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AT&T Outage Watch: Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana?

PREVIOUSLY: Gizmodo is reporting the dreaded AT&T DATA DOWN! for Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana. Any iPhone users having problems there or thereabouts? Let us -- and each other -- know in the comments.

Rene Ritchie

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  • 3G and Edge working fine in Oklahoma far.
  • Typical service in the Dallas - Fort Worth area.
  • My friend tolled me today at school (iPhone 3G) that she couldn't get either edge or 3G it may of been just edge. We are located in Missouri.
  • Edge and 3g is fine so far in DFW and up to one hour north in Sherman,TX.
  • I'm in Houston and my 3g was down. I could not access the app store or use pandora.
  • Out here in New Orleans Louisiana we not having outages but we just started to have a 3g dropping problem. I called AT&T and they had the nerve to tell me that it's suppose to do that, and did I mention that the problem just started but they say it's suppose to do that? It's pissing me off. Follow me on Twitter - ballerb
  • All is FUBARed in San Antonio. I haven't had access for hours.
  • Downtown Austin has normal service.
  • Houston is still down.
  • I am in lafayette and keep losing 3G a good bit. I hope they fix this problem soon.
  • Thousands of miles away, in northern MA, the same problems were experienced
  • Also had an unreported outage in Ny yesterday afternoon my girlfriend and I had no 3g service from 3 pm to 8 pm good job at&t.
  • I'm in the spring area of Houston and the 3G seems to be back now.
  • I'm in Austin, Tx. and I have had service all day.
  • Everything's working in middle Tennessee.
  • Working OK in OK.
  • Everything is good over here in Baton Rouge, LA
  • I'm in New Orleans - I can connect fine. (iPhone 3G) 4:20pm
  • 4:40 pm.
    3G here in rural Joshua Texas. (near dfw)
  • I'm in DC and I had issues all last night
  • All is fine in New Orleans so far.
    4:50 PM
  • Houston area was down today for a while...of course when I needed it. Seems to be back up now though
  • Baton Rouge, LA 3G has been seriously iffy for the past 2 months! Signal will completely vanish at times, yet iPhones will not switch over to Edge. One has to manually switch, (thought my iPhone was suposed to handle that automatically!
  • I am having issues here in the fort worth, tx area.
  • All ok in McAlester, Oklahoma. For now.
  • Everything is working in El Paso TX.
  • I live in el paso and my phones on my family plan are not working i have no bars at all
  • Tyler, TX... 2 hours east of Dallas...
    No issues today.
  • Waco, Texas...No issues today. (knock on wood).
  • Gizmodo updated their site saying it affected people in south Texas...people like cjvitek...:0
  • Thank you Mike M for telling us that everything is OK in Middle Tennessee. That is so very pertinent to this story.
  • Austin was down starting around 9:30am today. I flew to Houston and it was out there too. Finally came back around 6pm
  • I am in salt lake city and this morning I had no 3g had to restart the phone to get it back
  • Fort worth tx is up
  • I’m in CA and my 3G was down
  • No edge in Odessa texas on first gen iPhone, but 3g fine
  • Austin, TX has intermittent issues with Edge and Visual Voicemail all day.
    VM delayed hours late -- and no signal or access on Edge. 3G slow all afternoon.
    And voice coverage and artifacts waaaaay unacceptable. Gee I miss GTE Mobilnet.
  • I think it's bull shut how we pay $39.99 for this so called "#1 data plan" that's down 25% of the time...lower the rate if we're going to keep having downtime! I use this as a bussiness line and if it's not working like it should he, I'M SCREWED!! AT&T get your act together, this isin't the first time!!
  • edge never works for me here in Boston.... get full bars but i always get the "not connected to internet" popup..... seriously annoying as this is supposed to be an "always-connected" phone :-/
  • Blackberries had issues here in Houston also.
  • In Panhandle, Lubbock, TX to be exact :) GO Raiders!
    I've had the issue these past few days of my texts not being received by different people (T-Mobile and Verizon)!
    ---jailbroken iPhone 2G
  • I have AT&T with a BB Bold (3G) and started having signal strength issues yesterday and today is not better. IT goes from 3G down to no signal and then GPRS in a matter of seconds. I have had several dropped calls in areas I should have a full 3G signal. Screw At&T!
