 900 min which is 20 bucks a month more without rollover. thats 240 bucks a month more not counting taxes for the same service on verizon no thanks
  • just would not cut it sorry. that was a typo. set up was simple just a fast phone call and all was finished and painless . Thanks apple for opening up the iphone. notice i thank apple not att cause they would keep screwing me if they were the only iphone carrier so now that att needs me they are coming around.
  • I have the 700 minutes family plan and unlimited text, and I was told it would still be an additional $9.99 a month, not free!
  • UPDATE - Im on phone with AT&T again, and the first lady gave me wrong information, i'm being told it's a free feature to anyone with a Family Talk Plan and Unlimited Text.
  • UPDATE 2 - ok it's been added to my phone and it is Free. So now all my lines have free mobile to mobile on any carrier!
  • The A-list requires you to have either a 900 minute individual plan, or a 1400 minute family plan. I imagine that they will stick with these same requirements but just add the unlimited messaging as the final requirement.
    If they end up lowering the price plan requirements then kudos to AT&T, but I doubt it.
  • When I call AT&T to add the mobile to mobile to any carrier figure the representative suggested using the A-list for landlines that you frequently call.
  • This saved me $30.00 a month! Hell yes!!!!
  • I think this replace the unlimited data plan that you previously had
  • I love lamp.
  • what about people who put Google Voice as one of their A-list numbers? They do that so the don't rack up minutes for calls to/from the GV #. Will that # be considered wireless or wired? Will they gain unlimited mobile-to-anymobile and lose unlimited GV?
    With no GV of my own and 5,000+ rollover minutes on my 450min plan, I"m not affected in any way by this announcement, Just curious.
  • Here are the details.
    o $20 Messaging Unlimited feature with free M2AM on $39.99 or higher Nation Plans
    o $30 FamilyTalk Messaging Unlimited feature with free M2AM on $69.99 or higher FamilyTalk and BusinessTalk Plans (1- 5 users)
  • If you already have the $69.99 or higher Family Talk its Free!
  • This is another half hearted offer from AT&T. You have to be on the 700 minute plan, at a minimum, for them to extend this offer to you. My family is on the 550 family talk plan and they will not offer this to us. It was pitched to me that if I spend $10 MORE per month to move up to the 700 minute plan then I can get this offer.
    I am so ready for the day when Apple finally figures out how to circumvent these freaking cellular carriers. They are never interested in saving their customers money, only in finding ways to get us to spend more. Unbelievable.
  • Seriously, it's like they're only in business to make a profit and increase shareholder value ...
  • I was thinking of switching to Verizon this weekend, but with a sweet offer like this... I'm an AT&T customer for life!
  • I finally dumped Sprint yesterday after they started charging an extra $10/mo. per smartphone line. This was the only feature on Sprint I was sorry to lose--turns out I didn't lose it after all.
  • So does this mean that you will be able to call anyone (not on AT&T) for free?
  • Correct, Mobile to Mobile only, to any carrier!
  • I have had issues with the feature. Called ATT and they stated I was on a grandfathered Unity plan no longer offered. So they tried for about 40 minutes and finally said they would call me back but my 700 minute plan qualified. A friend of mine logged into his account and that feature was not where ATT FAQ's said it would be. He has the same plan. I am curious to know who has had trouble adding it online. And yes..if you have the 20 or 30 dollar messaging feature and a qualifying voice plan there is not an additional cost. AT&T has added this "any mobile" feature into the messages cost. They are making you sign up because if you don't you will continue to pay for those calls. Think about all the people that won't sign up because they do not know.
  • Sorry...
    And thanks TiPb. Love the site, all the info and the store.
  • Update Finally got my working...
    I tried texting my wife today after I did not get a message from my boss and she was not getting messages, neither was I or my daughter. So I stopped by the local AT&T store and told them what was going on from calling this morning about Mobile to "any" Mobile to not getting texts. Obviously, AT&T (611) had take my texting completely off. The store rep, added it back and got a memo with a SOC code (what he called it), added it in and it works. He said I have text now and can call any other carrier.
  • So I have the basic 450 Min plan but it says "Unlimited Any Mobile to Mobile calling"?
