Updated: AT&T Outage in San Francisco

Some of our readers are reporting trouble with AT&T's network in San Francisco. If you're in the area, let us know how your connection is working. Is it fine (by that we mean as fine as in usual) or are you having trouble? And if it was down but came back up for you, let us know that as well. Location and time for other readers always appreciated.

UPDATE: Engadget</ got a statement from AT&T:

"We are seeing a hardware issue in downtown San Francisco that is causing some degradation in service. GSM and EDGE voice and data services are still accessible. Our experts are aware and working to resolve as quickly as possible. Further resolution is expected this evening."

[Thanks everyone who sent this in!]

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  • Here comes 200 comments from everywhere else but San Francisco...
  • Its down for me!! keeps going in and out,all of my friends are saying the same thing in the city,this better be because of this update to the towers!! grrrr
  • It's taken several hours for messages to show up on visual voicemail. This used to be a regular occurrence, but it hasn't actually happened to me for maybe 4-6 months before today. (Yes, I live in SF!)
  • I live in SF and am currently traveling in India for the first time. I am discovering that cell coverage in India is better that AT&T's in SF. What's wrong with picture?
  • It was down for me for awhile downtown (between 12 - 5p). Working okay now at home (mission).
  • Service in Canton,M.I. sucks.. alot i mean ALOT of drop calls and people call me but i never recieve call...
  • One of the workers doing the SFO upgrade must have either unplugged something or cut the wrong wire. You'll be thanking AT&T for this soon - you'll see.
  • Sooo glad i have tmobile. :)
  • So how many hours ago was it that AT&T vowed to improve service in NYC and San Francisco? LOLZ
  • Yeah because NO carrier ever has outages.... Oh wait didn't T-mobile have a massive data outage a month ago? Or how about VzW that two months ago had Data Outages in Baltimore and Virginia......
  • Basically its only news when At&t has outages... not VzW or T-mo huh?
    Let me go to work and check the tech alerts I know there is like four states with data outages in some areas....
  • @Randall
    [quote]I am discovering that cell coverage in India is better that AT&T’s in SF. What’s wrong with picture?
    Of course. Tech support actually has to use the system they support so they make sure it gets fixed!
    That explains why they say "I don't see any broblem from my end.".
  • The thing is only comments about the outage with at&t in sf, so where does all the other comments come. Traveling to India does nor answer the question of the outage so your comment is irrelevant. And the other comment. That mentions Verizon or t-mobile, well nobody asked about them. Yeah service went down but it was restored. For everyone who always leaves a comment about other companies, here what I got to say, why is it that people from other phone companies always leave their comments, why are you even on an at&t page, is it that you. Really want at&t but just don't want to admit it, its ok we all at&t is where its at so just join us instead of being a spectator
  • Archie: your comments help too??? Looks like clutter to me... 100% what your jibbering about, stop complaining and stay on topic, not against others... Sheesh.
    No significant issue caused by this to me, I was up there this afternoon. Edge worked... Why all the fuss?
    Regardless it happens... Read about the trunk line in San jose that was cut not long ago, that's an outage.
  • Outages happen - life goes on.
  • AT&T outage in San Francisco? Or as I like to call it, "Friday."
  • Network goes down all the time in Anaheim yet this damn site only post when San Fransisco network goes down. Cry me a river! Get over it , it happens all the time
  • The AT&T network (phone & internet) was down in Hollywood area for 3 to 4 days
  • Network outages are hardly things that happen "all the time." Sometimes they're planned in order to make changes to the network infrastructure. There was a major AT&T cellular data outage in the New England area when the iPhone 3G was having serious networking problems soon after release. I called AT&T for a credit to be paid to me as a result; the AT&T employee immediately told me that because the outage was less than 8 hours, there was no call for a credit. But I complained more, and I got $15 back on my next bill. He also told that the problem was just for the iPhone 3G, and that it involved some kind of network hardware upgrade. After the 8 hour outage, the network was reportedly more stable but the data throughput was throttled.
  • I don't live in SF but just saying it's probably down for some kind of maitnence. When I got 3g where I live I was stuck on GPRS for about 2 days. with edge fading in and out.
  • And after that I had 3g. (sorry I hit the submit button before I meant too lol)
  • Lol its all too common on AT&T if most havent notice. And i was never affected by tmobiles outage. And i really dont want AT&T, i mean 30% drop calls in nyc? Really? And thats acceptable? No sir its not thats not getting tbe service ur paying for unless the contract says sucky coverage is common
  • And just look at wat rudy posted it is COMMON on AT&T so dont tell me i like AT&T when i know a smart and informed consumer would not join a carrier for phone exlusivity. Thats why i have an iphone on tmobile that has NEVER dropped a call, thank you :)
