TiPb reader Jake let us know that he just received the following message about 3G service level improvements from AT&T:

We've enhanced your 3G network to offer more speed, capacity & coverage in Greater Atlanta, North GA & Athens!

Mobiledia has more on the improvements going on:

the 850MHz spectrum now operates with [AT&T's] existing 1900 MHz spectrum -- adding more than 540 cell sites to increase network capacity and improved quality and in-building coverage.

TechCrunch says the same thing is happening in long-beleaguered San Francisco.

If you're in either of these areas and notice any real-world improvements, let us know in the comments. Everyone else, relax, breathe, it's coming eventually. Then you'll just have 7.2 Mbs HSPDA speeds to look forward to next...

[Thanks to Jake and Icebike!]