  • I have the 700 Minute FamilyTalk plan with the $30 Unlimited Family messaging Feature and I couldn't see anywhere on the website "Features" page for my account where I could add the unlimited mobile-to-mobile feature.
    I called Customer Support and after being on the phone for 20 minutes, they weren't able to add it from their systems either. They finally opened up a case and said they'll have to look into it.
    Personally, I think this is just another example of AT&T coming out with grandiose plans and offers and failing to deliver.
  • Hey guys. I'm trying to set this up online but not exactly sure what to select. Is it the "unlimited messaging" plan instead of the current "iPhone Unlimited" plan?
    Thanks in advance.
  • nope, dont mess with iphone plan...
    choose "Family Messaging Unlimited with Mobile to Any Mobile Calling"
    instead of "Messaging Unlimited for Families"
    for family plan...
    probably similar option exists on individual account..
    iphone plan (assuming data plan) does not have to do with this...
    b/c non-iPhone user can use this feature, too...
  • I have so many roll over minutes this doesn't even make a difference. No one I know with an iPhone really talks on the phone ... So their efforts for voice plans are duds to me.
  • Don't you lose roll over minutes in 12 months?
  • We all have lots of rollover minutes. Wanna know why? Because we are always anal about going over. So now I never need to log into and look. My minutes will skyrocket now that I dont have to care about going over an imaginary minute line.
    Competition is good, and this essentially gives all of us an unlimited cell phone plan for a DECENT price.
    This is a very good thing for all of us and in the end we win a little.
    I have a feeling this is a start of many things to come from att to retain us. Their service is obviously not as strong as vzw across the country and they know over the long term vzw will slaughter them if they sit back and do nothing.
    Who smells a data bundle with iPad coming when they launch the next iPad version on Verizon. I bet if you have both devices they will offer a $45 bundle for 4GB for both devices.
    Let's wait and see!
  • I'll be cutting my minutes by half which will save me about $40 a month!
  • Also my buddy has a family unlimited plan which he's paying $239.00 a month for.
    His bill now goes down to $189.00
    $600.00 a year savings is pretty awesome.
    A heavy user truly benefits from this.
  • I couldn't find anything about what plans you have to be on to get this feature so I went to an AT&T store.
    Now this may not be for all AT&T stores but it was true for the one I went to. When I went in I asked them about this and they said yeah we just started it today and after giving them all the info they needed they set it up easily. My plan is the 450/month and unlimited messaging. I qualified for it. The only people that don't qualify is if you have the senior discount plan.
    Also if you live in an area that has poor 3G coverage they give you a MicroCell for free that you hook up to your internet that will give you full 3G service in your home.
    So it's a pretty sweet deal I think.
  • Just flipped my plan over to this and I think this is pretty great! I had the family share 700 w/ unlimited texing for families. This was an easy lateral swap. For me this is a huge deal because I call a ton of people off network. Just go to where your features are and you will see the mobile to any mobile/messaging for families plan to switch to. No, this does not change your contract date. It may just save you a bit of money, as for me I know it will. Yes AT&T call quality can be a bummer, but this was a pretty smart move on their part in my opinion.
  • Wait... So this means I have unlimited minutes now if I currently have unlimited messaging?
  • as far as i know, it does not unlimited minutes.. your landline call still count as regular minutes, but, to ANY mobile call will be unlimited regardless carrier.
    (pretty much, unlimited, you can say...)
  • If you put your landlines on the A-line then it because a true unlimited plan.
  • Wow ATT, good work!!!! Love my iPhone, hate T-Mobile. I was going to go to Verizon today and get their iPhone 4 BUT after I read this post on tipb, I, along with 2 other lines, will be switching to ATT tommorrow. You got my bussiness ATT!
  • Great move AT&T, now only if you could revisit the $30 unlimited data plan (till Verizon starts capping of course) we would be all set!
  • Hope to never pay for SMS ever again as long as GV stays alive. GV SMS extension (cydia) + bitesms = native GV SMS + $240 a year saved.
  • Any idea if switching to this will affect the upgrade dates for my plan?? I know certain changes to your account can push back upgrade dates. It doesnt cost any more or any less for us to get it, just want to make sure I'm not gonna get screwed out of an upgrade if I change to this. We are eligible for an upgrade and are waiting for iPhone 5 and there's no way I'm gonna risk pushing that back.
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