  • Edge down on my original iphone the last 2 days in Houston, Tx normal cell service ok
  • EDGE is down in San Antonio again. Blackberry email service is also out again just as both were out on Monday. After EDGE connection was back Monday afternoon, it was not until about 9 P.M. that blackberry email service was back up.
  • I meant to also say that regular voice service over GSM is working on
  • Houston, No Service, 2 days of issues. I want my T-Mobile phone back!
  • Still down in Houston, Texas also. It's 4:19 been down for about an hour here, I'm in a household with two different cell phones with at&t. What's going on? We have no house line, we depend on our cellphones.
  • Called AT&T and sat through a half hour of useless troubleshooting, then they admitted that there is a problem in north and south Texas that will affect data, could affect voice. There is of course no estimated time for it to be fixed. They are currently checking other things, but said that they will be also checking for compensation (i.e. a credit to my bill). I will post back and let you guys know if I got the credit and how much it is.
  • Now they have said that this known problem has been an open issue since Monday. They will be calling me back in 48 hours and will talk about compensation at that time. They gave me a ticket number and a "commitment" to call me back Friday. The lady has made it sound like they would give me a credit now, but if the outage lasts longer, the credit would be larger. I guess I should have mentioned that I am positng this all over the internet and maybe I could have gotten some hush money. ;)
  • Maybe I shoudl also bill them fo rthe 45 minutes that I spent on the phone with them
  • Iphone is just a brick in Houston, has been spotty ever since Monday.
  • I did some googling around and it seems that at&t has in the past gave a credit for each day of service that there was a problem. With a bill around $160 and 28 days this month that is a credit of $5.71 per day.
    It's too bad that the reverse logic does not work. For example, if I turn my phone off and do not use it for a day, I am still charged for it. I would think that credit should be more than one day's worth of service since I have not only wasted my time on the phone with them, but I have also missed many phone calls and email's
  • Houston AT&T - mine has been down all day. really pissing me off. I'm hoping I can get some credit also. at least when I disable 3g through settings I can get a few bars, but anytime I turn 3g back on, my signal is completely lost.
  • Houston AT&T - still down. Thought it was my phone/account earlier, so visited AT&T store. They had an email at 3:09pm that said north and south Texas were down due due to a cable cut. This guys have big redundancy issues. I thought they wrote the book on 99.999 (five nines)? Guess they laid those guys off.
  • Houston AT&T - you would think they would at least notify their customers about a service issue. right?
  • although mine appears to be working again. =)
  • New Orleans Airport - Service just dropped about 1:45 CST. No Service shows on phone. Go to airplane mode and back and it searches but comes back No Service.
  • Austin, Tx: Shows a few bars, but no connectivity for voice or data.
  • Austin, TX: Extremely slow to no data (3g or Edge) during the day for the past 3 days. Girlfriend and I are seeing the same issues on 2 seperate iphones. ATT said they are having network issues this week in my area and they expect to be resolved by tomorrow and advised I can call back then for compensation if it's back up. What's annoying is having to spend hours on the phone being bounced around before someone acknowledges the problem. The least they could do is tell there own cust service reps about service outages so customers aren't being bounced around and asked to needlessly troubleshoot their phones.
  • I have ATT & I'm in Manhattan(work) & Brooklyn (home) & my service has been out since yesterday afternoon. I called and they told me service was down and couldn't give me a definite time as to when it was going to be fixed. "Normally, within a day or two." My iPhone simply says "No Service." UGH!
  • Dallas area: - iphone has no service Blackjack works just fine. ATT advises 'they are experiencing some difficulties in my area' but no idea when this will be fixed. Seems strange that it effects some phones but not all. . . .
  • Austin, TX: No service signals (iphone edge) in the downtown area yesterday and today.
  • So a followup to last week. AT&T did call me back with an offer to reimburse me for my DATA plan only for the days that were affected. Grand total: $4. :(
    I told the lady that this was not cool and that I had already spent over an hour on the phone with her. Also, since voice was admittedly affected as well, I wanted a reimbursement for that too. She said that she only dealt with the data plans and that she could transfer me to someone else.
    I probably should have done it, but I was tired of being on the phone. Whatever.
