Yet Another AT&T Outage?

Say it is not so AT&T. Another outage seemed to take place this morning, mostly effecting the East coast this time. It was a little over a week ago where myself and Dieter, in the Midwest, noticed something was a little off - to say the least - with our service. Both data and voice were effected then. In the end, that was blamed on a power failure.

Today, here in the Midwest, all is well. But it seems like a lot of East coast customers have some major issues with their data. So all you East coast readers, are you back surfing the web on your beloved iPhone? Or are you still sitting there lost with no data service?

Maybe this has something to do with the recent reports of AT&T beefing up their 3G network? Never the less, hopefully everything is now back to normal!

Let us know!

IM Staff

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