  • So is it AT&T dropping calls or just iPhones. My old Blackberry and my wife's Blackberry never drop calls. Only my iPhone.
  • I live in the back of the valley in Pacifica which is about 10 minutes down the coast from San Francisco. We have had no service on our phones since 8am Friday morning. Technical support informed me that it should be up by Monday which leaves us stranded without a cell phone for the entire weekend.
    The misinformed customer representative told me that I could turn my 3G off and work off the 2G network since it was a 3G tower that went out. This information was completely false. If you need to contact ATT regarding technical issues, my advice is to skip the customer service number and contact the technical support dept directly at
    1 877-998-5175.
    Good Luck!
  • We live in Montara just south of Pacifica and we have not had service since Friday at 5PM. After hours support told us they are aware of the problem and it should be fixed in two or three days.
  • I have had no service since Friday at 8am and I am becoming very frustrated with ATT. I have been in contact with tech support daily, today they told me that the reason they can't fix the problem is because the tower that is out is on a very muddy road and the technicians can not access the road with their vehicle. You would think that ATT would have some type of off road vehicle since they know that the tower is on a rugged road.
    So, basically I was told they are waiting for the road to dry before they can fix the problem! How ridiculous!
  • 2-3 days from today, or 2-3 days from when it went down?
  • When I called Friday night they said the "degraded tower" was being worked on and it should be back up "shortly." That was on the 11th. On the 12th another rep said they couldn't give me an estimated repair time. IF and WHEN service is ever restored, they should credit the whole lot of us who have no have a phone for 3+ days.
  • er.. who have NOT had a phone for 3+ days is what I meant!
  • We have not had coverage in Linda Mar, Pacifica for five days. The agents maintain that the road is "inaccessible due to bad weather." They go on to explain that it is located on a mountain and that no one can get to it.
    It has been dry here for three days. There are no mountains in Pacifica, let alone a mountain with a swamp. I have offered to take them to "the mountain" in my Jeep, but thehy aren't interested.
    Someone is lying. So far, they have given me credit for three days and 500 minutes, but who cares? I can't use the phone.
  • I live in the north bay and my iphone barely works at all up here. It drops about 50% of calls at least. I love the iphone more than anything and I'm said I'll have to go back to verizon when my att contract is up. This is a work phone and I can't do business like this.
  • I live in Park Pacifica and service has been out since last Friday. Called ATT this morning and they said that they had no record of any reception problems in my area. I find it hard to believe that they have no knowledge of any outage....I'm going to dump them as soon as my contract is up.
  • Live in Park Pacifica, and no service since last Friday. My Mother-in-Law spoke today with AT&T, and was told that the tower for this area is down due to bad weather, and they cannot get a truck to the tower to repair it. They are offering her a credit of $53, for this down time. You must call AT&T to ask for the credit. She also advised that they have no idea when it will be back up and running. I am out of contract anyway, and may just try another service. Good Luck to all...
  • Over six days without service and ATT offered me a whopping $15 credit! ATT sucks as far as I am concerned. $15 credit for 3 phones without service for 6 days!
    When I mentioned that I read on the internet that people were being credited more than that, they said they were aware of the "blogs" out there and they were NOT going to discuss them with me.
    Additionally, my son's phone which does not run on 3G was still not up but 10pm Thursday night.
    ATT sucks!
  • Apple change my phone three time but my call still drop all the time call fail always same massage, 10 out 8 call fail, They said they can not fix issue new phone see call drop history they said it is the network but i think network and phone both have issue. Service from at&t is worst in the world if i have to chose i will never get AT&T I am downtown San Francisco Service is awful.
  • I have no service on Dec 21, 2009. None!!! Damn you AT&T!
  • service is goin in and out . northern california not southern . wont receive a text for hours then all of them will pile in from the last couple of hours. cant make or receive calls .
  • We've been unable to make calls from our neighborhood in Colorado Springs for 2 days now. Love my iPhone, wish we had not had to leave sprint to get it.
  • Both my roommate and I cannot maintain a call - been going on for 2 days!!!
    so bad.
    location: Mission District, SF
  • I am in Oakland ca and every since new years 3G does not work at all, but as soon as I leave it works perfectly. 3G says full bars too, only EDGE works.
  • I'm in Novato with nothing but problems on my AT+T network Iphone this afternoon. Worthless!!
  • I'm in Castro Valley and I don't have coverage and have been unable to make any calls and I'm getting 'network failed'! Argh!