  • North & South Texas AT&T wireless OUTAGE, voice and data... AT&T didn't even know about it, so I had to take Iphone apart, wait on hold for over 30 minutes, be transferred all over, only to find that Eureka! It's an outage, covering 'north and south texas', and no matter what I asked regarding cause, compensation, prognosis, the answer was always that she doesn't know. ARGH
  • Regarding above outage, I'm in the middle of Houston.
  • I'm in San Antonio. I lost coverage less than an hour ago. The phone simply says "No Service" where the edge/3g bar normally is. I have't heard anything but I'm guessing it's an outage.
  • NorthEast Houston, Been down for about 15 min. Suckage.
  • Data down in Dallas... fun
  • I'm in Dallas, been down for about an hour, just says "No Service" and calls can't come in or go out.
  • down in austin, TX... can't make or receive calls... been this way for at least 30 minutes.
  • now all services are down... funner
  • back up 4:34pm
  • I'm a little surprised none of the news outlets (that I've seen anyway) have pickup up on this. I went by a store, they gave me an ETA or 5pm. Anyone have anything more concrete?
  • Still no service in north Austin at 4:43.
  • No service still, voice or data, in central houston. No ETA from AT&T. Once in a while the 'no service', which I've never seen before today noon, changes to searching, and once said At&T for about 5 mins, then went back to no service, where it's stayed for last hour. Rep @ ATT said she learned of this while I was on phone w/her, and now was told not to answer calls!
  • "No Service" status for the last 45 minutes in Laredo, TX area.
  • Voice just came back up in Dallas @ 4:59pm, but I think data is still down.
  • Spoke too soon, I just went down again, back to "No Service".
  • I even got a few msgs during the 5 mins window when it was up, but always directly from voicemail, no ring. Then it went down again in the middle of msg retrieval. Callers don't get a ring, even if they can leave a msg, but mostly they receive classic 3 notes, then woman saying the # is no longer in service, so there's no default msg that kicks in to tell callers they've called a good number. This makes for business problems, as if there weren't enough already!
  • Still 'no service' in Fort Worth Texas for me. Sporadically it will come back, but then disappears as quickly as it came back. I only switched over to AT&T a week or so ago... this isn't boding well.
  • Still "no service"
  • houston - same story - still dead
  • No Service and Searching for network since 1pm. I have a iphone3g and tried restoring device thinking it was another issue. That failed so I went to an apple store and the rep told me that network issues throughout ATT have plagued all customers and people keep coming in complaining about no service.
  • Oh Im in Frisco area of North Dallas
  • Still no service in South Austin
  • Still no service in West Austin.
  • Still no service in NW Houston.
  • EDGE/3G still down east of Dallas (Greenville), but wife's phone on GPRS is working.
  • Am in Detroit with a Houston Number and it is out for me. The apple guy i spoke with said that he has received 6 calls for the same reason over the last hour
  • San Antonio service is out on EDGE/3G
  • North Houston still down.
    A while ago it went to 1 bar, now its "searching..."
  • Last month it was because someone cut through some cables in Dallas? Has anyone heard what the deal is now?
  • North Houston here, looks like I got bars, data and email seems to be working again, but still no voice, I get a busy signal when dialing to my iPhone from a landline. Barely switched to AT&T 2 weeks ago, not a good start.
  • No service in Dallas. I was number 64 going into the AT&T store with the same problem. They said they didn't know what was wrong, but that the problem was supposed to be fixed an hour ago.
  • dam..this sucks..still "no service" for the last 3 hours...does this kind of stuff usually much longer?!
  • no service in the Clear Lake Area towards Galveston
  • I'm in Houston. I went and manually turned off 3G and I got service. First time in hours. When I spoke to ATT complaining about my friends having service, (yes with the iphone too) the persons response was, "well it hasn't hit them yet." - To that, "Is this a wild fire?"
  • My sister's iphone(3g) is working fine..still has service...guess only "certain" iphones are feeling the discomfort, like mine...
  • Lets hope this problem gets fixed soon, I wouldnt be surprised if it was probably some worker who tripped on a cable, sarcasm aside, is it just me or are big companies having down time? AT&T today, Google down yesterday, its funny how a little insignificant thing can bring large networks down.
  • We are DOWN - NO SERVICE in Austin, TX:( BOOOOO.
  • So my last good report was premature, but I seem to have voice and data back with full signal in D/FW over by the airport. Hopefully it lasts and starts to propagate quickly...
