AT&T poised to offer family data plans

AT&T Mobility's CEO Ralph de la Vega recently confirmed that he's "very comfortable" with a family data plan they're readying. This would allow multiple devices and accounts to share the same data bucket, much like existing family plans for voice minutes. de la Vega didn't offer any details on time or pricing, but with Verizon getting ready to offer something by the middle of the year, odds are we'll see AT&T step up to the plate sooner than later.

Do you guys have a lot of iPhones and iPads under one roof that could benefit from a shared data bucket? How much would you be willing to pay for it to be worthwhile? For reference, AT&T currently charges $10 per line after the first two on top of the cost for shared voice minutes, which start at $60.

Source: CNET

Simon Sage

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