  • SA is up and running for the moment.
  • Laredo, Tx is up in running for the last 5 minutes...I turned off my 3g signal..not sure if that has anything to do with it..ill keep u posted
  • I am getting intermittent service in Forth Worth on an off again voice and data. When it is on again I don't get 3g only edge. Wish I would have seen this string earlier before I restored my whole phone.
  • I'm back up in West Austin
  • Oh here is the crazy thing. I turned off the 3g in the settings. Was getting full strength voice. Was curious so I went to turn on the 3g, and bam no service.
  • After doing a reset of my network settings, things seem to be back online. Go to Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings
  • Yeah I have done this too, I have also "reseated my sim"....but now as I type this I have 3G yippeee...maybe it will hold
    Fort Worth
  • service working in Clear Lake, TX. Rebooted my old original iphone and now have voice and data services
  • I had service all day here in south austin. My friend who lives here has no service. Weird that were in the same city and im not affected. We both have 3g iphones by the way.
  • FORT WORTH, TX is out... has been since 4:45 this afternoon.
  • My phone is up and running for the last 45 minutes (laredo, TX)..(still have the 3g turned off)..
  • North Houston
    Looks like Data and Voice are both back, never mind it just went back to NO SERVICE. Anybody have any news from AT&T as to what the problem is?
  • Denton and Lewisville have been down for 7+ hours at this point. This is the Area 20-40 Miles North of Dallas-Ft. Worth.
    Down as in "No Service" shown on iPhone 3G upper left hand corner.
  • I'm back up w/voice and data in central Houston, and it's held for almost an hour, and was out for over 8 hrs. No text msgs sent to me today got to me, and text msgs I sent never got where they were going either. I'll be pleasantly surprised to hear any news from AT&T...just checked, still on strong
  • im back up in royse city just 12 miles east of dallas but it was going off and on all afternoon
  • Yup the Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings worked for me too. Thanks!
  • Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Setting did NOT work here. Been down since 10:00 AM in Arlington, TX (DFW area), no service - AT&T said by 11:00 pm we'd be up, but obviously missed that promise.
  • I'm so sorry, newFADS, as I started this string early today and felt so good that we Texans were all going to bed w/our phones working again. Mine hasn't gone down again, since 7:30 pm, so you'll be next. Good night
  • I live in Dallas and work in McKinney about 25 minutes away and have been using the iPhone3G for a little over six months and I have never been impressed with the 3G service in this part of DFW. Today I was without 3G or EDGE for a few hours and I had no idea what was going on, this is my second iPhone because the first one was defective and I figured this was too, I guess it is a widespread problem, Powercycling sometimes helps.
  • what's powercycling?
  • I had issues yesterday, I had nothing....but suprisingly today I have full 3g in my office, where I could barely get a a bar in here....did they do some upgrading???.... I'm near downtown houston....
  • Have been having issues since Feb 25th noon. Still oscillating service. Tried several stuff. If it doesn't work today am going to the At*T store and telling me to give m an iphone which doesn't have a problem with this whatever network problem is going on or make my next month bill free. If they can charge for extra mins we can demand for the amount of time we were not able to use. This isn't what we pay for.
  • I have made and received ten calls in the past two weeks...A T & T message "Call failed" all day...every day...except for 7:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. - and then only if the call connected. When I hang up and attempt a call, the message is "Call failed." 1 bar. Word is that AT&T refuses to rent space on local towers. Perhaps it's another FAILING BUSINESS SCREWING US OVER...
  • Powercycling is the combination of EPO, a bicycle, a challenging course, and some natural talent and ability...
    No, seriously...I'm sure the poster was referring to powering the iPhone down by holding the power button down until the slider appears and then turning the iphone off and then back on.
  • Dallas Downtown - still out.... just got here for the weekend and it's been out all day! Went to the Apple store and I was told 'At&t said they would have the problem fixed in 24 hours - but that was Thurs" Yeah... ummm.... ok?
  • I've been having problems with my signal for 2 weeks now. I live in Lake Charles, LA. I've never lost signal in the middle of town like I have lately!!! It's really irritating because I'm missing calls and texts. I'll get like 5 voicemails and 30 texts all of a sudden from a 3 hour time range. If it doesn't change soon I'm switching companies, no matter how much I love my iPhone.
  • Still down in Austin. Have tried cycling off/on, removing SIM card, resetting network, and resetting entire phone. None work. AT&T better be working on this.
  • Service out in Denton, Texas for about an hour now!!! Just says "searching...."
  • I'm in San Antoin TX and last night I started to see "no service" and "searching" and it's worse today. I've tried resetting the network, cycling on/off and messing with the sim card but, no dice. So I'm off to the AT&T store after work to see what i can find out. They better be working to fix it.
  • I'm in the medical center area of San Antonio. I am getting "no service" on my iPhone. I power cycled serveral times and still no service. Its been like this since 10a.
  • Service in McKinney TX is down for past week. ATT claims two towers are down but the funny thing is all my friends ATT phones work but my wife and mine do not. Says either "no service" or "searching." If ATT doesn't get this crap figured out quick my status is going to be "searching" for "new service" from another provider. This is getting old guys. Never had any issues on the old digital system with my MOTO RAZR. iPhone is a giant piece of crap. If thinking of buying one, wait and get the new blackberry coming this summer. Hell, smoke signals work better than this major POS!!!
  • I totally agre with Bevo...I'm also in Mckinney TX how ******* not have service! I've had the iphone for about 3 months now and its been nothing but problem since then. Crashes/freezes, no service, Can't even receive a fricken picture message on the iphone! ALL CRAP
  • Same problem as John Smith. I'm around the medical center in San Antonio and since wednesday april 29th I keep getting call failed messages and can't receive txt/emails frequently. This is garbage, are they planning on prorating reimbursement for loss of service?
  • Little to no signal in Del City, OK every phone mobile company in Del City is area is having outages today.
  • AT&T out here in Nashville... has been since end in sight, apparently. Tried to get someone in technical way no how. No phone at all. GD IT!
  • El Paso, TX: Voice and data down all day today, tower damages leading to loss of coverage spanning approximately 25 miles - this is according to the AT&T Wireless rep. It may be due to the hail storm yesterday but hey by Verizon works just fine. Hmmm....
  • Ruston, La: Data plan may as well be non-existant. We don't have 3G here yet, still running Edge, which was fine until about 3 months ago. My wife and I use the 2nd generation Iphone and I also have a AT&T Mercury USB Connect 3G Modem. Super slow upload and download speeds less than 5kb in most cases along with the constant drops on the data. Voice works fine but data in our area blows.
  • Sigh.
    As for San Antonio, I'm in Monte Vista just north of down town, I've gone from full bars to none and then No Service and back again for the past few weeks. What the hell am I paying for here - I can't even make a freaking phone call and when I can the audio sucks or the call gets dropped. [ve got a 1st generation iPhone and qualify for an upgrade but that means two more years of ATT... I'm just gonna wait and jump as soon I can switch to a reliable network. Like I have a choice...
    This is just simply wrong for the amount of money I'm spending - I want my money back!
  • Hey, Louisiana doesn't have internet today OCTOBER 19!!
  • I live in houston texas and for a day now my edge network will not work, only on 3G network can i make calls.
  • Arlington, Texas down for the count
  • Back up
  • Back down again.
  • Looks spotty here, up then down. Was this planned maintenance? malicious?
  • its done in cali, so i am a missouri number and i have not received a call in over a day because it has been down!
  • so far this has cost me over $8,760 in business, the number keeps increasing
  • I have full bars but I get a single call through. I live in The Woodlands TX.
  • Dallas area having problems. AT&T says they are having some statewide outages. A friend of mine called and complained and they are giving prorated bill credits and also gave him a $25 credit. So, call and complain.
  • One of my friends has has trouble recieving texts for the past three days. No fun!
  • Houston here - no calls, no sms, but have 3g internet. started last night and still not fixed today. Service center gave boring "network problem" reason and said they didn't know when they would get it fixed.
  • 3G is down in East Texas (Tyler area). Has been down all day although when I called AT&T they did not know about the outage. 2G (Edge) woeks but some phones will not roll to that (like mine).
  • Frisco, TX - No calls, No SMS or 3G internet. AT&T C/S line says there are many customers in your area who are unable to make or receive calls and that they are working to restore service.
  • Nothing on my iPhone today. 3G and Edge both DOA
    My cheap POS Eric